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    » 3 Reviews for “Golden Village (Marina Square) ” - Arts & Entertainment

  1. Leenie Pigs
     05 Jan 2010 at 1:12 pm

    Its one of the theatres i have a love hate relationship about. Its very far lor.. if you walk from MRT.... You must first walk from City Hall Mrt Station to Marina square then you got to walk straight straight straight until you see John Little... Then up and then straight straight straight again pass the bowling alleys then you see you theatre.... The only thing i love about the place is that it is not usually crowded like the rest of the other cinemas... However do get your tickets early too as during weekends.... It will be still crowded.. because everybody will start thinking that everybody will not be going there to watch a movie and ended up... everybody is there.

    The seats unlike the newer VIVO GV or GREAT WORLD GV that the centre divider can be shifted up... most of the seats in marina GV cannot remove the centre divider hand rest however they have a row of the LOVERS SEATS at the last row.. Don't ask me why removing the dividers are important ok... Its just...... MORE COMFY..........

    As it is not a very new cinema, the cinemas are larger in size.. and I totally enjoy the bigger screen and bigger space..... Especially when there are very few people watching the movie or you are the only one watching the movie.. You would feel totally value for money lor.... Human are the bigger the better right? The sound systems and levels are quite balanced unlike some cinemas when i realise the volume is too high and I get the ringing sound after that..

    However one thing i really dislike about cinemas.... The entrance is always a nice escalator with beautiful soft carpets and spacious toilets with attentive attendants and movie preview screenings while the EXIT is always the FIRE EXIT.. with dreadful smelling bare staircases that nobody dwells in and even a rubbish bin is hard to find.. on top of that no toilets...... until you walk back into the mall which is a long journey.. Its a bad icon to the service and entertainment industry.. Like after you have earned my hard earned money and screened your movie.... you can disregard me already. Oh comeon... what makes you think I won't buy a drink on my way out or but another ticket to watch another movie later... comeon....this is an area which much improvement must be done....

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    1. loonshi
       05 Nov 2008 at 11:51 am

      Out of all the cinemas that I have visited. Marina square's cinema is the best cineplex i ever visited.The reason is because the toilets aren't far and aren't crowded. So if in the middle of your movie, you are so urgent that you need to rush to the toilet the toilet is just outside not far away. Besides the easy access to the toilet, the seats inside the cinema are comfortable especially when you purchase the tickets at the counter the staff seeing you with your hubby or boyfriend they will give you couple seats which is normally the last row of the theater. Good right? Not only that, even if you did not get the couple seats those normal seats their hand rest can be lifted up so you and your hubby won't be separated especially when you are watching horror movies and you really need the shoulder to cling on. Hehe..

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      1. zihui
         09 Dec 2007 at 11:59 pm

        Have you stepped into a cinema feeling a little weird about the positioning of the screen? Today was the first time I felt that way.

        As usual, we'd queue up and get our tickets. I had the choice of sitting at the side but further from the screen, or sitting in the middle but nearer to the screen. I thought, hey, no difference right? So I took the seats at the side.

        I stepped into Cinema 4 and looked around. The lights were still lit and the place looked clean and fine. No weird smell, nothing. Nice.. Time to sit down and just wait for the show! But wait.. there's something amiss... And that's when I realized that the screen was rather centralized and it was no wider than the middle block of seats. Rather weird I'd say as I noticed that at most cinemas, the screens would usually span almost across the wall. Also, the seats were not positioned in a suitable angle that allowed us to face the screen better.

        I guess it's just a little weird. I would say it would have been better if the seats were slanted abit more or the screen was bigger. But other than that, it was comfortable (:

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        Rating given:4 stars
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        1. Bobo
          Bobo said:
          Gong Xi Gong Xi on your 100th post. I like the Marina GV too. So when are we catching one together?
          10 Dec 2007 at 12:06 am
        2. claud
          claud said:
          wohooo! 100th! Congrats gal! Okok... Jan let's go catch a show together! hahaha
          10 Dec 2007 at 12:11 am
        3. zihui
          zihui said:
          thank you (: mm if we do, go on a tuesday! 6.50 for GV members HAHA.
          10 Dec 2007 at 12:13 am
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