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27/29 New Bridge Road
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  1. genesis
     24 May 2007 at 12:57 am

    The first time we walked pass this place, we said to ourselves, "next time must eat!". So the next time we passed by, we walked into the restaurant and happily ordered our food. After ordering at the counter, we decided to pay by NETS since we did not have enough cash. "Sorry, we do not accept NETS", was the reply. Oh ok, we thought to ourselves, maybe they can accept VISA, so we asked could we pay by VISA and they said "sorry we do not accept VISA". Then what do you accept? Can we pay by TT Transfer or bank draft??!!!?? The reply was,"We only accept cash". So we said thank you and had to walk out of the place with hungry stomachs and decided that propably we can only eat here the 3rd time round.

    If you decide to eat here, please bring along CASH! Nothing is more useful then cold hard cash! Wonder why they do not accept other modes of payment. Maybe they do not want to pay for the extra 3%, so that they can charge us less for the fish?

    The 3rd time round, we made sure we had enough cash. So we ordered the Silver Cod Fillet with fries and the North Atlantic Cod Loin with fries. When we were served it looked the same. Which is which? Even the person at the counter did not know and had to ask. So we were wondering what is going on!?!

    Anyway after the first bite, we started to love the juicy and tender fillet which was well fried. The servings of chips is VERY VERY generous. Perhaps too much for us. They are huge by our standards and at the end of the meal, eating the chips seems to be like a chore. Well, too much of anything is always no good!

    So what do we recommend the next time you want to eat here. Maybe just order the Cream dory fillet at half the price. Who knows, maybe they will look the same as the North Atlantic Cod Loin, or maybe you can hope that the counter staff gives you the Atlantic Cod Loin instead since they find it hard to tell them apart when fried!

    We ate here in the evening, so the non-airconditioned atmosphere is not too bad. Our personal preference is still the Beer batter Cod, which of course is not served here and that is another story.

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. tinkerbell
       23 May 2007 at 10:09 pm

      Tucked discreetly along the shophouses opposite the newly opened Central Shopping Cente at Clarke Quay, Fishermen’s Wharf is a one stop place where you will be able to get your favourite type of fish and chips!

      At Fishermen’s Wharf, you can choose from different types of fishes that you would like your fish and chips to be made from. From the common Cream Dory (which most restaurants use to prepare fish and chips) to Atlantic Cod fish. More importantly, the prices there are really reasonable too! If I do not recall wrongly, the usual fish and chips is priced at $6.50.. :) The price increases though, if you choose to have other types of fish.

      I went there for lunch once, and had the usual cream dory fish and chips. Comparing it to the fish and chips you'd normally find in other western restaurants in Singapore, the fish and chips at Fishermen’s Wharf is relatively bland and dry. However, it does allow one to really savour the real taste of the fish~

      Ambience wise.. It was kind of quiet and laid back when I went there in the afternoon. No crowds at all. It's quite a good place to enjoy the afternoon and have small talks with your friends. note that the place is not airconditioned~ :P

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      Rating given:3 stars
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