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#01-07 The Link Hotel, 50 Tiong Bahru Road
Telephone: (65) 6227-2271
Restaurants » Fusion, European
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    2. hburn10
       08 Jan 2009 at 11:40 pm
         Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants

      Confused menu~ I walked out of the place with my tastebuds confused actually. Went for a food outing with LIC and a whole lot of other people for a Saturday lunch, but er i guess my tastebuds didnt really agree with the menu.

      Buffet line -this is part of the $20nett per pax buffet spread of appetisers and desserts which we had too, on top of our special set menu. Tried the mushroom soup and DIY rojak: mushroom soup was more the Chinese kind than western style, with a very strong taste of the dong gu. Rojak was okay, and I have to mention that their ingredients were very fresh. I didn't actually try the desserts coz there were already 2 disapproving faces before I made my way there haha.

      Hainanese chicken rice salad with crabcake - best dish of the day. The dish contains all the flavours of chicken rice without the calories, to quote the owner, and bingo! Poached chicken strips with crunchy greens and a slightly spicy dressing, topped with puffed rice. It was thumbs up all round the table. Crabcake was nice and deep fried nicely, was good altho the salad was much more interesting to us :D

      Laksa pesto pasta and Ba Bao risotto - liked the pasta more than the risotto. Al dente pasta with (i think) too much pesto but still nice. The ba bao risotto tasted of only truffle haha, it way overwhelmed whatever else of the 7 ingredients. I later found out it had 3 mushrooms, two nuts, chinese sausage, parmesan cheese in it.

      Tenderloin with otah and balamic carrot cake - the strangest dish of the day :I I passed my tenderloin to the happy Leroy at my table so can't comment on that. The carrot cake....sigh....was chao sng. Or so we thought. Because there was no print out menu of what we were having, we all seriously thought it was chao sng. Until the owner came over and explained, then came the voices of "ooorrhh". But still, we felt this dish was seriously confused. The otah was served in a creme brulee dish but a bit watery, and also salmon with green curry, which tasted almost exactly like the otah.

      Fruit tart - store bought tartlett which was way too sweet. Nothing fusion about this. Disappointing.

      I concluded that perhaps I like less confusing food haha~ Quality of food was below my expectations, and I feel the $20nett we paid for per pax was, although the quantity was good, quality-wise was not. Don't understand the food? Its fusion la.

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      1. ladyironchef
         23 Dec 2008 at 10:40 am
           Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants

        My fourth, her third, another’s second, and many others first. Our common love for food. That’s how it all began. At the heart of East-Meet-West. Persimmon.

        Kopitiam, the symbolic of our local heartlands. The place where everybody grew up sipping their milo & coffee, where everybody settled their three meals when their mother was on strike, and the gateway to many delicious heritage hawker food.

        Persimmon is quintessentially a swanky and upmarket kopitiam, retaining the traditional feel by using the classic kopitiam furnitures and floor tiles. The furnishings were a combination between comtemporary and rustic. And not to mention her location is right in the middle of Tiong Bahru, with the shophouses and kopitiam lining side by side.

        Choices of desserts pick from a la carte buffet. Bread pudding, carrot cake, mango pudding, panna cotta, chocolate mousse. For the discerning us, perhaps only the carrot cake made the cut.

        The kong ba bao (stewed pork belly) was way off my radar. The bun was hard and dry, the meat was not fatty enough, and lacked the delicious gravy. And oh ya, it wasn’t part of our menu, but was under the a la carte buffet offered.

        Inspired by NoSignBoard white pepper crab, Persimmon white pepper Crabcake is all about that. Enjoyed the white pepper “crab”, no doubt in the form of crabcake, without any hassle. Under the sunny weather, the crab was toned prefectly brown, with a crisp-cross shell, and savoury meat within. Adiós

        The crown of Persimmon. Hainanese Chicken Salad. Featured in almost all the media publications, there isn’t any excuse for you to miss this dish. The concept is simple, Singaporeans loved their chicken rice, but dreaded the calories. So what do you do? Remove the rice, throw in some greens, and voila! Singapore’s very own Hainanese chicken salad. Poach chicken, fresh local herbs & mesclun greens, rise crisps, and special dressing.

        Tomato base pasta? Boring! How about our rich cream base instead? I hate cream! Right, why not try our Linguine laksa leaf Pesto? Specially created for your exquisite taste buds, the laksa infused linguine will definitely blow you away with its unique taste. Think laksa, but swop the thick rice noodles with pasta. Some felt that the laksa leaf was too heavy and overwhelm the whole dish. On the other hand, i thought the pasta was perfectly fine. Innovative with a big I.

        Mixed blonds (fusion) are interesting in some ways, and the 8 treasures certainly roused my curiosity. Three mushrooms, two nuts, chinese sausage, parmesan cheese and risotto. What happens when Italian Risotto combine with the 8 treasures? You get the 8 treasure Risotto! The intial impression was Glutinous rice, but it was way better. I need to be honest, i couldn’t taste all of you. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter, you are all mine!

