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Telephone: (65) 6777-3777
Restaurants » Fast Food
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    2. $money$
       13 Jul 2008 at 11:52 pm
         McDelivery - Restaurants   McDelivery - Restaurants

      Something lacking in the McDelivery is that they do not offer any credit card discounts and they also do not have much bulk set meals, like those in KFC. I thought if one order McDelivery, there is higher chance that it is for families and you should give more discounts for it.

      But I think I will still go for it, for one of those dinners at work, since they can delivery fast and on time, rather than KFC or pizza hut where they sometimes quote 1 to 2 hours. Just a pity not many of my colleagues like burger for dinners, so we hardly order.

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      1. smudger
         25 Mar 2008 at 2:01 am
           McDelivery - Restaurants   McDelivery - Restaurants   McDelivery - Restaurants

        It's advertising fiercely every now and then on the screen. It's hard not to take note. So this very day at work, I was hungry so I decided to take orders from the rest and went online to try out their online delivery service.

        Menus and prices are easily accessible on this site. However, there are some flaws. It is not possible to make any special orders (e.g. saltless fries, plain burger, etc) through the online service. It also makes no sense to set a quota on the number of condiments you can request. I made 4 meal orders, so the default system maximum request is 8 garlic chilli and 4 ketchup. I can't even request for mayonnaise or curry sauce. Gosh!

        Unlike the conventional call-in service, payment can only be made via credit card for security reasons. This makes me wonder, why should I go through all that in order to make a meal order? It's like having to go to a McDonald outlet and make a meal order via credit card. This strikes out those users who do not have credit card. (the young and savvy users perhaps)

        Waiting time was the same as the conventional method. However, we are further dissapointed. No straws were given for the drinks, and the very limited amount of condiments requested is not even there at all.

        Really gutted by this experience and will not be making any orders online anymore. It just doesn't make sense to have all that in place. Just too much restriction and hassle to get a meal.

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        Rating given:2 stars
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        1. winsonkoh
          winsonkoh said:
          yea true, you had to call the hotline 67773777 to make any special request like extra chilli or anything. I had my order came within 20mins! :D
          26 Apr 2008 at 9:39 pm
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