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subbie87's Reviews

    1. The Balcony Bar   
       20 Feb 2008 at 12:42 pm
    Category: American, Bars and Pubs
    Dropped by with a group of friends after dinner one night. Not a really good experience actually.

    The decor was not too bad on the second floor, with a little jacuzzi pool (which I doubt anyone would use, except for the one I saw that night). The seats in the open area weren't totally comfortable, but I guess it was still fine.

    I didn't like the service. They were pressing for orders to be placed, and seemed more than willing to have us leave after our first round of drinks.

    The drinks aren't exactly cheap considering the quality. It tasted diluted, both lacking taste and alcohol, considering the same price I paid at another bar in CHIJMES for the same cocktail.

    The music was so-so, and I guess it would still be a decent place to sit down and chill for a drink while you are around the area.
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    1. Polarbear
      Polarbear said:
      Wonder if they employ people to go in the jacuzzi? Wahahaha
      20 Feb 2008 at 1:20 pm
    2. Bobo
      Bobo said:
      go the jacuzzi will be so troublesome... :P so odd..
      20 Feb 2008 at 1:32 pm
    3. subbie87
      subbie87 said:
      Haha. The fella went prepared I think, took off his shirt and pants and went in to dip. Rather awkward though. Haha.
      20 Feb 2008 at 4:01 pm
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       11 Feb 2008 at 5:34 pm
    Category: Japanese
    My family decided to give this place a try after seeing it featured in the newspaper. I rather good experience I must say. They also adopt the food market concept, much like Marche and Vil’age. The place is relatively big, and sits quite a lot of people.

    The food’s pretty decent, and you can find Marche-favourites like rosti amongst the other japanese food. The yakitori corner serves up a wide variety of stuff too.

    The sashimi platter was quite disappointing actually, costing $15 for 12 slices of sashimi. I quite liked their grilled saba, and some other yakitori stuff like the scallops and mushroom. The mushroom soup ran out by the time I placed my order, but it looked quite good.

    The burgers come in really huge portions, costing $9 at most. Think Carls Jr., but bigger. Yes, it’s really worth the size, only that the taste isn’t too fantastic - frozen salmon patties.

    Dessert was good. I quite liked their homemade cheesecake, with a soft feel and nice crust below. The raspberry (I think) sauce on top really goes well together. The cake costs about $4, and can satisfy your sweet cravings. Not too rich, not too sweet, and not too large a portion. The other dessert I tasted, the mango slush ice, wasn’t at all worth it. Basically a bowl of crushed ice sprayed with mango juice and topped with very little mango, costing $7 - bad choice.

    Overall, the ambience was decent. Service however was a little bad, with long waiting times to collect food - almost 20 min for my yakitori to be ready. Dinner for 4 cost about $150, slightly more costly than what we’d pay if we had dinner at Sushi Tei. But of course, it’s a different experience, even if it came at a higher price. Still, I found it rather expensive, partly because we over-ordered.

    There are quite a few more items I have yet to try, and would probably give it a shot again. If you choose the right stuff to eat, you’d probably get a good deal out of it.
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         10 Feb 2008 at 1:21 pm
      Category: Deli and Cafe
      Yes, its the cheesecake cafe that would drive you back for more. You heard of it, your friends are telling you all about it -and gues what, they're right.

      The Cheesecake Cafe is a small shop along East Coast Road. It opens only in the late afternoons (3.30m for Wed - Fri, 4.30 for Sat & Sun.) till late night. They are unfortunately closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

      Upon entering the cafe, you find yourself in a very cosy place, done up nicely with ary pieces and a small water fountain feature inside. The waiters are always warm and attentive, and you should love the whole experience there.

      I have not tried any of their food - they serve chips and other snacks - but their cheesecake's a definite must-try. Depending on the day you go, you would be offered to try their different daily specials. So far, they have not been at all disappointing.

      The blueberry cheesecake I tried was really good, with a nice crispy crust for it's bottom layer. The berries were not too sweet, and the cheese simply melts in your mouth.

