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27/29 New Bridge Road
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Photos of Fishermen’s Wharf - RestaurantsPhotos of Fishermen’s Wharf - RestaurantsPhotos of Fishermen’s Wharf - RestaurantsPhotos of Fishermen’s Wharf - RestaurantsPhotos of Fishermen’s Wharf - Restaurants
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  1. nadbe11e
     07 Sep 2008 at 1:11 pm
       Fishermen   Fishermen   Fishermen

    I really love Clarke Quay. Especially Cental Mall. But each time I wanna go check out the Fish n Chips @ Fishermens Wharf but I was alwayz too lazy to go schleping over to the other side.

    Finally one Sunday, my fish cravings kicked in and it was between Fishermens Wharf and Manhattan Fish Market.

    Took quite a while deciding which fish to choose but went with the plain ol Fish n Chips @ 6.50 and the Fried Salmon with Fries @ 12.50. Ordered a side of salad @ 4 and Calamari @ 10.50

    Orders came pretty quickly since there were few customers and piping hot. Salmon was ok. Bit too cooked but eatable. Loved the crispy skin and the fact that the fish was not doused with salt or pepper. Went well with the garlic mayonaise sauce which I instantly fell in love with. Fries were a bit soggy actualli. Didnt really like it but the bf loved it.

    Fish and Chips rocked!!I loved the light batter and the fresh and delicious fish. It was a huge portion and I was considering ordering one for takeaway. Chips were crunchy and not soggy.

    Calamari was goooood. Hot and crispy, Batter was not too heavy and the calamari was not hard to chew. Yay. Glad i ordered it.

    We left the place with full stomachs and big smiles. I will definitely return one day and maybe try out the other fishes.

    And I love the salad. At 4 dollars, its really value for money as the portion is HUUUGE.

    Check out the tartar sauce and the garlic mayonaise. You can differenciate the difference between the two sauces by smelling it. You can really smell the delish garlic. Oh so yummy.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. ladyironchef
       15 Jan 2008 at 8:31 pm
         Fishermen   Fishermen   Fishermen   Fishermen   Fishermen

      The time: 7pm. The diners: Me, Wee hong, Hong yi & friends. The place: Fisherman’s Wharf. The food: Fish & Chips

      Well well, i had great expectations for Fisherman’s wharf, having heard rave reviews on its fish & chips, we were left slightly disappointed when we left the place. Fisherman wharf is directly opposite the new Central Mall. From Central u can see the signboard of fisherman wharf because the current construction of the overhead bridge is blocking the view of the restaurant. The place do not have air-con, its free seating and pls self-service by going to the counter to order.

      The thing with fisherman wharf is that all the fish are priced at different price, but most of them looks the same. Try comparing all the fish we ordered and see whether you can spot which is which. All the fish comes with generous servings of chips or fries, but i would prefer for some salad, vege or coleslaw. On a note, 2 of us had fries, while the other 3 had chips. In the end, only 2 of us enjoy the side dish, so you know what to order huh? ( :

      Silver Cod Fillet ( $14.00) with fries.

      North. Atlantic Cod Loin ($16.00) with fries. Its the most ex fish at Fisherman Wharf, but the tastes and the looks quite similar to silver cod fillet.

      Garoupa Fillet ($12.50) with chips. Snow Fish ($15.00) with chips. Comment was not very nice, try something else.

      Snow Fish ($15.00) with chips. Comment was not very nice, try something else.

      Lemon Sole Fillet ($14.00) with chips. Very similar to silver cod fillet and north atlantic cod, but the taste is a bit different. The fish crumbed very easily, making it difficult to eat.

      I am not lying, all the fishes look about the same, with the generous helping of chips, fries ana tartar sauce. Seriously if they didn’t tell us which is which, we wont know the fishes. I read that someone compared Greenwood Bistro to Fisherman Wharf, in my personal opinion, there is totally no way to compare. Greenwood bistro fish albeit being more expensive at the range of $17 to $20 , but it offers a lot more different quality fish, different style of cooking the fish, and a healthy servings of chips and vege. Furthermore, the ambience at Greenwood and Fisherman Wharf is different. Greenwood is a restaurant, while Fisherman’s is more like Long John Silver - fast food outlet. Mayb its because my expectation is too high before i went, therefore i am more disapointed.

      But our conclusion is, go for the set lunch at $9.50 which comes with fish & chips, and drink. If not, for dinner just order the normal cream dory fillet at $6.50. No offend to any Fisherman’s Wharf lovers out there, this is just my personal opinion.

      You are always welcome to visit Ladyironchef for a full-up on this trip. Whatever written above are my geniune feelings expressed in words that may be subjected to my personal distortion or bias. Please do not feel emotional or distress should you have any violent objections. Kindly click the little X at the upper, extreme right of your screen if negative adjectives would be derived. Otherwise, feel free to furnish me with comments, may it be positive or negative : )

      " Aren't the fishes all the same? "

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      Rating given:3 stars
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      Comments on this review:
      1. vtay
        vtay said:
        wow you actually gave it 3stars. lol.
        30 Nov 2008 at 6:44 pm
      2. ladyironchef
        ladyironchef said:
        haha it was super long ago, like a year? i also dont like it, but wont to the extent give one star la, its average lor.
        30 Nov 2008 at 9:06 pm
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    2. Snowbringer
       24 May 2007 at 10:58 am

      I totally agree with genesis! The first time I walked past fisherman's wharf with my colleagues during lunch time once, we said to ourselves that we had to try this place once. The ambience of the place looked relaxing and was not very crowded. The display chalkboard outside the shop also showcased relatively cheap prices (up from $6.50) with much variety to choose from.

      When we went for our meal some time after, there was an offer going on, selling the satire fillet with fries (which was previously priced higher) at the same price as the usual cream dory fish and chips. All at $6.50. So 3 of us decided to try the satire fillet instead of the usual dory fish and chips (thinking that it would be a better deal and perhaps try a new type of fish).

      When the food arrived, it looked pretty appetising, with a large portion of fries. However when we tried the fillet, the meat was rather tough and not as smooth as the usual fish and chips sold at other restaurants. We were rather amused as this set was supposed to be priced higher and thus should garner more plattery satisfaction? On the whole it was "edible", but we were thankful that we paid a discount price for it, not very worth the usual price.

      Service was acceptable and ambience ok as we went during the afternoon and there were not many people around. Another good place to sit around for a chat during meals but perhaps the next time i visit, I will stick to the cream dory fillet!

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      Rating given:3 stars
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