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Photos of Hans Cafe (Novena Square) - RestaurantsPhotos of Hans Cafe (Novena Square) - Restaurants

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  1. Great Sage
     25 May 2008 at 6:39 pm
       Hans Cafe (Novena Square) - Restaurants   Hans Cafe (Novena Square) - Restaurants

    At around 9pm, where most of the dinner crowd and diners have completed their meals, i am still at novena square looking for food to eat. :P Guess, it would be rather difficult to find food (not too expensive kind) at this point of time.

    Surprising when i reached the outlet, there are still couple of diners having their dinner. Thinking that i may still have a chance to order some food, i quickly browse through their menu. They offered quite a wide variety of food, from sandwiches to western chicken chop to even asian congee. But, i guess the most worth your money meal will have to be their set meal.

    Their set meal are mostly in western style with a variety of meat that includes dory, chicken, beef, pork and even turkey. Beside the main dish, they also have a soup of the day, garlic bread, drink and dessert.

    I had placed the order of a turkey breast set meal and at the point of sales, i was given the soup of the day, the drink and the dessert. A pretty nice gesture for someone who is real hungry. :)

    The soup of the day was dark mushroom soup. Well, most of the time, the mushroom soup that we drank are using the light coloured mushroom. And, this dark mushroom tasted rather special, with a very nice fragrant, but it lacks the creamy taste the lighter mushroom has.

    The garlic bread that comes along with the soup has a sufficient amount of garlic spread on it and tasted super crisy. Not only is the circumferenc of the bread crispy, the inner portion of the bread is also crispy. Every bite of the bread, will bound to have the 'crack crack' sound.

    As for the main course, i find that their portion is pretty sufficient, accompanied with two sides. The two sides that i have is the mixed beans (sweet corn, carrot and peas) as well as the fries. As for the turkey breast, i find that it is pretty well done. Well done in the sense that, it is not over cooked, one will still be able to taste the juicness of the meat.

    Overall, a pretty decent type of meal with a resonable price.

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