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Blk 135, #01-321, jurong east, street 13
149, rochor road #B1-09, Fu Lu Shou complex
Telephone: (65) 65612005 / 6336-2007
Beauty and Wellness » Skin Care

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    » 10 Reviews for “Adeline Face And Body (Jurong east) ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. miumiu
     29 Jul 2011 at 1:29 am

    Adeline's treatment nice(i done at yew tee there) Mayb is generation problem,i'm same with my mum ,my whole face have the problem of wart (they said is oil clogs),my mum have taken me to salon ask to do treatment but they charges us 1pc around 15 dollars,OMG so expensive ,my face around 100 pcs then how ?? At adeline here they didn't charging me the wart only paid the face treatment that 1 is F.O.C..After three times treatment ,my skin become fair-skinned ,i think is because my wart gone away.Actually i'm a lazy girl to do any take care of my face,Once a day i pass by yew tee point to buy something ,meet a girl promoted a outside.She persuade me take a voucher to try up their treatment ,but at that time i 'm afraid after do it will become worse so i ask for consider about this, but she persuasion around half an hour ,see her really sincerely, i decide give them doing the treatment ,but i didn't regret done the treatment cos really can see the different . Unfortunately I must be stopped the treatment cos i will overseas studying 2yrs.But when i back to singapore,if my face appear any problem i must go back and find them. nice~~

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    1. twt
      twt said:
      why do miumiu & lelele sounds like the same person? lol.
      03 Aug 2011 at 2:23 am
    2. miumiu
      miumiu said:
      im not , i havent married
      04 Aug 2011 at 6:57 pm
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  2. lelele
     28 Jul 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Found a new place for treatment.. I'm bought the voucher for facial treatment last month .before i try the treatment i saw the comment at here ,so when i went to really frightened ,but the opposite at last i feel comfortable.A lots things cant overheard ,wanna going to try. I went for the Adeline at Yew tee for my very first appointed trial treatment last night. I arrived Adeline they served me nicely i remember that specialist therapy called Grace ,she looks serious but beautiful .but i think that is they strategy,so i didnt smile with them.when i do the treatment cure my pimples and oil clogs, the therapist slowly explain how cause the oil colgs, i bought from that girls of ivy ,she really helps me to take out my oil clogs ,i can feel she are carefully to do my treatment ,she helps me to take out around 30 pcs ,different with the comments here, i doubtful what wrong with the customer fishy and them . After the treatment was done and I was brought to a room and the skin specialist grace that serious but beautiful girl come in and check my skin, she said my face very weak if dont take care as well will cause infection ,maybe she very serious talking about my face problem ,i feel a bit stress but can feel that she care about my face,and she teach me how to take care at home ,before i scare get pain and swollen so i stop my facial 2 yrs,but just now i felt acceptable when do the treatment .i saw my face less redness so i ask about the follow up treatment, at the last i agree to become their members. Actually everyone of them quite nicely ,before i go others salon they lock me at the room ,and after treatment my face become redness and swollen ,so can try their treatment not bad .I have bring my husband there next treatment ,he have a lots of wart, they show the photo of customers ,can b removing . I believe how to you treat others will b get back the same.

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. Fishy
       18 Nov 2010 at 11:39 pm

      I've also had bad experience with Adeline sales girl at YewTee Point branch. Last week I was stopped by an Adeline sales girl name Ivy Tee when I on my way to back home at Yewtee point. I was told about my oil clog condition and they informed that currently they are having their new branch opening promotion with the offer of first trial voucher at SGD$39 for a Enzym treatment and will clear out all my oil clog on eye, face and neck area. Also one sample will be give away with voucher. After half hour of persuasion i agreed to purchase it since the amount is affordable. The sample was not given to me as she said there's a better sample which suit me but was then out of stock. She then took note about the specific sample on my receipt.

      I went for the Adeline at Yew tee for my very first appointed trial treatment today. I arrived Adeline center 15 minutes earlier and I was served by another staff named Grace. She introduced herself nicely and seemed to understand my facial concern on acne marks. She changed my voucher from Enzym treatment to IPL treatment which uses ultra spotlight to reduce marks caused by pimples. I agreed to the amended treatment and they agreed to help me to clear all the oil clogs as stated earlier. The rooms are very narrow with the treatment machines in the middle of 2 single beds. There is no water basin in the room and i think they wash the sponge with water using pail which i consider unhygenic. As known, the face cleanser should be clean by sponge a few times and i could feel the sponge is not hygienic enough. I was pass over to a beautician named Christine and her skill is not that bad but feel kinda rushing for time or maybe that is because cheap voucher we bought and that is the level of service? Well, she served me nicely anyway.

      After the treatment was done and I was brought to a small room and Grace was persuading me to take up an IPL package in 50% discount from S$400 per times if take 5 times IPL package and full set treatment will FOC with in this package, subject to if I sign up this package ON THE SPOT!

      Given a $400 dollars payment i definitely have to take my own consideration into account. They asked about my concern and worries, and I told them frankly that my financial is not in a state to easily purchase a $400 treatment without consideration. Plus I've already signed facial package in Msia. Then, Ivy offered me with IPL treatment on spot area ONLY (not full face) with price $140 per times. Again I refused and explained to her it's out of my budget. Well, they still do not let it go and offer that i pay in deposit as long as I take the package with them and balance can be settled when I can afford in the future. I refuse AGAIN!

      They kept persuading me to give them a chance and myself too to clean out the oil clog.

      They have promised to clean out my oil clogs when i purchased their promotional vouchers which they didnt so they can use the opportunity to persuade me into signing another treatment. But as described they merely did a brief cleaning of my face which made me feel so cheated!

      After many failed persuasion, Ivy's face turned impatient and unhappy and offered to me one time facial at S$68.90 where she just wanna to continue to clean out the oil clog. This confirmed my doubts on them purposely leaving over a few of the untreated oil clog in order for me to PURCHASE A SECOND facial on their shop!!!!!!!!!!

      Another thing is they keep showing the receipt book and ask for second treatment date and keep asking pay by cash or Nets?

      How convincing.

      And yet I called my friend (I've date with friend and the 3 beautician knew about it) and told him about what happened.

      I'm guess the Ivy girl overheard me on the phone and she asked me to have a few words (she already changed her uniform to casual wear where it is their business closing time). So I hang up my phone and talk again to her.

      SHE TOLD ME THE MOST UNIMAGINABLE THINGS ONE CAN HEAR FROM A SALESPERSON! She said that i was playing her from the start by me being totally uninterested in her selling. WHO WILL WANT TO BUY FROM FORCE SELLING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

      After saying that she immediately took the free sample which was supposed to give me and put it back into her drawer. And immediately switch off the lights and began to leave the saloon. An indication of chasing me off indiscreetly.

      I hereby implore everyone to ban that facial saloon which is totally a cheat! how can one force sell and humiliate its customers when one have no interest in purchasing their products? Even with someone who is interested will lose their interest with such horrible attitude from the sales person!

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      Rating given:1 stars
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