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37 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore, Singapore 169354
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Food and Beverages » Coffee & Tea, Bakeries , Ice Cream
Restaurants » Desserts
Photos of Strangers’ Reunion (Outram Park) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Strangers’ Reunion (Outram Park) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Strangers’ Reunion (Outram Park) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Strangers’ Reunion (Outram Park) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Strangers’ Reunion (Outram Park) - Food & Beverages

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  1. Aries Tan
     13 Aug 2013 at 11:03 pm
       Strangers   Strangers   Strangers   Strangers   Strangers

    My cousin from overseas just came back to singapore and since he has longheard about the fanciful cafes located around Singapore. I decided to bought him and the rest of our siblings to stranger's reunion

    We ordered quite an amount of food which bills came up to $158. Recommended drinks like 'Magic' , 'Latte', 'Piccolo Latte' and 'Cappuccino'. And also seem most of the people recommended to try the waffles. we have ordered almost all the buttermilk waffles except for waffles with strawberry maceration and ice cream to try out.

    Under the buttermilk waffles there are:

    (1)- with artisan greek yogurt and fresh fruit (2)- with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit (3)- with maple syrup and fresh fruit (4)- with strawberry maceration and ice cream

    My apology that not all waffles photos are here as all of us were simply gluttons by the time we have our seats and food being served to us. so only managed to snap a few photos

    The waffles tasted the same for all, what's makes it different is the combination with different ingredient such as yogurt, maple syrup and ice-cream. After trying all four, i would feel that the one with ice cream is the best (2). Follow by (1) and (3).

    For (1), as the waffles is not crispy but rather soft, when it goes with the liquid form yogurt, the whole mouth of waffles just turned out to be too liquefy inside and left no chance for chewing of biting ( kind of like swallowing the mouth is better than biting) hmm, the process is like biting one-mouth and the next mouth you know, you will need to swallow down fast.

    As for the waffles with maple syrup (3), sadly to say that the maple syrup is just too much for the waffle. When taste, I could only feel the maple syrup taste with sweetness came overwhelming inside my mouth. Need to drink a couple cups of water just by eating probably 1/8 of it. Maybe it would be better if the maple syrup weren't that much amount. But anyway, if you are a sweet person maybe you would like it ;) cause personally i prefer more neutral flavour then too extreme on the taste.

    The drinks (though sadly is not made by the Ryan ) still presented it to us well and pretty lol. Coffee lovers would love it as it taste very coffee (bitterness taste) cause even the cappuccino also tasted bitter when first tried. Really like how the way they made their coffees. Not too sweet, but if you find it too bitter you can also add some sugar, just request the cute little sugar jar ( as seen in the image above) from those good-looking and friendly staffs.

    Apart from the coffees and waffles, we have also ordered the 'truffle fries with truffle aioli and parmesan cheese' is it a big bowl of fries but doesn't come cheap as it cost $12.90. The fries is addictive as we just keep on eat and eat non-stop >-< a must order i would say, if you like fries.

    Above all, it is a nice experience to dine at Strangers' Reunion. It is a cozy place to hang out with friends, and also a hiding place to laze and read your favourite books. Would definitely be back again ! and perhaps maybe make some friends with the 'strangers'. haha.

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