      Pray that you get their mango cheesecake for the daily special. It is my biggest favourite of all the cheesecakes I have eaten there. The mango is fresh, sweet, and has a really great texture to it - not the soft kind you get in some cake shops. The mango flavour in the cake is also something to look forward to, espeially if you love mangos.

      For non-cheese-lovers, don't fret, because they serve other non-cheese cakes as well. You can try their Belgium Truffle, which has a really thick and rich chocolate taste to it.

      Their tiramisu is average, nothing much to shout about, but that's only because the other cakes are just too good. I wouldn't say that their tiramisu's anyway bad, but if you are going there, do try the other cakes first. You won't regret.

      The price of cakes at the cafe are around $6 or $7, depending on whether you order a cheese or non-cheese cake (cheesecakes are more expensive, of course). It might be slightly expensive for just a slice of cake, but for the whole experience - the ambience, the service, the nice cold air-con aftr a warm day, it's relly worth it.

      And yes, I'm going back there again this coming weekend. I'm hoping for my mango cheesecake.
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      1. Bobo
        Bobo said:
        Don't try the food... just the desserts. :) The food is mostly microwave or instant stuff very oily :)
        10 Feb 2008 at 8:08 pm
      2. subbie87
        subbie87 said:
        Ahh, okay. Haha. I only had their cheesecakes so far. =)
        10 Feb 2008 at 11:47 pm
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         06 Jan 2008 at 5:42 pm
      Category: Fusion, Steakhouses
      Started not long ago, Tim's Restaurant and Cafe serves typical western food (think steak, fish 'n' chips, etc.), and other courses. Although they mentioned 'Nepalese cuisine', I do not really see much of it that is really special, just a few items on the menu.

      Food is decent though, and steaks come with a baked potato with toppings for you to choose from, much like what you see in Jack's Place. Servings are of decent sizes too, and prices are comparable to a HDB-estate stall. (I still find UNO steakhouse cheaper anyway.) Taste-wise, not bad, and I like their black pepper sauce (in their steak or chicken chop) for the kick it gives.

      Service is rather good, with small group of staff that pays attention to details right down to arranging the salt and pepper on the table.

      Being near SPH and the Yellow Pages office, this place tends to get crowded with office-goers during lunch hours on weekdays. Other than that, getting a place in this two-unit outlet isn't too much of a problem.

      Worth a try if you happen to pass by, but nothing to shout about, nor the need to travel across the island. For someone living just a few blocks away, it's good enough.

      [Edit on 07/01/2008, 12.30pm]
      Managed to get some prices:
      Main courses start at $5, with an option to get a value meal (tea/coffee with dessert and soup of the day) at only $2.80. Combos would cost above $10, usually around $15.

      And oh, I almost forgot. No service charge and GST at all. So what you see is what you pay!
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      1. Bobo
        Bobo said:
        I guess it's good for the lunch crowd.. any price range?
        06 Jan 2008 at 5:57 pm
      2. ladyironchef
        ladyironchef said:
        yea, i am also interested in price range. hahaha
        06 Jan 2008 at 7:06 pm
      3. subbie87
        subbie87 said:
        Apologies for the lack of price range. Will add it in soon. Rough prices I recall are around $7 for chicken chop, $10 for steak, depending on cuts, and about $16 for combos if you're hungry for more.
        06 Jan 2008 at 11:01 pm
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         05 Jan 2008 at 11:02 pm
      Category: American, Deli and Cafe
      Hanging around Marina with a bunch of friends who were feeling hungry, we somehow settled down here for dinner. It was more of a 'go and test' experience, and it turned out rather well.

      The place was done up pretty nicely and the seating was quite comfortable. Service was pretty up to standard too, and the food didn't take long to come.

      Food portions were quite ok, partly because we were a hungry bunch, but taste-wise, it is nothing to shout about. Quite a variety to choose from (we really took some time to decide), but nothing very special that caught my attention.

      Drinks are quite good though. Quite alot of refreshing flavours to choose from, and the serving's pretty huge. Only thing is that it comes at a relatively hefty price.

      Overall, prices are a little steep for the quality of food. Other than that, the dining experience's quite good, and I guess it's still worth a try if you have not eaten there before.
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