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271 Bukit Timah Road
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Telephone: (65) 6235-2160
Restaurants » Italian, Deli & Cafe
Sports and Recreation » Board Games
Photos of De Coders Cafe (Newton) - RestaurantsPhotos of De Coders Cafe (Newton) - RestaurantsPhotos of De Coders Cafe (Newton) - RestaurantsPhotos of De Coders Cafe (Newton) - RestaurantsPhotos of De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants

De Coder's Café is the latest board games café in town. It is centrally-located along Bukit Timah Road within the reach of Newton MRT station. We offer a wide selection of board games and a list of delicacies for you to choose from. You only pay for the food and beverages, there is no charges for game play.

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  1. garret
     19 Aug 2008 at 2:38 am

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your feedback. As food is a main concern for some of you, we are looking into our current menu. In addition, we will be having an outlet very soon with a more well-equiped and bigger kitchen to serve everyone. Food-lovers can visit our new outlet in the future instead, it has better food.

    Anyway, we won't compromise our service standard which has always been our focus with the new outlet too. If you are looking for chill, fun and laughter, here is the place for you.

    Garret Yap Business Development Director De Coder's Cafe

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. Lucardia
       18 Aug 2008 at 9:40 pm
         De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants   De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants   De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants   De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants   De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants

      Decoders cafe is a name that hints at its intentions, more to the point, its about games, fun and most importantly about friends. I happened to have the pleasure of being invited to one such gathering with our beloved Yebber and boss, Claudia for her XX birthday. It was a nice gathering and meeting of new people. Thanks Claudia!

      Cheese Sausage Spaghetti - I didn't get to try this but the birthday girl did. Not too sure how it tasted but somehow it looks normal to me.

      Crackers - This was actually the best item that night in terms of food. Not that it was special or anything but it was at least decent.

      Potato Wedges - It wasn't defrosted well. Thats the reason behind why the wedges, though thick and golden brown, were hot and yet soggy. Probably some items they got from the nearby minimart or NTUC by the taste of it as well.

      Chicken Soup - Most definately and without a doubt, this has to be campbell's soup. Watery, salty and thinly flavored with very little chicken meat will sum this up pretty well.

      Spicy Drumlets - Probably the next most decent item but thats not saying much. Also most possibly an NTUC purchase since i could have sworn i've eaten it before. Sadly, it was not defrosted well as usual and comes with all the usual sogginess.

      Chicken Cubes - Absolutely no idea what they meant by cubes but its the usual items you'd find in NTUC fairprice again. Except that is badly defrosted and fried with so much oil you can practically see it in the picture. Pretty much losing all confidence in the cafe's cooking by now.

      Chicken Burger with Cheese, Fries and Baked Beans - The same horrible wedges accompanied the burger which looked huge when served until you realize its the burger (bread) that is huge while the chicken patty was a miserably small piece. For what its worth, it wasn't too bad.

      Seafood Pasta - Soggy seems to be the in thing in this cafe. So is this pasta. The squid, shrimp and other items were sprinkled sparingly with the watery sauce having minimal taste.

      Cheesy Potato Wedges - A small upgrade from the wedges before it. This time with cheese. Its acceptable but still far from good.

      Bite Sized Ham and Cheese Sandwiches - They couldn't go wrong with this one now could they? Apparently yes and no. Each bite contained no taste whatsoever so usually, you're just left wondering why you are eating it in the first place.

      Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream - The brownie was hard but thankfully had the taste of chocolate. The vanilla ice cream was normal but at least this combination went well.

      Games and services - Now if i reviewed this place only on the food, it would fail quite miserably. What would you expect from a place designed to let guys play board games? On the selection of games and service of the staff, this place definitely lives up to mark. The staff will gladly spend time to teach the games recommended and they make nice recommendations to suit the players. Sometimes demonstrating and teaching till the gang gets the hang of the games. There are hundreds of board games to choose from and each is unique in its own way. Pretty well done.

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      Rating given:3 stars
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      1. ladyironchef
         04 Jul 2008 at 1:35 pm
           De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants   De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants   De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants   De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants   De Coders Cafe (Newton) - Restaurants

        De Coder’s Cafe is one of the latest board game cafe in town, think along the line of The Mind Cafe, and Settlers Cafe and you pretty much get the picture. Located along Bukit Timah road at Balmoral Plaza, where Waffletown is also situated at.

        Like what i mentioned previously, the place is actually quite accessible because its only about ten minutes walk away from Newton MRT. Taking a bus from Orchard road takes a mere ten minutes too.

        It is puzzling as to why LIC haven’t been to any board game cafe when Mind, settlers, and De coder’s have open for quite some time, and are available in quite a few locations.

        We are here for Claudia’s birthday. The Cafe isn’t very big, in fact its quite a squeeze for about twenty of us. The interior is simple, you can choose to seat at the sofas, or at the tables and chairs which are in red and black theme.

        The highlight of De Coder’s cafe is definitely their wide range of board games. And speaking of board games, they aren’t your normal monopoly or you know those usual ones. They have so many different types which we totally haven’t seen before.

        Root Beer float ($4.50) The root beer float is really just your normal root beer float. Pour the root beer from a bottle, and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. To charge $4.50 for it is kind of outrageous, but then again, they don’t charge for the games play, so i suppose their source of revenue will be through the drinks and food.

        Pasta ($9.80) We ordered quite a few pasta, like Beefy beefy, ocean catch, mushy mushroom. All their pastas does not really suit our tastebud. Period.

        Spicy Drumlets ($5) If their main course doesn’t works, what else is there to eat you ask? Finger food, but again, we tried almost all of their finger food, and most of them can’t quite make it as well.

        The spicy drumlets is one of the few that is decent, but the consistency isn’t there. The first round we ordered this the drumlets are still okay, but the second time we ordered this one again, the chicken is kind of soggy, and its supposed to be fried and crispy.

        Chicken Cubes ($5) The chicken cubes is definitely on the list of finger food that you should not be ordering. Soggy and tasteless. Period.

        Cheesy Wedges ($5) They have two types of wedges, the potato wedges and cheesy wedges. We had both, and i guess the two wedges are still all right.

        Americaya ($10) American’s all time favourite chicken burger served with wedges and baked beans. They are right, American favourite is chicken burger, but unfortunately, its not the Americaya served here. I literally had a hard time finishing the burger, and its not because i am full.

        All in all, i may seem quite harsh on the food in De Coder’s cafe, but really the food isn’t good. Then again, you are there to play board games, and not because of the food, so we shouldn’t be complaining. But i feel that a board game cafe is a great idea, and to serve simple and good food actually isn’t that difficult.

        Desserts like cheesecakes and brownies are decent. Fried food is in fact the easiest food to do it simple and nice, but they mess it up. If only they can improve on the standards of their food, i'll foresee myself making perennial visits, otherwise, stay away from most of the food, maybe just the desserts and drinks.

        You are always welcome to visit ladyironchef for a full-up on this trip. Whatever written herein are my genuine feelings expressed in words. Food, my dear, is what they call an adventure!

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        Rating given:2 stars
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