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1 Fullerton Square
Telephone: (65) 6877-8188
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional), Chinese
Photos of Jade Restaurant (The Fullerton Hotel) - RestaurantsPhotos of Jade Restaurant (The Fullerton Hotel) - RestaurantsPhotos of Jade Restaurant (The Fullerton Hotel) - Restaurants

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  1. $money$
     01 Nov 2012 at 9:29 am
       Jade Restaurant (The Fullerton Hotel) - Restaurants   Jade Restaurant (The Fullerton Hotel) - Restaurants   Jade Restaurant (The Fullerton Hotel) - Restaurants

    I didn’t really take much note of the restaurant, partly because it was a meeting-***-dinner and also because of the lighting of the place. Despite being a Chinese restaurant, the place had a much “Ang-Mo” kind of style, where dinner is served in the “romantic” mood with little light. The distance between patrons was also far enough for us to have our meeting without disturb (maybe because it was weekday?)

    I would say the service is good, as we stayed for quite some time, yet the staff never fails to come and fill up our tea. And one of us need extra paper bags to split some stuff that she bought for some of us, she manage to get from the staff. She got the ones with the Hotel logo, so either the restaurant had it, or the staff went to the hotel concierge to get it for her.

    We ordered some items with traditional names, but the dishes were served in a way totally different from what the name suggest. The first dish was Peking Duck (or Suckling Pig? I went quite some time ago, and since what came out looked entirely different, so the name couldn’t register), and it was served on mixed vegetables with white sauce (mayonnaise?). We also have the braised pork belly, which was served on lettuce and came with deep fried buns (em, I recall they call that “Kong-Ba-Bao” but it didn’t come with the usual plain steam buns?).

    The overall experience was good, although I wouldn’t really consider picking this restaurant if I wanted a non-business Chinese dinner....

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