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15 Science Centre Road
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Telephone: (65) 6425-2500
Arts and Entertainment » Cinemas, Museum

The Singapore Science Centre is a world-acclaimed scientific institution in Jurong East, Singapore, specialising in the promotion of scientific and technological education for the general public. With over 850 exhibits spread over eight exhibition galleries, it sees over a million visitors a year today, and over 17 million visitors up to the year 2003 when it celebrated its silver jubilee.

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  1. wenki
     19 Jan 2010 at 9:39 pm

    I just went to the singapore science centre during new year eve. currently they have the body world exhibition which is quite interesting as you get to know and see real body parts from humans who have generously donated their organs. I also went to the normal science centre exhibition where alot of kids like to play at. I like the section where you get to use your brain and solve the puzzles. other than that i think the science centre needs a lot of maintenance. Alot of their indoor waterworks need to be repaired. And the place where they rear some rodents should be shifted to some other place. Its totally impossible for tall people to crawl on the floor to see those rodents.I had a really fun time at the science centre that day but i was really sad when we were forced to leave at 6 because the science centre was closing. Maybe science centre should close at a later time and then they can have another extra section called astronmy :D

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    1. Leenie Pigs
       05 Jan 2010 at 12:49 pm

      I like our science centre.. Matter of fact i was quite an astronomical fan when i was a few years younger then now. Though now i am still young, but i kind of relived my younger days everytime i step into science centre.

      First I like the fact that parking is free.. on top of that you have a good array of affordable food like the Macdonalds, Suki Sushi, etc.... The entrance fee is reasonable as there are many features inside the centre itself. There is also a water play ground making use of physics and other science themes which is environmentally friendly and very engaging.

      I totally agree that play is the best way to educate children and youths and with the environment the singapore science centre had set up. It was indeed a great place to teach students on primary and secondary school science. I perhaps am most intrigued by the lighting room. Where they will conduct some real lightnings for demo. It is fun yet exciting and not many can get to experience a lightning strike up close and personal yet still remain alive.

      The centre itself is well catagorised and have a wide array of themes which is fun and creative. There are many hands-on experiments and science is all about working on stuffs.. making use of your 5 senses and discovering more about our world and ourselves.

      You might also want to catch a glimpse and watch a movie at the omnimax theatre.. Where 3D movies brings dinosaurs to live. With the rounded screen and steep sitting. Getting into your seat is an excitement all by itself. Check out also the astronomy shop whereby you can get stargazing equipments and some tips to venture into the mysterious outer space.

      Many do not know.. Matter of fact, there is a huge telescope in the vacinity of the science centre itself and it is open for star enthusiaste. There is a interest club you can join and activities held there in the event of a prominent meteor showers.

      Its a wonderful place to hang around when you just have nothing to do. Most important, I can never stop myself from learning new stuffs there... Its a place though old but knowledge so generous that you can never learn them all in a day.... Discover something you thought you already know today. See You Around!!!

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      1. superchewy
         15 Oct 2007 at 1:52 pm

        I used to go to Singapore Science Centre when i was in primary and in secondary school.I find it particularly interesting when there are new exhibits on display like fossils of dinosaurs or some other new findings.I love the omni max theatre.For those who haven been there they show short documentary films and the screens hovering the top all the way to the bottom.The seats are lying dwn so when u're sitting on it it's like you're lying dwn and facing the sky.It's so cool!!If only nxt time the cinema will adopt this idea.I really enjoy when watching films frm rainforests.You will feel as though you're in the helicopter and experencing it first hand.It's definitely a fun place to be there!

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        Rating given:4 stars
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