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       08 Dec 2008 at 4:44 am
    MOS closed down, but fret not! ZIRCA IS HERE!

    I went in, they said:
    "Welcome to the Club"

    The door bitch was pretty and the door CSO welcomed us like some nobles.
    And when I went in, I wasn't really in awe.

    Until the stage lit up.
    There were so many blings, LED, and awesome trance.

    Halfway through, they surprised us with burlesque and cabaret antics.
    An aerialist was dancing on its cloth like pole dancing.
    She did awesome splits half air...nice shit.
    The burlesque babes were a crazy tease.
    They had this CFM face and...omg.

    sexy dancers male and female gyrating on the balcony.
    You can see whatever that you can from below.

    Babes in skin coloured swimsuits frolicking in a mini pool hanging from the ceiling...teasing and showing cleavages...
    and occasional slips....

    It was real dance club. not some rnb grinding ground.
    men there could dress better, and no such thing as grinding impromptu.
    They'll really ask to dance with u n such.

    Probably because the limit for males is 21 and above LOL.

    Entrance and drink rates are as hefty as it was back as MOS...
    but toilet's clean!

    Sadly the rest of the retro and rnb floor is closed,
    and replaced at where Kandi Bar was (near Lunar and Clinic)
    Called Yello Jello for retro,
    REBEL for the rnb :)

    Check out my photos on FACEBOOK:

    In short, ZIRCA is my club!
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         08 Aug 2008 at 6:57 pm
      Category: Karaoke
      I had a very bad ktv experience in somewhere I don't remember.
      Because I have zero knowledge in chinese music, most ktvs cater to the chinese crowd.

      One day my friend managed to convince me to partyworld promising there are more english songs there than Kbox, and slightly cheaper. I reluctantly agreed, but found myself going once a month regularly afterwhich.

      Honestly the presentation of the place looks like those sleazy ktv places you watch in the 90s channel 8 drama, probably this place was recycled into the decent ktv place.

      The sofas and tv and all were kinda 'oldschool' as compared to lcd screens and better sound quailty etc...the mic itself felt really grimy, the package was alright, tibits was those one big pack 1 dollar served in small bowls... well, nothing much to complain.

      All of the above for me can be overlooked because I could almost find all of the latest english songs and some older ones that were classic. What that was disgusting was the totally irrelevant videos of caucasian women dressed old fashioned sexily and acting heated up. Some are off key, but I find enjoyment in finding the songs i really liked.

      Most of my friends will always tell me partyworld has the lousiest ambience in the whole industry but then I only get the songs I want there, and I can overlook that. What is the point of me going to some pretty place but nothing that I want?

      Subsequently I gave some other brands of ktv a try, but still partyworld has more of what I am looking for... healthy balance of eng and chinese songs for my chinese song loving friends as well.

      Anyway it's the company that really made it for me, so I have to thank them for being bilingual right?
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      1. Jeslyn Tee
        Jeslyn Tee said:
        agree agree... and the "look nice and abit ex" Kbox has got rude waiters
        09 Aug 2008 at 12:55 pm
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         01 Aug 2008 at 3:11 am
      Category: American
      Alright many of my friends told me that this place sucked, but I saw the waffle on the menu and went in nevertheless.

      Service here is slightly raw, but hey, at least they tried.
      The feeling of the restaurant is like hongkong cafe, only that it feels like 'newyork cafe' but not really lol. They tried. They really tried.

      Anyway, water refilling was prompt, I had cheese fondue vegetable fritters (tasted like tempura) and it was rather good. The cheese tasted like the cheese on KFC's Cheese fries, and I get the feeling it's the same kinda cheese.
      Though it's heated on tealights, when the light was gone, it didn't really harden so I don't see where the fondue part comes.

      The waffle, I had chocolate waffle. It's accompanied by maple syrup, so the experience itself is like having macdonald's hotcake with syrup, PLUS chocolate ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.

      It was an orgasmic experience until you got tired of it halfway through the waffle. So lesson learnt, pls share your waffle.

      The subsequent time I went, I shared salmon sandwich and bacon&ham sanwich with my friend, choice of bread was foccacia. It didn't really taste like foccacia, but it's toasted it's forgiven. Salmon tasted not sashimi fresh, but fresh for smoked salmon, light, and tasty. Ham is normal picnic ham, bacon tasted like it was fried 3 hours ago.
      Verdict: Salmon Sandwich tasted better.
      (One thing I really like, is the extremely fresh green/purple veg that was drizzled with something sour. It's not only included in the sandwich, its like a side. Much better alternative than cliched coleslaw or boiled baby carrots etc. It was really fresh and crunchy. But my friends said it taste like grass and didn't like it.)

      Meanwhile our male friend is trying to devour a whole chicken and he said he got tired of the taste, a quarter through it.

      After that, we were served freeflow green apple flavoured candy floss, and then we got a 'Lake Chocolate', which is actually deep fried breaded bananas and sour strawberries, drowning in a 'lake' of chocolate fondue, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle.

      As my friend describes, it feels like giving blow job with ice...right. Crude but the feeling is the warm fried bananas mixed with the ice cream coldness and the warm again with warm the feeling....

      Anyway I do not think it sucked, as long as u noe wad to order.
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           09 Jul 2008 at 2:42 pm
        Well actually I see these ads as not to target those smokers,
        but rather those that have not started smoking, and the contemplating ones, especially the young.

        Personally I do realise that in Singapore we like to induce fear in hearts to teach a lesson, just like how your mama used to cane you and such. Ironically it works to a large extent.

        Assuming that this campaign is an original, I would give them 5 stars.

        However, I have seen many (correct me if I am wrong) German Anti-smoking ads, exactly the same, just localised.
        It is alright to make references, but is it necessary to copy?
        What message are you sending to the young aspiring designers/advertisers? Trying to spoil Singapore's market ain't it?

        I would just like to say that I am VERY ashamed of our current anti-smoking campaign.

        (But I like the NAVY ones though.)
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        1. Helmet
          Helmet said:
          ya, understand wad u mean. Just like advert. I thought it was good, but it is exactly the same as one in Japan. We seems to copy a lot.
          09 Jul 2008 at 6:09 pm
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           09 Jul 2008 at 2:31 pm
        Actually I don't know the address, but I know how to get there.
        So pardon me.

        I am teaching Science and Eng for levels P2-S3 over there,
        it's located humbly in a cosy little shophouse.
        The tuition groups are limited to lesser than 10 students per class, so as to ensure that no student is being left out during the group tuition, while ensuring the productivity of a group tuition, which is learning from our own mistakes, and also your classmates' mistakes (also what your friends know too!), as well as the affordability of group tuition.

        Prior to this, I have no experience in group tuition, and I rejected most group tutoring assignments because I am not confident in teaching in groups.

        I chanced on the lady of this tuition centre and she assured that she'll guide me. I just gave it a shot and I am glad that it's more fun and refreshing to see little students helping one another, and not being selfish with what they already know.

        The materials are provided there, so I just have to choose what I want to cover for the day.

        I too, learnt a whole load of deal from them, and also understood more of a child's psychology and why they are lousy/negative/lazy on a topic/subject.

        Teaching there has been a fruitful experience for me, and I am sure that our students feels the same too.
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