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Toa Payoh HDB Hub
470 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 Level 2
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Eating Places » Food Courts

A typical air-conditioned food court located in a bustling housing estate, toa payoh.

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  1. hantukecik
     22 May 2008 at 11:39 pm

    I heard about Fork&Spoon from my mother. So i walked around the hub looking for this food court. Wasn't hard to find it. But the accessibility to the food court is questionable. I would say, next time i go there, i'd take the escalator in Courts and walk up to the 2nd floor, and walk via the bridge into the food court. Waiting for the lift was hellish.

    Anyways, once i got into the food court, i smiled. It was clean, with a simple hawker layout, and all the food were halal. So it wasn't much of a surprise to see alot of malay aunties and uncles there. The drink stall served juices and the regular drinks at a hawker centre. But it was the food stalls that amaze me. From western dishes, to a noodle store, to an Indonesian rice stall, Chicken rice stall, Soup stall, the conventional malay nasi padang stall, and the japanese food stall, its no wonder it got my mom bragging she ate like a cow that afternoon.

    So i got myself the chicken rice. White meat. (thats how i like it.. white meat .heh) and guess what ? its good ! Worth my 3bux. and the tender chicken made me order another one,for my sis at home.

    The service was good as well, fast and clean. And most importantly, the cleaner aunties and uncles didn't bother me to clean up my table. They only cleared the table when i'm done and going off. That is courtesy. I've had my share of aunties and uncles at certain food courts that 'die-die' want to clear up plates and wipe the table when i'm still digging in my food and drinks. And most of the time, i'd let them do their job. (with cursings in my breath)

    So, get yourself down to ToaPayoh HDB hub and try the food at Fork&Spoon and enjoy the ambience of old,ancient aunties and uncles sipping their coffee and enjoying their fried kway teow in an air-conditioned food court.

    A warning though, it would be packed at lunch time and after school time. But a little candy to the eyes wouldn't hurt would it ? :)

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    1. Wendy
      Wendy said:
      Try the Japanese food. It's nice and the serving is big!
      01 Aug 2008 at 11:54 pm
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  2. Kinshen
     19 Dec 2007 at 1:34 am

    Went there last week to eat after a swim at the nearby swimming complex. Walked into the place, typical air-conditioned food court, very clean and pleasant looking, there are even plasma televisons on the wall, i must say nowadays, companies are coming up with various gimmicks to attract customers. Anyway, i should say i was spoilt for choices due to the fact of a wide variety of food, but when i was walking around, i couldn't see one to my liking, so that's quite a dissapointment, i think next time if i ever venture into the food business, i would consolidate all the good makan gurus ( if i can persuade them ) and set up a concept-style food court, omg, i am supposed to comment on the food, not my ambition. lols.

    Anyways, i settled for a Nasi Kuning at the Indonesian BBQ stall, it looks the most pleasant, in fact it looks quite appealing. It costs me $3.50 for plate of yellow rice, curry chicken drumstick, achar and keropok. Quite value for money i would say, given the fact that the serving of the rice is quite sufficient and the portion of the chicken is quite big. Also the yellow rice is being drizzled over curry. Perhaps due to the fact after a swim, i am super duper hungry, i sat down, and immediately whacked on the rice, the yellow rice has this fragrant smell, a faint smell of herbs, think they use basmati rice, the ones used for the briyanis. The curry sauce on the rice is just great, i can actually do without the chicken, because the curry is just spicy yet the gravy is not too thick, and although its over the rice, you can still taste the original taste of the yellow rice, which if i am not wrong takes a long time to prepare. Next i come to the chicken, other than the fact that the portion is huge, the chicken is a dissapointment, firstly the chicken is not fresh, when you bite, the meat is tough and rough, and you will know its not fresh, because fresh chicken meats are supposed to be tender and springy. The achar is not bad, its makes you wanna eat more rice, in a sense it whets the appetitie. Its sour and spicy and crunchy. And the keropok is just the typical keropok, not much hoo-haa about it.

    Overall, i am quite impressed with the rice and achar, and given the fact that its a food court, with air-conditioned dining environment, i am quite pleased. The only improvement would be the chicken.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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