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2 Handy Road
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Telephone: (65) 6235-3105
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  1. loonshi
     27 Nov 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Previous Reviewers have reviewed on the environment and atmosphere of the shop.

    Now, I just want to add the good thing about Gramophone. That is Gramophone also buy back used CDs/VCDs/DVDs/Blu-Ray Discs at this outlet.

    So if you have any used CDs, vcds or DVDs which are in good condition, you can consider selling them to Gramophone.

    Only certain outlets then they have such service. So do check out their websites for more info. The Url is

    Lastly, just for additional information, do call before going down as there is a person who is in charge of the 2nd hand cds. So to avoid disappointment do call before going down.

    In this way, this is also a good way to recycle you unwanted cds.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. Leenie Pigs
       26 Nov 2008 at 1:49 pm

      Music is always associated with style and with that we must always buy in style, visit stylish Music Shops and act stylishly while browsing through the cds. Thats my STYLE....

      I am no music guru, nor a critic. However, I know good music when i hear them. They should fit my style... Yeah! STYLE is important to me. Gramophones always fits my style. Just having a set of good speakers blasting at the entrance has already attracted people of my style. The speaker and amplifier system sounds more then fantastic, with the crispy high tones and full bodies mid tones as well as the powerful bass tones is enough to make anybody salivate.

      As I entered the store, i felt more like entering a lounge. With soulful music blasting away and elegantly placed racks and racks of cds as well as beautiful interior deco. I mean I can laze here all day.. Looking through every CD while enjoying the free music.

      They serve a good range of various genre of music as well as the not so famous and well known singers. I love these little gems when i find them. Beautiful Tones I call them, they are indeed not what we hear on our nominal radio yet strikes a farmiliar note with me.

      You want movies, they have plenty of DVD titles to choose from. Sometimes you can get them at a bargain. They have some off the rack items which are really a steal.

      You can get almost everything here in Gramophone without the crowd and with free great tones as well as great service.

      A good place to hang out or perhaps pick some great titles to brighten up the monday blues.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. Nicnic
         11 Jun 2008 at 9:04 am
           Gramophone (Cathay) - Shopping

        actually i prefer gramophone more than HMV. HMV just gives me the feeling its always packed with noisy teenagers shouting at cds of their favourite idols. no offence to HMV supporters out there. but my point is, i do not know much abt HMV coz i do not like to go there, so the things i like about gramophone might be available in HMV and im just a sua ku alright?

        ok lets start: actually i only frequent the outlet at the cathay. its a good place to spend time when you're waiting for your movies to start. its clean and welcoming looking. spacious so you dont have to go 'excuse me' all the way. they have wide variety of cds, dvds, vcds etc and i can always find the stuff i want there. you know maybe like some foreign movies that are not available at most places, gramophone is the place that can solve my problem.

        their staff are very helpful and can lead me to where i can find my dvds immediately when im just lazy to look for them. furthermore, they always have discounts on dvds which makes it more logical to get a dvd than a vcd as the prices are quite close to each other.

        but one thing i find quite weird about gramophone. they give out free membership/vip card when you deposit $300 with them which is refundable after 6months. isnt it like a bank? and the membership is valid as long as you deposit the money with them. which means you can enjoy the privileges of the membership for 20 years if you want, and just get the refund back one day when you're too old to walk :P

        but anyway, the card is quite useful too as they give you additional discount on top of sale items and with the card, you can get discount on some concerts.

        gramophone is not as atas as that cd shop or as hip as HMV. it just gives me a very comfortable feeling to spend as much time as i want there, and yeah as mentioned i can always find the stuff i want.

        so, i highly recommend this place for people who dislike crowds and yet like to take some time to consider before purchasing anything, coz you really dont feel the rush there.

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        Rating given:4 stars
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