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30 Raffles Avenue, #01-02 Singapore Flyer
Restaurants » Japanese
Photos of Hibiki (Singapore Flyer) - RestaurantsPhotos of Hibiki (Singapore Flyer) - RestaurantsPhotos of Hibiki (Singapore Flyer) - RestaurantsPhotos of Hibiki (Singapore Flyer) - Restaurants

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  1. Lexonl
     11 May 2009 at 1:15 am

    Today is mother's day; therefore my family and I decided to have Japanese cuisine to celebrate. My mum wanted to go to the Japanese restaurant at Singapore Flyer that was introduce in one of Mediacorp Channel 8 Show a few weeks ago. As that show was featured a few weeks ago, she could hardly remember the details of the restaurant and therefore I decided to go on to the net to look for more information about the Japanese restaurant at the Singapore Flyer. Well, it was an easy search as there was only one Japanese restaurant at the Singapore Flyer -Hibiki. I made a call and made a reservation. The restaurant do not have a website and therefore it is quite difficult for the public to know more about the restaurant. Since it was our first time there, we do not really know what to expect.

    When we got there, we thought the restaurant was close, as the restaurant seems empty from the outside and no one came forward to greet us as we were standing outside. My dad insisted that I got the wrong restaurant. We were about to leave and walk around to look for the restaurant when I saw this small little tiny word: “OPEN”. I pushed open the door and a waitress came and greeted us and showed us to our table, which is right into the other end of the restaurant. That is the reason why the table near the entrance is all empty as all the customers sat in the inner part of the restaurant. About another eight other tables were occupied excluding us.

    That staff which serve us is very polite and friendly. Their actions were swift and fast and not like any other restaurants. There is one thing I do not find it comfortable about is their half-page laminated menu. As the names of the dish are in Japanese language, we really had a hard time making order. I felt that the menu should include the picture of the dishes to allow customers like us who do not know Japanese language to make order by looking at the picture. However the staff that serves us is patient and explains to us almost every dish on the menu and even helps us make order. This is something I am glad about.

    The S$26.90 Japanese buffet which includes a 7% GST and 10% service charge is quite worth as we are able to try out many different Japanese cuisine. The salmon that they serve is very fresh. The fried food is also not that oily the pomelo jelly is super nice. The jelly is sweet and had a sour taste and I love that most. The S$26.90 does not include drinks and I must say the drinks they sell are quite expensive, especially the S$5 brown tea that are usually included in the other Japanese outlet.

    The atmosphere in the restaurant is right and is very cozy and ambience. The restaurant is located on the first floor near the marina reservoir and you could take a little walk there after your meal.

    Overall I had a good experience at Hibiki Japanese Restaurant especially with the staff but not with the menu they had. Well, if you had the time, why not try eating out at this Japanese restaurant.

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    1. $money$
      $money$ said:
      do you know if they charge for ice water?
      17 May 2009 at 3:54 pm
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  2. Muffy
     10 Mar 2009 at 12:12 am
       Hibiki (Singapore Flyer) - Restaurants   Hibiki (Singapore Flyer) - Restaurants   Hibiki (Singapore Flyer) - Restaurants   Hibiki (Singapore Flyer) - Restaurants

    Out of curiosity, we took a walk on each floor of the Singapore Flyer and was saddened by the emptiness of each food outlet. Other than Popeye’s restaurant which enjoyed relatively good business, employees of the other eateries were either standing outside their main entrances or busy whispering among themselves inside their own confined corners.

    We decided to “ contribute” some revenue when we passed by this restaurant. They were offering a la carte dinner in buffet style. Per person $26.90 which we thought was value-for-money promotion. Unfortunately, we were unsure whether it was open since nobody greeted us when we stood outside for more than 10mins. We only saw one staff doing some paperwork at one of the front tables.

    When we walked in, this same lady got up and showed us to the inner dining section. We then realized that only two other tables were occupied. The place was nicely decorated and one small room was dedicated to those who enjoyed sake.

    We were surprised that although their half-page laminated menu looked quite unprofessional, the food was served in a no-fuss but excellent flavor. We ordered the usual sashimi salmon, california maki, agedashi tofu, tempura prawns, teppanyaki beef/prawns and yakitori chicken. We were again surprised when we saw the chef stepping onto a counter and started frying. We have expected our order to be processed at back kitchen given such a promo price. Overall, the food were above average and we ordered another 2 rounds of sashimi salmon, teppanyaki beef, prawns and garlic rice together with 3 rounds of grilled shitake mushrooms.

    But we were disappointed with their pomelo jelly cubes served in a cold cup. This one and only very sweet dessert does not compliment the overall fried, oily, grilled and salty food that we have consumed earlier. Unlike other Japanese outlets, green tea was never served as part of the buffet and we ended up paying additional $5/- per person for free flow of brown tea which tasted like warm water to us.

    Overall, food was alright at such a price but service was below average as the staff either cannot communicate in proper English or could not explain in details when we enquired about other style of cooking the food.

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    Rating given:3 stars
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