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391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City
#03-10/15 Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6737-5021
Shopping » Books & Stationery
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  1. $money$
     20 Jul 2008 at 3:03 pm

    I only buy once or twice from here, for travel-use Japanese language guides. They have a big collection of Japanese language guides and language textbooks, and because they do not wrap their books up, I get to flip through each of them to check out which is suitable.

    But I find their things really REALLY expensive. From the Yen (JPY) price listed and the conversion rate now, they are quoting some 50% more!! And mind you, the Japanese language textbooks are already not cheap in their home country (I think their targets are foreigners who stay in Japan and need to learn their language), how do I then bear to buy it in Singapore at these kind of marked-up prices??

    Luckily I got 3 out of 4 or 6 in the series, when I was in Japan and was just checking out to see if I can get them in Singapore, when I need the higher level ones.

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    1. Lucardia
       27 May 2008 at 11:45 pm

      Kinokuniya is an interesting bookshop of sorts.

      Pitting itself against the likes of Borders and Popular book store. Kino emerged and created its own niche by positioning itself as a place where you can practically find everything you require in the shop.

      Spanning almost an entire section of Ngee Ann City, Kino has a selection that rivals and even supersedes most Singapore bookstores. Its collection ranges from fiction, non fiction, magazines, Japanese books, travelling books, cooking, photography, children's books, self improvement, religious, philosophy, business etc etc. In simple terms, basically, theres a huge selection and it just keeps getting bigger.

      The reason i patronize the place is because of the ease in locating a few select books which are elusive elsewhere. For example, the Sandman comics, Alastair Reynold novels, Philosophy arguments and traveling books. Its "ease" that is the key word here. Because "price" is definitely a little on the high side.

      No matter, the place is comfortable for book junkies like myself to spend entire days just standing around, reading and buying that elusive title for pleasure. A good place for a good read.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. shani
         26 May 2008 at 7:16 pm
           Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City) - Shopping

        well who likes kinokuniya??? well its the best place to explore books !!!!!!!!!!!! well lets see what are the about shall we?: Kinokuniya Singapore's book business in Singapore began with the opening of our first bookstore at Liang Court in 1983. At that time, Books Kinokuniya was commonly regarded as a Japanese bookstore for the Japanese community residing in Singapore. However, much things have changed since then.

        Kinokuniya Singapore's flagship store - Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store (SIMS) stands at a massive 43,000 sq ft, providing an extensive collection of over 500,000 quality titles from all over the world, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French and German publications. Size does matter when our customers expect an excellent range of books at reasonable prices. SIMS also prides itself for being a distinct cross-cultural hub with a wide range of multi-cultural events, such as ikebana, comic art demonstrations, language learning workshops, book launches, etc. held since its opening on 8th August, 1999.

        Kinokuniya Liang Court went through a major revamp and was re-opened on 29th April, 2000. This overhaul widened its appeal by packing in a hefty 150,000 titles in a larger store space of 14,000 sq ft, with expansions made to the English book and Japanese book sections, and the additions of a Chinese book section and a bargain section. A new stationery section carrying mainly stationery directly imported from Japan was also included since March 2003. Special events - a unique addition to Kinokuniya Liang Court - is yet another bonus to our customers.

        Drawing a younger crowd, mostly young executives and students, Kinokuniya Bugis Junction carries a comprehensive range of books in categories such as comics, travel, language, new age, leisure, etc. Kinokuniya Bugis Junction had a major facelift recently and was re-opened on 21st September, 2002. With its new image, it is now truly a haven for the young and young at heart!

        Along with retail sales via our bookstores, our Kinokuniya Singapore Sales Office (SSO) - Library Services Department is another important pillar of our business. SSO serves as a total co-ordinator of knowledge and information that covers universities and other research institutions, and provides them with comprehensive information services on a daily basis to support their research activities. As an enhancement to their many services, SSO set up Bookweb Pro Singapore in April 2000 to better serve our valued corporate customers. To find out more about SSO's multiple services, visit About Bookweb Pro Singapore now!

        Quotes: "Always re-inventing itself, Books Kinokuniya Singapore always strives to serve the local reading population better."

        well you can get almost everthing about books there well try to see it yourself

        their url:

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        Rating given:4 stars
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