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127-129 Kitchener Road
Telephone: (65) 6295-6358
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional)
Photos of Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - RestaurantsPhotos of Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - RestaurantsPhotos of Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - RestaurantsPhotos of Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - RestaurantsPhotos of Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - Restaurants

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    » 4 Reviews for “Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan ” - Restaurants

  1. whiteblanko
     07 Oct 2008 at 10:50 am

    at the price we paid ($368 for 10 people), the food was rather disappointing. i'll go dish by dish.

    1. cold dish / appetizer interesting presentation, instead of everything in one plate, the various parts of this are put on separate serving dishes. there was duck, garlic-fried hum, some pig's part, jellyfish (yum!)

    2. sharks fin i never liked this dish. but for this, add soy sauce plus chilli padi and its quite nice.

    3. steamed soy sauce fish again, ordinary. por kee at tiong bahru does a much better job. even my grandma can reproduce this in our humble kitchen.

    4. sea cucumber with mushrooms and broccoli. the broccoli and mushrooms soak up the starchy gravy really well (:

    5. beancurd skin with kai lan my parents told me if you don't have anything good to say, then don't say it.

    6. garlic steamed prawns steamed prawns sliced in half (no messy peeling!) with copious amounts of garlic on it. simple yet fragrant.

    7. yam with some meat i say "some meat" cos i cant rmb what it is. anw it had lots of yucky fat.

    8. hing hwa bee hoon after lifestyle's 100 best eats raved about it, i admit i was quite excited to try it. the texture is rather unique, soft and silky, but taste wise, its a bit on the bland side. but the servings of clams and prawns were generous

    9. cheng tng clear (reduced sugar) dessert soup with crunchy gingko nuts, one red date and lots of white fungus. a homely end to a homely meal.

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    1. feizhu
       06 Jan 2008 at 12:35 am
         Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - Restaurants   Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - Restaurants   Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - Restaurants   Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - Restaurants   Pu Tian (xin Hua) Cai Guan - Restaurants

      After a relatively good experience from my previous visit to Pu Tien, I headed back down with my parents for dinner on a busy Sunday evening. Needless to say, parking was a major headache, even to the extent of hazardous with the throngs of foreign workers recklessly heading towards Mustafa.

      Salted Pig Trotter with Pepper - We tried Pu Tien's rendition of the pig's trotters for the first time and left rather disappointed. True, the skin was crispy and lightly salted to bring out the balance of flavours. But it was more of soggy crispy rather than crackling crispy and most of it was just fats and minimal meat, which made swallowing a rather difficult task because of the preconceived notions of unhealthiness.

      Stir Fried Kailan with Beancurd Skin - This dish was supposed to have more kailan than beancurd skin, but strangely enough, it was vice versa. The beancurd skin was a huge blob and practically covered out whatever small portions of the kailan that was given. And eating too much soft beancurd skin is a sure fire recipe for getting woozy really fast. A rather lacklustre but decently palatable dish overall.

      Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic - This time round, the Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic was merely normal. The skin was as crispy as I remembered it to be but the meat came across as a little dry. Also, it tasted rather bland even with the fried garlic atop.

      Homemade Beancurd - Undoubtedly the best dish of the evening, the homemade beancurd was soft yet firm and had a nice savoury after taste. I wouldn't go so far as to call it out of this world, but its really a gem. I must say that even my parents were quite impressed with this dish and thats coming from 2 very fussy eaters.

      Hing Wa Fried Bee Hoon - As with my previous visit, I didn't find this dish the least bit impressive. The bee hoon was very fine but a little too dry and bland for my liking.

      Dinner for 3 stood at about $51, which is in line with my idea of a reasonable dinner given the quality of food. But do not expect top notch food for the price. Its merely comfort food done up with a little more finesse.

      See all my pictures here

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      1. whiteblanko
        whiteblanko said:
        haha i agree! the beehoon got no taste!
        07 Oct 2008 at 10:38 am
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    2. subbie87
       02 Jan 2008 at 3:07 pm

      Pu Tian is a region in China's Fujian province, and is the hometown for most Heng Hwa (Xin Hua) people who come from China.

      Aptly named after this region, Pu Tian (Xin Hua) Cai Guan serves traditional and tasty Heng Hwa food. Being of Heng Hwa origin, this restaurant has become on of the frequent weekend lunch hangouts for my family.

      Food served at the restaurant is relatively cheap, and the food is rather tasty. Some ingredients such as their bamboo clams, or 'tang' (pronounced 'teh-ng'), are flown in specially from the region itself, and are available only certain seasons.

      Do try the traditional Heng Hwa Bee Hoon/Mee Sua/ Loh Mee. These three staples are the very soul of Heng Hwa cuisine, and a definite must-try. Also, their Bamboo Prawns (Prawns cooks in a herbal soup served in a bamboo container) never fails to satisfy my taste buds. Cooked in a light herbal soup, the fresh prawns taste exceptionally sweet. The fried Ma Jiao Yu (horse mackerel fish) is also one of the better traditional dishes. The fish is sliced and fried as it is, with hardly any seasoning. Great natural taste, and never over-fried.

      The restaurant has been renovated before, and the classy settings does give a different feeling to eating simple home-cooked food. Prices are relatively cheap considering the ambience, and service is good too. Do drop by to take a look and have a meal. You won't regret.

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