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27/29 New Bridge Road
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Photos of Fishermen’s Wharf - RestaurantsPhotos of Fishermen’s Wharf - RestaurantsPhotos of Fishermen’s Wharf - RestaurantsPhotos of Fishermen’s Wharf - RestaurantsPhotos of Fishermen’s Wharf - Restaurants
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  1. jaegercat
     15 Jun 2009 at 6:56 am

    They used to be good, but the quality has really gone downhill for the last few months. It's a shame, because they menu is pretty authentic UK/Australian-style fish and chips, and they even have the right kind of vinegar.

    But two visits ago, the fish didn't taste fresh.

    And yesterday's visit, the chips were totally raw in the middle, but still managed to be burned on the outside. Unfortunately, we'd got takeout so we just had to throw them away.

    The calimari used to be good, but they seem to have stopped doing it.

    Recommend for eat-in only, where you can send the food back if you need to. I don't think we'll get takeaway there ever again.

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    Rating given:2 stars
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    1. loonshi
       11 Dec 2008 at 10:48 am

      I have being there twice and I simply love their standard fish n chips. The serving is obviously big at a super reasonable price. You have a choice of having either chips or fries. But to me it doesn't make a big difference. Haha!

      During my first visit, my friend and I even mix up which is chips and which is fries because we really can't tell. Opps!!! Chips is slightly "deep" fried where you can see there's a little "black" here and there and for fries it's simply well fried and you won't see any "black" parts on it.

      I really love their curry mayo sauce. It really taste great. I don't think we get to taste curry mayo sauce outside. They have quite a number of different mayo sauce. It really goes well with the fish and chips.

      Oh ya I almost forgot their calamari is fantastic too. The only thing I don't like about their place is its self service. Also the location is just directly opposite Central Mall. If my friends never bring me there I will never get to know that there's such a wonderful fish and chips there.

      I had a friend who worked at the MICA building and she doesn't know this place actually exists. Hmm.. maybe they should advertise to make the place more obvious. :p

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      1. vtay
         30 Nov 2008 at 6:43 pm

        I am utterly disappointed in the standard of Fisherman's Wharf.

        I have heard so many friends raving about that place, on how great their fish n chips was and how value for money it was, so i decided to check it out yesterday just to satiate my craving for fish n chips.

        It did not satiate anything, and it was so bad that i couldn't bring myself to finish all of it. In fact, it made me crave more food and i had to cross over to Central to buy myself something else.

        I ordered Halibut and my boyfriend ordered the traditional Cod fillet fish n chips. My Halibut was $12 and his Cod was all of $18.50... it was the biggest waste of money in terms of dining this year.

        I opted for chips instead of fries, but when my food arrived, it looks just like fries! All they did was cut the potato up to look like fries. What kind of chips do you call that? Furthermore, they were pretty badly burnt to a dull shade of brown. It was not aesthetically pleasing at all.

        I tried one piece of the Cod fish and found that it was badly cooked. It was so dry and chewy! My halibut was cooked to a decent standard, but overall, both fishes were completely tasteless and i had to keep drenching vinegar on them! The chilli sauce and the tartare sauce they provided was not enough to salvage the tastelessness of it all.

        I am generally very disappointed in Fisherman's Wharf and i will not return in future.

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        Rating given:1 stars
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        1. ladyironchef
          ladyironchef said:
          haha it was super long ago, like a year? i also dont like it, but wont to the extent give one star la, its average lor.
          30 Nov 2008 at 9:06 pm
        2. vtay
          vtay said:
          no dude its not average to me. it was MORBID, to say the least. ahaha.
          01 Dec 2008 at 2:47 pm
        3. ladyironchef
          ladyironchef said:
          LOL! maybe standards have drop even further. ha
          02 Dec 2008 at 7:31 am
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