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30 Hill Street
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Telephone: (65) 6334-5391
Beauty and Wellness » Spas & Massage
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  1. bigisbeauti4
     24 Sep 2007 at 8:03 am

    Deep Cleansing Facial: UOB debit Card is having a joint promotion with Body Contours. $28 for a session of deep cleansing facial. It’s quite worth it… And since I’m around the area, I decide to give them a call and try my luck to make an appointment. I called at 2:45 pm and WooHoo.. They got a slot at 3 pm…

    So here I come!

    When I walked into the building… The shop look so grand and professional… As compared to other beauty saloons I went to for facial… Body contours looks more pro… They have a group of customer service and sales consultant and every therapist is specialize. You wouldn’t find facial therapist doing body massage… And you won’t get therapist trying to sell packages to you when you are doing your facial…

    The therapist was attended to me was Patricia. A middle aged auntie. She started the session with a face and head massage. The massage is superb good… I feel very relax and I lurve it… After the massage, was the usual stuff… Cleansing…

    Next was the abstraction… The abstraction was HELL… It’s so painful.. I feel like crying… erm… actually I was on the verge of crying… Patricia used all her mighty strength to try to squeeze out whatever she is trying to squeeze. This is the first time I feel so painful. If she is gentler, perhaps I will enjoy the facial more…

    She applied some cream/lotion/whatever that is to my face… Very cooling… Next was a icy cold mask… I guess by now my face is lobster red… Hence a icy cold mask might heal the swelling… That’s my guess…

    She ended the facial by giving me another head and face massage. Out of the all the facial I did, Body Contours has the best face and head massage.

    After the whole facial, a sales consultant, Helen took over… As usual… She introduces packages to me… I look at the ‘menu’ even before she approached me… On average, a facial at Body Contours is around $190. Yah, it’s rather expensive…

    Anyway she offered the following (as far as I could remember):

    1. Free and Easy Package $1800 for 12 session 7% GST As the name suggest.. Free and Easy… You could choose to do facial or body massage. For the body massage, it includes steam bath, scrub and body massage.

    I told her straight that I wouldn’t want to commit into such an heavy package. The products might not suit my skin. I prefer something smaller. Hence…

    2. Free and Easy Package $900 for 6 sessions 7%GST It’s exactly the same as above… Juz half the package… I can say after the facial I do have the intention to sign a package with them… I’m not young anymore… Time to take care of my skin… But $900 upfront is a bit too much for me… I do have my financial burdens… Hence…

    3. Free and Easy Package $500 for 4 sessions 7% GST

    I find this package more suitable and affordable for me… $133.75 per session for a facial… I was not pressured by her to buy the package. It’s worth for the good service provided. The issue was whether the deal was good… I was wondering, what is their lowest limit… From $150 per session to $125 per session. Although it’s not significant for per session, but in a long run, it adds up to quite a lot! Maybe you can try to lower the price more…

    So in the end, I did sign up for the last package… There is no expiry… and today’s facial is waived!

    Therefore, it’s actually $535 for 5 sessions… It don’t sound that bad after all…

    My tailored package: 4 Sessions of Free and Easy 1 Deep Cleansing Facial

    Choose from: Body massage with scrub with steam bath Glyco Face Spa Vitamin C Face Spa O2 Oxygenating Face Spa

    In Body Contours, there are more than the above 3 kinds of Facial… The sales consultant will recommend the ones that are suitable to you… And when you go for your facial, you don’t have to worry what to choose cos the therapist will decide for you depending the condition of your skin on that day…

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