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603 Balestier Road
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Telephone: (65) 6250-0692
Food and Beverages » Bakeries

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  1. claud
     26 Aug 2007 at 9:56 pm

    There were couple of shops selling Tau Sar Piah along Balestier Road. When we drove past these shops, the was no queue at these stalls. So I didn't expect to see a queue when I'm at my destination. But to my surprise, the queue was pretty long at 603 Tau Sar Piah. It seems to be very popular among the young and old.

    While queuing I was always peeping to see if there's still Tau Sar Piah left for me when it's my turn. And true enough, by the time I reach the counter, there were only 2 salted ones left. (So sad. I love salted ones.)

    The Tau Sar Piah is soft and fluffy. It was still warm when I bought them. (Fresh from the oven!) I couldn't resist so I had them in the car. Took couple of photos too. Uploaded here for everyone to see. As you can see, the fillings is packed full and the skin is thin and yummy!

    603 Tau Sar Piah is worth a try! I was told weekday queue is shorter and more variety will be available at any one time. They're open till 6.30pm. Go try lah!

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    1. natsu
       26 Aug 2007 at 8:41 pm

      I am lucky to get a free tasting of their Tau Sar Piah. I went to their shop yesterday with my Dear. There was a queue. Most of them bought the tau sar piah, but my eyes were on the super big Apple pie & the volcano buns. :) Din get to taste the apple pie but I got other stuff like durian fillings, lotus paste fillings, black sesame fillings, yam fillings, and original fillings tau sar piahs, plus chicken pie, volcano bun and tuna puff (which is sardine fillings actually).

      I personally prefer the original salty tau sar piah. I am not sure if they do not have it or their's not my kind of taste. They are creative and innovative to try out different kind of fillings. Durian fillings to my surprise is not too sweet. It has a light durian taste. Not overpower. :)

      The volcano bun which is the char siew fried/bake buns could taste better if there is some black pepper added. The taste is a bit too salty. Too strong for the crispy thin crust.

      Tuna puff is not tuna fillings but spicy sardine if I am not wrong.

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      1. millywalker80
         24 Aug 2007 at 10:28 pm

        Their tau sar piahs are good. They have different flavours such as black sesame, white lotus, yam, tau sar, durian, white sesame, etc. The crust is soft and crispy, fillings are generous and has smooth texture. The sweetness is just nice, not too sweet. My favourite is the yam flavour. First time customers must try the yam, lotus and durian flavour. If you cannot decide, ask the staff for their best sellers. They will give you good recommendations.

        Besides tau sar piahs, they have curry puff, tuna puff, chicken pie and bbq pork siew pau. Same as tau sar piahs, the crust for the pastry are soft and crispy. The ingredients are fresh and filings are super generous. The tuna puff is abit spicy, so great for those who love spicy food. I like the texture of the curry puff, the crust is crispy and it blends well with the soft potatoes fillings. The curry puff is not too spicy.

        I personally like the bbq pork siew pau as one of the reasons is they use lean meat. When you bite into the siew pau, you will feel the ingredients are bursting out. The bbq sauce is nice and the meat is soft. The crust plus the filings blend well.

        Overall, the tau sar piahs and other pastries are good. I don't mind have them often for my afternoon tea :) Reasonable price and the staff are friendly too!

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        Rating given:4 stars
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