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350 Orchard Road
Shaw House
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Telephone: (65) 65-6733 1111
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  1. RTSylvia
     10 Mar 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Such a DISSAPOINTING and embarrassing experience with ISETAN Scotts –DKNY Watches counter staff! - 9th of March around 8.30PM (Private Sale).

    I felt like I was quarreling with those aunties in food court and not shopping in an elegant shopping centre- ISETAN.

    I bought one DKNY watch during the private Sale, and as usual I requested to have that piece altered. This is not the first time I’ve bought a DKNY watch from ISETAN Scotts and each time I have always had my watch altered there with no problem as otherwise the watch would have been simply useless, could not be used as it was too loose

    However, today, they (read: the counter staffs, a guy and two ladies - Norsinah and a lady who claimed herself as the person in charge) said they could not do the alteration as they were busy because ISETAN was having a private sale and they asked me to come back on the next days.

    Actually I have bought that piece earlier around 6.30 PM and when the guy told me that they were busy around that time because of the private sale and could not do any alteration, I asked if I could come back later in the evening when they were less busy. And another staff (a lady) said yes, I could come back later on the same day. I also mentioned to them that I stayed in the east and I could not afford the time to come back again on the next day for just altering the watch. (I have other stuffs/ appt to do and I expect once I bought a watch, I can use that immediately).

    So I came back again at 8.30 PM, after walking around for almost 2 hrs around Orchard Area (after a long day of working!), I saw there were four of them at the counter, and 3 of them were idling!!! No customers!! So, I requested them to have the watch altered, they declined at first with the same Private Sale excuse, but I told them, I was informed I could come a bit later when the shop is having less customers. I pointed the lady who was told me to come back. And I noticed then that Norsinah, was giving signal to that lady. Norsinah was also the one who asked me to speak louder as she could not hear me, when I spoke softer and still very nice.

    I was asking them to show the written rule where it was stated that during private sale no alteration to watches can be done. The self-claimed ‘person in charge’ (a lady – around her 30) said in a rude tone that there is NO such written rule, but it was just the company rule! Her answer was to me so ridiculous. How on earth, a big company such as ISETAN, plus the one, which is carrying DKNY label, have a ridiculous NON-WRITTEN company rule that is very non-beneficial to the customer. A watch that is too loose CANNOT be used. So it’s just the same as me wasting a considerably big amount of money on useless thing!

    That lady (person in charge) also said that she could not accept the way I speak to them in term of, I guess the volume. But she forgot, it was her own colleague, who asked me to raise my voice (feel free to verify to Norsinah). I told to that lady, that what I was asking her to answer is logical, I asked for the written rule, and if she cannot be tactful in handling a small customer who wants her rights to be fulfilled she cannot called herself the person in charge.

    She was also have no smile at all on her face, and raised her tone. She even asked me to LEAVE the counter, saying she did not need a customer like me. Excuse me, I was buying stuffs not from her, I bought the watch (and a pair of shoes) from ISETAN!

    I was invited to the private sale, because I was a loyal member of ISETAN. I was too happy to spend my $100 voucher I have got from ISETAN for last year, so YES, I was a loyal customer of ISETAN.

    I expect GOOD shopping experience from ISETAN, but unfortunately today’s experience was too embarrassing (both myself and that lady were raising our voice). If she was not knowledgeable enough to answer my question in a tactful way, she cannot be the person in charge! She did not even apologise!!!!!

    The other staff apologised to me after that person in charge hid herself around the lift area, and the other staff handed me back the watch that has been altered. Yes, in the end I have got my watch altered (see, so actually they could do that), but all after the unnecessary saga! Totally disappointed.

    Please understand that Counter staffs are employees that perform important customer service roles in the retail, service sectors. Hopefully ISETAN can investigate this matter to avoid further disappointment from other customers. If you consider me to be a difficult customer, a good customer service should know how to handle such customers without bringing down the reputation of the business (ISETAN). Because, earlier I felt like I was quarreling with those aunties in food court and not shopping in an elegant shopping centre- ISETAN.

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    1. Muffy
      Muffy said:
      Poor thing.. it must have been very stressful for you. To be fair to Isetan, most of them (wearing Isetan's uniform) are courteous & helpful. Could these ladies be directly employed by DKNY?
      16 Mar 2012 at 3:08 pm
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  2. catherinetgk
     07 Jan 2009 at 8:30 pm

    I think that Isetan is really good. Although some of the staff working there are quite relaxed, most of them are enthusiatic about their jobs. When I was inquiring about a bag that I wanted to buy, the salesgirl helpfully told me about the bag, the brand, and other good designs from the same brand. Also, I think that Isetan's food section is its main attraction. They sell good quality products not only from Japan but from Europe and America. They sell really affordable wines too. I really like the Japanese food fairs that often take place there. If only they would move to where I lived!

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    1. gwennie
       10 Feb 2008 at 10:07 pm

      The service at Isetan Scotts is great! The staff are all so helpful and courteous. They did not mind spending time to assist me in selecting the items i wanted. The service is consistent, and friendly. Love the staff there. Great Smile, great attitude,great service, way to go man!

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      Rating given:5 stars
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