        Staying true with the principle of fusion food, we have the European-style steak meeting heads on with our Asian carrot cake. The grilled ribeye with “chye tao kueh” carrot cake is bound to make your eyes popped out. The carrot cake was fried with XO and balsamic, with the latter providing a sour taste. A vast contrast with the steak. Not everyone could accepted sour carrot cake with steak though. Aspiring combination, but somehow failed to sizzle with the seemingly weird taste.

        Eaten alone, the Slow poached salmon with zuchinni ribbons didn’t come as tender as we thought it will. But dipped in the green curry sauce, the fish went through a make-over in the taste department. There was cucumbers used in the green curry, which caught my attention. Like what one of our fellow friend say, when you don’t understand, just say “fusion!

        Our humble Otak is given a upmarket transformation by going créme brulée. With richly flavoured spicy kaffir lime & coconut used as the main ingredients, there was fish mousse hidden beneath the otak. The otak creme brulee is a very creative fusion dish indeed, but the experiement could perhaps be better. Some of us found the otak to be too watery, and maybe it’s meant to be this way. But is créme brulée ever so soggy?

        There was a slight tweak to the menu compared to the one i previously shown. And the cost per person was 20 dollar nett, which everybody agreed was a reasonable price given we managed to try a variety of food. I hope everybody enjoyed their meal, and see you all at the next LIC food outing! We had 27 people for this outing, which was quite a healthy figure.

        Well, like what some of you mentioned, it was a case of hits and misses, fusion food is pretty much an experiment between the Asian and Western cuisines, and it was certainly interesting to try some food which we’ll never get to try elsewhere.

        And not to forget, LIC outing is all about the fun, joy and laughter during the event, and getting to know more friends. I’ll also like to take the opportunity to thank Helena and Sharon, the co-owners of Persimmon for having us there.

        For those who missed this Persimmon outing, you can get the best discounts when you mentioned ladyironchef while you are at Persimmon. So do go down and give the fusion food a try.

        You are always welcome to visit ladyironchef for a full-up on this trip. Whatever written herein are my genuine feelings expressed in words. Food, my dear, is what they call an adventure!

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        Rating given:4 stars
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        1. milellehcim
           09 Sep 2008 at 4:56 pm
             Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants   Persimmon - Restaurants

          My friend told me about Persimmon when it first opened, but I'm pretty wary about fusion foods since I've had a few bad experiences in the past. Persimmon was having a DBS 1 for 1 lunch offer, so I decided to take the opportunity to go down to try the lunch - at least, if the food didn't agree with me, I wouldn't bee so sad since I'll be paying half price.

          We chose the 3 course set lunch ($28 ), and ended up paying a very affordable $32 for 2 people.

          For starters, we had the Crabcake, which was sweet and juicy crab claw meat with an asian marinade consisting of chillies, garlic, ginger and spring onion. Eaten together with the mango and lotus salsa, the combination went incredibly well.

          The Chicken Salad is their signature dish and its not to be missed. The goodness of Hainanese chicken without the guilt. The salad greens were tossed with the delicious chicken gravy, and blended with potent garlic chilli. Chicken rice herbs (parsley and spring onion) were also mixed in with the musclun greens, and the rice crisps gave the salad a crunchy texture. Of course, there were delicious shreds of chicken to complete this hearty salad.

          For the mains, I highly recommend the Linguine Laksa-leaf pesto. It's an exciting change from the usual basil leaf pesto. Best of all, the laksa leaf is so aromatic that one whiff of it leaves me salivating. The distinct flavour of the laksa leaf is melded with butter, cream and white wine, giving a delicious blend of East meets West. Every mouthful of this linguine was a delight, and we polished off the whole plate of al dente linguine easily.

          We also had the Fisherman's Pie, but it was outshone by the lingiune. I didn't really like this dish because it was too spicy for me. It's an interesting twist to the normal puff pastry soups, as a golden orange curry is hidden under layers of fluffy and decadently rich puff pastry.

          For desserts, we had the 8 Treasures Ice Kachang Sundae. Although it's called Ice Kachang, there weren't any icy bits inside. Instead, it was lucious layers of young coconut ice cream drizzled with rose syrup to give it a hint of pink. It was daintily decorated with red dates and golgi berries. Under the white folds of coconut sundae, there were sweet juicy bits of persimmon and red beans.

          The Fruit Crumble has chunks of apple and persimmon hidden underneath a layer of crumble. The banana ice cream perched over the steaming hot crumble was bursting with flavour, and the banana taste was very strong. It's a perfect way to round up a delicious meal at Persimmon.

          Persimmon also has other interesting desserts, which unfortunately, I was unable to try. They have pandan creme brulee as well as Panna cotta with coconut cream and gula melaka. Such exciting dessets - I must hurry back to try them all before the offer is up :)

          Best of all, the service was quick friendly and efficient, with iced water being topped up whenever I downed a cup (since the fisherman's pie was spicy). Persimmon is a perfect place to have a lazy lunch, in the quaint Tiong Baru estate. The restaurant itself faces the main road, with ample lighting and yet gives off a relaxing vibe. The decor is simple, in muted blacks and whites, with mosiac floor tiling. I would definitely return to this restaurant to have a refreshing meal.

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          Rating given:5 stars
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