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       18 Jul 2008 at 11:08 pm
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    Different people had differing opinions regarding the opening of the Singapore Flyer. Some were excited, while some were skeptical.

    Me? I belong the excited batch of citizens. :P

    I've been longing to go up the Singapore Flyer since I heard of it, and I finally managed to go aboard the Flyer last Saturday!

    It was quite crowded that day, since it was a weekend night, and the Flyer was just beautiful as its lighting changed from blue to pink to green etc.

    Starting our journey on the Flyer, it was literally like boarding a plane in the airport. Just like Claudia mentioned, it was quite a long walk and u have to go through a security check. And then, it was photo-taking at a booth against a green background (hence, I think it's probably best not to wear green there!), where u would be superimposed in the picture like it was taken while u were in the capsule of the Singapore Flyer.

    Then, it was time to make our way to board the Flyer!

    We had to board it as the Flyer was moving, and found the capsule really cooling and spacious with 2 rows of benches inside. But..I spent the entire time walking around and admiring the beautiful night scene below. It was really beautiful. :)

    However, the scenery was only nicer on the Esplanade side while the other side was a little bare and dark. Couldn't see much on that side actually..

    When the ride ended after 30 mins, we hopped off the Flyer, only to go through a sloping path that felt just like we had just left the plane, to the counter to take a look at our superimposed pictures.

    To be honest, the photos were not very well done. The cropping looked a little weird in some parts, but..since it was a memorable ride I purchased the picture for $15.

    After thoughts about the ride...

    The admission fee was $29.50, which..I felt was a little expensive, but I thought the timing of the ride was quite ok. Probably because it was a whole new experience and it felt interesting then, so I didn't feel bored. x)

    The staff and service was quite good though, as they all greeted u with smiles and nods, welcoming you into this whole new experience. :)

    I would also most probably go on the Flyer again when the IR is completed, where the scenery would probably be whole and even more fabulous that it is now. :)
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         08 Jul 2008 at 9:47 pm
      Category: French, Japanese
      Last week, my friends and I went to Pasta De Waraku for dinner. It came in highly recommended, and I've always wanted to try the food out.


      I mean, look at the delicious displays! They make me hungry just by staring at them outside the restaurant. Not only do they look yummy, their large portions look like they'll readily satisfy my hunger pangs and my big appetite. Haha.

      However, this seemingly isolated restaurant at the corner of Marina Square's level 3 is not at all quiet. When we reached, there was already a long~ queue outside the restaurant. Taking a number, we waited...and waited.

      Finally after 1 hour and a few minutes, we were tired and hungry, but we managed to get a place. The thought of finally being able to order and dig into fantastic dishes like those displayed on the outside, made us forget our fatigue and started ordering diligently.

      Only that, we thought wrong.

      There were only 2 words to describe our feelings when our dishes start to arrive after 15-20 mins -- in disbelief and feeling cheated. 3 of our pasta dishes were only like, 1/3 the portion of the display set! :(

      The real thing was NOTHING like the display set.

      I had their Seafood Pasta in Tomato Cream Sauce. And to be honest, the seafood was really fresh. The prawns were succulent, the clams were squishy and juicy, and the fish was soft and tender. However, the main problem still lies in the fact that it was such a small portion to be worth $14.90!!

      I can safely say that with this price, I can get a much satisfying meal at Pasta Mania. True, the ingredients and variety would probably not match up, but the portion will be worth my money and I would probably be much more satisfied after the meal. So, why should I go to Pasta De Waraku then?

      Reading through the reviews, I can only say that perhaps Pasta De Waraku did much better at their initial opening stage and offered much more than they did now.

      Free salad u say?
      We asked, but it's no longer available.

      Drinks available while u wait?
      Yes it's still available, but trying to get one can be quite difficult when all their staff are bustling around.

      Good service attitude?
      Perhaps, only when u manage to get their attention. Ice water wasn't even refilled on time, when their staff were actually talking among themselves in the drinks preparation area. We sat at the table directly beside them, and yes, they actually didn't refill our glasses when we were so near!

      I would rather spend my money elsewhere and never eat here again.
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      1. Bobo
        Bobo said:
        I can only totally agree.
        09 Jul 2008 at 6:13 am
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         11 Jun 2008 at 11:38 pm
      Category: Airlines
      Last July, I took Cathay Pacific Airlines to Hong Kong with a friend. The seats were clean and comfortable, and the food served later on was really delicious and good. :)

      The service however, was just average.
      On the journey there, I think it was the HK crew and...they were not really friendly or helpful when it came to their service attitudes.

