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959 Upper Serangoon Road
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) +65 6286-1006
Beauty and Wellness » Spas & Massage
Photos of Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and WellnessPhotos of Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and Wellness

We are open 6 days a week from 12noon to 11pm Tuesday to Friday & 11am to 11pm Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays. Closed on every Mondays except Public Holiday.

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    » 4 Reviews for “Sri Bayu Balinese Spa ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. fin1710
     14 Jul 2008 at 3:38 pm
       Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and Wellness   Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and Wellness   Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and Wellness   Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and Wellness   Sri Bayu Balinese Spa - Beauty and Wellness

    Sri Bayu Balinese Spa is located near Kovan MRT station, which is near to my place as well.

    I've been there for around 4 times, and am still pleased with their services.

    I opted for the promotional Refreshing Ritual which lasted for 120mins at $120.

    Description: Engulf yourself with the essence of Yoghurt & Honey sweetened with undulating massage. Then, cleanse and hydrate your delicate skin with our Hydrating Facial.

    When I reached the spa, I removed my shoes outside and walked in. I was welcomed by a cup of hot and aromatic ginger tea. I was there early, thus there was still time for a drink and browsing of magazines. Later my therapist, Julie came, and I was ushered to my room on the 3rd level. Walking up the stairs was not a chore for me as the interior design of this spa made me feel relaxed and peaceful.

    I was asked to sit on a stool, and my treatment began with a warm footbath. My feet were soaked in a big bowl of flower petals and a piece of lemon, which my therapist, Julie used to rub my feet with accompanied with other stuff which I supposed were bath salts. Then I was given paper panties to change into and a shower cap to cover my hair with.

    I was covered with towels, thereafter Julie began the massage by pressing a few pressure points on my back area. With firm pressure by using her palms, she pressed parts of my back. I heard some crack sounds, shiok...lolx. Then she applied the yoghurt and honey onto my body and proceeded to rub, knead, and tap. Her pressure was just right.

    I was feeling cold, thus she turned down the air-conditioner. The yoghurt and honey was making my body feel cold. In my mind, I was about to regret not asking her to use massage oil instead. However, she mentioned that this yoghurt and honey was very beneficial to the skin - moisturising. It would be especially good for me since my skin was dry. Upon hearing this, I was comforted and was happy with my option. After massaging every part of my body, she would pat the yoghurt and honey onto my skin thoroughly, making sure my skin absorb all of them.

    After the 60mins massage, I took a shower. Then was given a batik cloth to cover myself before lying on the bed again for my hydrating facial.

    Julie began the facial by pressing some acupoints of my face. It totally relaxed me. Ahh~~ Using Karin Herzog products, she cleansed and applied oxygenated mask onto my face, which helped to maintain water level, and also to soften the dirt and blackheads. Steam was blown onto my face while she continued with the acupressure. Thereafter she did abit of extraction, which had an-okay pain level. She cleansed and toned my face, and then massaged my face. It felt so heavenly that I was turned into sleepy mode. I'm sorry that I am now not able to describe much to you about the rest of the treatment, because I fell asleep. Lolx...I could only remember her put mask on my face, and then massage my face again. I was 3/4 asleep as she turned my head left and right to massage. I was in dreamland seconds later. The sleep was sooo good...

    I woke up when she removed my mask. My face and body felt smooth and hydrated. I took a shower and left the spa feeling refreshed and revitalised! :D

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    1. genesis
      genesis said:
      Thanks for review....reminds me of Bali. :)
      14 Jul 2008 at 5:24 pm
    2. fin1710
      fin1710 said:
      you're welcome heehee
      14 Jul 2008 at 9:46 pm
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