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1 Harbourfront Walk #01-163 VivoCity
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Restaurants » French
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  1. feizhu
     24 May 2010 at 9:26 pm
       FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants

    Had an appetite for cheap French food so headed down with my gf to FRE(N)SH at Vivo City for a quick tartine fix.

    Hidden in a quiet corner of the colossal shopping mall, FRE(N)SH is interestingly named, from which I infer to be a short form for French & Fresh or vice versa. I may be wrong, but I deserve some marks for trying? The place in itself is tiny, as evident by the bar counter seats which take up the majority of the place. There are 4 tightly packed tables in a corner as well but they shouldn't even be an option unless you seriously don't mind sitting about 20cm away from the next table.

    FRE(N)SH Chicken Tartine - How could I resist ordering a Tartine with the same name? (I'm assuming its their signature dish.) The bread was nicely toasted with extremely generous amounts of chicken, sliced potatoes and mustard. Personally, I couldn't quite stomach the mustard as it made me tear involuntarily but the chicken and potatoes were good. Probably next time round I'll ask for mayonnaise instead.

    Chicken Tartine - This was very similar to the FRE(N)SH Tartine except that it had anchovies and it came with mayonnaise instead of mustard. As with the former, ingredients were generous and this dish had a slight fishy overtone which generally went well with the chicken taste. However, any stronger and it would have been revolting (at least for me).

    Crème brûlée - Served in an aluminum foil container, the layer of sugar atop looked a tad charred but broke easily with the slightest effort. Didn't find it to be quivery smooth though. But I could make out the vanilla beans in it, which probably means that its home made. Thumbs up to that!

    Tiramisu - Looking more like a chocolate cake than anything else, the Tiramisu had a nice amaretto liqueur taste to it, which is different from the usual Kahlua infused ones. However, I did find the layer of sponge a little too excessive, so much so that it reminded me of eating a slice of cake. On that note, the Mascarpone cheese was a little lacking. But overall rather smooth and decent.

    No GST, no service charge, what more can I ask for? Well maybe a mint to cleanse my breath. I'm just being corny here but $32 for 2 set meals is a rather good deal if you ask me. A drink, a Tartine and a dessert - a complete meal without busting your wallet.

    See my pictures here

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    Comments on this review:
    1. genesis
      genesis said:
      10/10 for typing FRE(H)SH. Kinda get stuck at the N part. :)
      22 Oct 2007 at 10:54 pm
    2. feizhu
      feizhu said:
      You typed it wrongly lol.
      22 Oct 2007 at 11:37 pm
    3. genesis
      genesis said:
      yes. that;s why you get 10/10. I get 0/10. haha.
      22 Oct 2007 at 11:40 pm
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  2. ReiKo
     31 May 2008 at 11:21 pm
       FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants

    Went down to Fre(N)sh with my BF on a Saturday for dinner. Have a good experience so we came back for another visit.

    Hmm... The price has raise up from $16 nett for set meal to $17.50. We have expected due to lots of stuff price has increased.

    We order a 1 Set Meal, 1 Starter, 1 Ala Cart Taritine and a glass of red wine.

    1 Set Meal $17.50 1 Glass of Orange Juice Nothing special about the orange juice but it still nice.

    1 Crab Meat Tartine Toasted bread, salad sauce, filled with lots of crab meats, some brasil leaves, lemon juice and served with lots of fresh greens. As I understand the crab meat were actually from those cans of crab meat but It still taste nice and good.

    1 Tramisu. Top layer filled with lots of Coco powder. Two layer of cakes and two layer of cream. It has a strong taste of coffee. Not all the part have the rum taste. But, overall was still good.

    1 Glass of Red Wine $9.80 Sorry, not too sure what red wine is it. To me, I feel is normal. But, still ok.

    1 Starter $8.90 Two type of different flavours bread. Garlic Bread and Chicken & Duck meat Bread. The Garlic Bread were normal to us. As for the Chicken & Duck meat Bread were good. It was not so bad.

    1 Foie Gras Tartine $17.90 Toasted Bread served with cold thin slice of foie gras with some black pepper and salt and served with lots of greens. My BF and I though that is the normal piece of pan fried foie gras we had but we were wrong as the foie gras is actually from the block foie gras. It was not that bad but, it better to go with the greens as after having the second slices will feel a bit sick of it. Either you like it or you don't like it. As for me, once is good enough.

    The service were not bad. As the waiter were friendly. Cool no service charge and GST.

    Total Bill: $53.30 nett

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    Comments on this review:
    1. ladyironchef
      ladyironchef said:
      you really shld have written reviews long ago. like that everywhere u all go, can write two reviews, den double yebber dollar. lol
      01 Jun 2008 at 3:51 pm
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  3. His Food Blog
     19 Feb 2008 at 12:32 am
       FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants   FRE(N)SH - Restaurants

    Tucked at a quiet corner of a mega shopping mall, Vivocity, you will find a small café – Fre(n)sh. Shouting at the top of their entrance reads “Authentic French Café & Restaurant”.

    French cuisine considered to be one of the world's most refined and elegant styles of cooking, and is renowned for both its classical or grande cuisine and provincial styles. Many of the world's greatest chefs are, or were masters of French cuisine. Although this French café is not some fanciful fine dining restaurant, they do served traditional French cuisine known as Tartines, or Open Sandwiches. I tried the Smoked Salmon with Avocado Tartine, and it was good.

    But however it would have been better if the avocado was not in the form of a spread, but slice pieces from the fruit instead. The Crème Brulee was nevertheless outstanding – touched freshly only when you ordered; the layer of sugar coating was thin and burned to perfection.

    Just a simple knock with the back of the spoon enables you to enjoy the sugar coated dessert – unlike others I have tried that comes thickly coated. If you wish to have a simple meal in a quiet environment, this is the place to be.

    You can view the photos and other reviews @ His Food Blog.

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    Rating given:5 stars
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