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Blk 135, #01-321, jurong east, street 13
149, rochor road #B1-09, Fu Lu Shou complex
Telephone: (65) 65612005 / 6336-2007
Beauty and Wellness » Skin Care

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    » 10 Reviews for “Adeline Face And Body (Jurong east) ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. evilcroix
     09 Sep 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Warning! Con shop spotted! Going in the store will make you feel as though u a sheep and get skin off your wool..

    The first time i know about this beauty group is when i'm walking from bugis street to sim lim square.. I along with my friend was stop by 2 lady in black and 'drag' by them to their booth.. they kept intro about their special facial promo.. which i kept refusing.. however they kept asking about how about paying by NETs, lend from my friend, pay deposit.. and they keep putting in pressure.. but my friend was interested in facial so i decided give it a go.. Feeling abit con-ed by what they did..

    My friend and i went to a new outlet at jurong (dont wish to see how the sales girls a face full of pimples with alot of thick make-up help us in doing facial) at jurong.. Facial was relaxing.. but when i'm struggling with the pain when they squeeze my black pores, they promo a dont know what $35 treatment.. i thought ok.. i'm fine with it..

    However, when the whole facial thing end, the consultant AMY LIM which i later known her as the manager, put me in a room.. I was asking if i could pay by NETs for the $35, but she keep bringing out a big piece of seems like appointment thingy.. and keep pressing me to buy one of the package again.. this time she clearly said $55 ( after giving a half price.. and the fact that i'm student ).. and for ten sessions.. to my horror, she meant $55 per session.. and by then, she already took my NETs and swap it..

    After getting back the room, she offer again another $35 per treatment for ten treatment and want to get my NETs again.. i said i DONT WANT IT.. and dont have enough anymore.. (she was still holding my card) but she 'offered' to help me check by swaping.. which she quickly did.. and in total, she swap amts of $350, $300, $200, $150 and lastly $100.. which cannot be process.. the papers of invaild of NETs she quickly took it and throw away 'for me'..

    I was in shock the way she made me feel like no matter what she will swap the $ from my card.. but after going back the room again, she said can pay deposit of cash.. any amt.. and she took my last $20 off my wallet...

    I was deeply in shock and after i back back a few block, i give them a call saying i want to cancel the whole entire treatment.. but they said cannot cancel anymore.. cuz it already process.. and they add even if can also not enough to return by cash.. It was then that i felt that i'm been con of..

    in total, I paid $600 in which i cannot cancel the treatment even when it was 5min back.. i ask for their boss number but they give me reply like.. i'm the manager of the company.. any decisions made by me is final.. all this ****.. I tried many ways to get back my $ but in vain.. I had no choice but to tell others of my experience.. and treat as if i use $600 to buy a big lesson..

    I will still seek for ways to get my $ back.. and will update when possible..


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