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133, New Bridge Rd,
B1-02 Chinatown Point, Podium A
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6339-9993
Restaurants » Indian, Vegetarian

"Where vegetarian dining is a cultural experience."

Excellent ethnic Indian restaurant for people who are sincere. (You only pay what you think it is worth.)

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  1. Pharque
     07 Jun 2008 at 3:15 am

    I was a fan of Annalakshmi since 2 years back when it was operating in Excelsior Hotel.

    Because of their unique concept, (BELIEVE IT!) you really can pay what you want to pay them, more like a donation.

    Money goes to some cultural center in India and etc.....

    You must be thinking that they must be a shobby restaurant with rotting tables and stained tablecloth and serves food in only banana leaves.


    Service better than many A-List restaurants, as clean as your own home, cosy like your mom's place (used to be big with many artefacts but cost reductions...) soft ethnic Indian music, quite a decent variety of choices, RESTAURANT STANDARD CUISINE.


    I brought my boyfriend there to PROVE that we don't need to slurge to get good food in a restaurant as a bet, he thought the place would be dirty, to his amazement, the place...not so fantastic that you can call it a date, but it's one of those days when you care tight on cash but still spoiled to want good filling food, GO TO ANNALAKSHMI.

    Not trying to be a cheapo here, once it just saved my bloody life. No bloody money but still spoiled. My 2 friends and I only paid $15 for the food. Well it's all vegetarian so, it's not that bad, well that's I could afford.

    A few things u need to tahan when you are there:

    1) REMEMBER TO CALL TO RESERVE. - and remember to call back to make changes or the aunty will be damn fierce.

    2) I recommend you go during Mon-Thurs after 6.30pm for dinner ala carte cos more selection and you order what you want, not take from buffet spread which is on weekends that people take and make the spread look REALLY GROSS (plus little selection).

    3) Seldom the cutlery is slightly dirty so be nice and tell them about it cos this place, you don't pay GST you got almost no right to KB.

    4) Don't waste food.

    5) Upon payment at the entrance, tahan then same old aunty who takes reservations, tahan her scrutiny at your stinge, it seems it's never enough whenever whoever pays. Bravely say how much u are paying for how many people, and TAHAN when she slams the receipt at you.

    The only bad thing abt this place, GET THROUGH THE RESERVATIONS, ENTERING, PAYING, and everything else will be heavenly.

    Highly recommended:

    1) Annalakshmi Special (Drink) Yoghurt like drink that is VERY THICK, orange and honey like, need to mix alot of water for me.

    2) Annalakshmi Special (Fried Rice) Very nice fried rice with bits of spices and those colourful bits you get in those fruit wedding cakes you get when you go for chinese weddings.

    3) Gobi Manchurian Cabbage Fritters that taste like SWEET and Sour Pork chinese kind. (WARNING: Sometimes they serve it soggy, u cant complain.)

    That's all, u got to try to believe it :)

    4 and a half STARS.

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