      Some of them did not service with a smile, and most of them were obviously very hurried while serving the passengers. Food were asked to be cleared within a short period of time, and I even saw an air stewardess grabbing a cup off a passenger's table without asking, as she walked down the aisle.

      Hmm. Shouldn't she ask the passenger if she could clear the cup away, before grabbing it off so suddenly like that?

      However, the service standards on the return trip to Singapore was much better. The air stewardess and stewards were all much friendlier and serviced with a smile.

      To me, service matters a lot in the airline industry. Quality, comfort and other factors may be in the consideration of passengers while choosing their favourite airline to travel with, but above all, a friendly smile and good service is what keeps consumers coming back for more. :)
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        4. Yes 933   
           11 Jun 2008 at 11:20 pm
        Yes 933 has been a constant companion since my late primary school days, staying up with me through late mugging nights and lazy weekend afternoons.

        Not stating that it's an old and passe radio station, but all along, it has been an excellent radio station that produces sincere works and entertainment for all listeners. :)

        Used to love Dasmond Koh's radio programs, but after he left the radio industry, the new batch of DJs have not let the listeners down either. Cruz Teng (丁志勇), Siau Jia Hui (萧嘉蕙) and Lim Peifen (林佩芬) are all my current favourites as not only do they have likeable personalities, their hardwork can be seen through their performances over the years. :)

        For best mandarin pop music and updated entertainment news, Yes 933 is still my top choice. *thumbs up* :D
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          5. Ambrosia Cafe   
             11 Jun 2008 at 10:50 pm
             Doner Chicken Kebab
          Walking through Arab Street, the most familiar restaurant name that jumped out at me was Ambrosia. I've read many reviews on the Internet, with praises for it's atmosphere and food. And so, I went there with my friends to try out the food.

          It turned out to be a big disappointment.

          True, Ambrosia had great atmosphere, no matter if it was dining at the Mediterranean Restaurant or the Mediterranean Lounge. It was really cosy and relaxing, romantic even. I cannot deny this positive aspect of the restaurant as it was simply fabulous.

          As for the food, I had their Doner Chicken Kebab, and it was really good! I like it alot, whether it was the grilled chicken or the pita bread. They were like a total perfect combination~ My friends loved this dish too. :)

          We were adventurous and also tried out one of their main courses, which was also chicken, but baked with rice and some other dried fruits/spices and ingredients. It was not that good though, as the rice was dry and average. I preferred the kebab much much much more than this main dish.

          Drinks wise, we had Lime Laban, Apple Laban, Lychee Freeze, Longan Freeze and they were all quite nice. I had Lime Laban, and it actually tasted like the lime&milk ice lolly that you can find in the convenience stores. x)

          With all that said, what actually caused the unhappy disappointing experience? -- The service.

          When we were leaving the restaurant, we realised that one pair of shoes were actually missing! Right there, it just turned the happy dinner into an angry one. The waiters at Ambrosia were quite nice, helping to look for the pair of missing shoe and checking around to see if anyone has seen it.

          However, the lady in charge was very unhelpful and unfriendly. She didn't try to placify us, and neither did she try to help. All she did was just to stand at the counter and told us in a deadpanned face and half-irritated voice that she couldn't do anything about the missing shoe. All we could do, was to report the incident to the police, before Ambrosia could compensate us for the shoe.

          She then commanded one of the waiters to bring out a pair of slippers for my friend and that's that. No friendly words, no apologies and totally no expression on that stoned face of hers.

          What kind of service is that?!

          It was honestly not the type of service I expected from a restaurant that is recommended by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Imagine if it was a tourist, would she be as rude and unhelpful? How can customer service from a highly recommended place to tourists, be of such service standards?

          I don't understand.

          What's more? On our way out, the waiters who were ever so friendly to us during dinner, all either stayed away or treated us as transparent beings. Not a single apology or recognition towards us.

          It just made me wonder, were their friendly service beforehand all fake and full of pretence? =/

          Of course, my email to Ambrosia never got a reply as well......
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          Comments on this review:
          1. Helmet
            Helmet said:
            good to see you back to post
            11 Jun 2008 at 11:05 pm
          2. tinkerbell
            tinkerbell said:
            thanks! :)
            11 Jun 2008 at 11:22 pm
          3. claud
            claud said:
            tinkerbell!! u're back!! welcome welcome!!!
            11 Jun 2008 at 11:40 pm
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