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Blk 135, #01-321, jurong east, street 13
149, rochor road #B1-09, Fu Lu Shou complex
Telephone: (65) 65612005 / 6336-2007
Beauty and Wellness » Skin Care

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    » 10 Reviews for “Adeline Face And Body (Jurong east) ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. 10sion
     26 Sep 2011 at 6:36 pm

    oh gosh i think i have just been conned... and looking at the price she offered $39 which was supposed to be a 'student rate' is the normal rate... I was also in a rush so did not want to follow her to get that sample. But I needed to shake her off and it's not nice to just walk away like this.

    Like what the rest of you mentioned, i did not expect her to ask me to pay on the spot. She started writing on her book and said it's a student price she's offering me and asked me to sign. Then I thought I would pay on the day I did the treatment. She asked me to pay up. I was shocked.

    But I really want to leave and thought just give her $39. And for the benefit of doubt maybe they are not as bad as I thought (though pushy), so I was still contemplating if I shd arrange for a session since I have already forked out $39. But I am quite scared cos I dun go for such treatments and stuff. That's why I googled to see if this shop is actually reliable.

    But seems like the experience is so similar to what were mentioned above. I really don't dare to let such a con shop do anything to my face... Thank you for sharing your experiences... Will try to get back the money. If cannot then just let it be a lesson learnt. I will not give a minute of my time to listen to these con shops anymore.

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    1.  1
       04 Aug 2011 at 8:13 pm

      To twt,can i say you and fishy are same person ? But i won't ,i dont like to rogue others people.Actually i dont want argue and any tongue fight at here,i"m just sharing my real experience ,and they really treat me not bad ,at there i saw the customers with them have a good relationship,always keep smiling. Maybe i don't have much experience than twt, so i just sharing my feeling when i saw the effect after done the treatment . Everythings have two sides,we can't said which is the determined,because this is a very personal feeling,i won't b so subjective . A lot of people leave bad comments at beauty webside ,example Jeanyip, Citispa .Newyork,but i oso have a lot friends want go there do treatment ,so why they still going? This reflect ,different feeling each others, i trust it ,if you don't want not anyone can force you,if you want leaving nobody can stop you,so why u didnt do that ?Example like twt reaction,i don't think it is because be good people or shy so didn't leaving there. Actually i quite irritable when i saw this,cos i just sharing,then because i write was positive at last rogue by others.But i believe reasonable person would distinguish right from wrong.

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      1. twt
        twt said:
        that was why i said correct me if i'm wrong. i was just sharing what I had noticed of the similarities between the both of you.
        04 Aug 2011 at 10:37 pm
      2.  said:
        Ic , i thought can't share different views.,talked ill be overtuned.
        04 Aug 2011 at 11:20 pm
      3. twt
        twt said:
        I'm not a teacher. All I said was your typing methods are similar. And u're already starting to digress by talking abt what english not good.
        04 Aug 2011 at 11:36 pm
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    2. twt
       03 Aug 2011 at 2:53 am

      Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sorry but I must say this. miumiu and lelele sounds like the same person. Lol.

      Anyway this is just about my own personal negative experience with the Adeline outlet at Yew Tee point. I must start by saying their sales girls are pushy in trying to make people buy their products.

      There was this once when I was rushing to work when I was stopped by one of the Adeline girls at the entrance of Yew Tee point. And first thing when she asked me am I free to talk, I straightaway told her no and that I'm in a rush. But she was persistent and refused to let me go.

      So she said all she wanted to do is just to pass me this sample to clear my oil clogs and the sample is in the Adeline shop, which is a few steps away. So she told me all I have to do is to take a short walk over to the store so she can hand me the sample that's all. Out of exasperation to end this conversation with her, I agreed.

      And instead of passing me the sample once I stepped inside the Adeline outlet, she directed me into this tiny room and closed the door. I was hesitant, definitely. Why'd someone handing you something be locking you inside a room? And again I reminded her that I was in a hurry. So she said all she wanted to do is just to teach me how to use the sample. And the noise outside the room would be distracting so she had to close the door. Anyway I hurried her to finish her instructions so I can go off.

      And after closing the door, upon seeing my discomfort in being locked in the room with her, she assured me that she would NOT be selling me anything at all and that she'd be this conversation short and sweet. 2-5mins were her promise. Since I was telling her again and again I need to go off soon.

      So she started going on and on about the face. About the need to get rid of oil clogs on the face etc etc. Which if you had noticed, are not related to the instructions on how to use the sample at all.

      So again, I reminded her that I was in a hurry. She sensed my growing annoyance and went into her main point. Whether I would be interested in getting their 39 bucks voucher for a facial trial.

      In my mind, a voucher refers to something free. But of course, I did take into consideration that she mentioned it'd be 39 dollars. So in order to go off ASAP, with an exasperated tone, I agreed to take her 'voucher', thinking that I'd only have to pay the 39 dollars on the day when I'm there for the trial since she had assured me earlier that I wouldn't be buying anything.

      She came back with this receipt book with the voucher. And all along I was wondering what was it for. Anyway I only realized I had to pay for it right there and there when she asked me am I paying by cash or nets. Which in the end I did pay for it in order to go off since she wouldn't let me go off without paying for it.

      There are no feel good factors at all after leaving this place. I left the place feeling forced and cheated.

      Firstly, I was told that I entered the Adeline shop only to get a sample. But I ended up being locked up in the room. Secondly I was told that I was trapped in the room so she could teach me how to use the sample. But from the beginning till ending I wasn't taught how to use the sample AT ALL. Thirdly, she had assured me that I wouldn't be buying anything. Isn't paying for the voucher considered purchasing? Oh well. And lastly, I was told I only had to spend 2-5mins in the room. In the end I was unwillingly held there for 15-20mins despite my many helpless attempts in telling her that I was in a hurry to go off. In total, I had wasted half an hr or more trying to regain my freedom from Adeline.

      Honestly, how am I supposed to feel comfortable spending my money in a place which had more than once proven that they are pushy and full of empty promises and no regards to the consumers' timings/feelings?

      Does that mean the assurance to beautiful bright clear skin will also be an empty promise?

      Well I'm not sure.

      Anymore reviews from the consumers who had tried their facials before?

      Not from the same person of course. Lol. As in, not from the same person giving reviews as different people. Lol.


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      Rating given:1 stars
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      1. miumiu
        miumiu said:
        sorry ,i'm not lelele ,i havent married.
        04 Aug 2011 at 6:56 pm
      2. twt
        twt said:
        i'm not going to sign a new acc just to add this.frankly speaking,not many ppl can speak in such same way.grammar, sentence structure even punctuations typing methods r similar.well, u cant blame me.
        04 Aug 2011 at 10:42 pm
      3. twt
        twt said:
        and lastly, i apologized if i was wrong. but with so many coincidences, it is hard for me not to feel this way.
        04 Aug 2011 at 10:48 pm
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