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391 Orchard Road
B2 Takashimaya Foodcourt
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Restaurants » Fast Food, Japanese

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  1. Great Sage
     05 Sep 2007 at 5:09 pm

    Was walking along orchard road and suddenly my hunger pangs strikes despite just completed my bowl of noodles. hahaha... Oh well, i decided to walk down to the takashimaya food court and see if there is something light to stop my hunger pangs yet wont be too filling for me.

    Theres actually quite a good varieties of food stores selling different flavours of food. Since i just took my lunch and wasn't really interest in the main course, i did not take too much notice of them.

    Just as i was thinking if there are anything light enough for me, i stumbled into this particular store. Ok, in fact i saw the long queue and decided to join in the queue thinking that the food must be good (if not who will want to queue?).

    This store is called takopachi (typically japanese name) and they sells 3 flour balls for a standard price. You can actually get the entire view on how they prepare the flour balls. Seriously by looking at the way they cook their flour balls really interest me.

    First, they will spread one layer of oil onto the special hot plate with lots of semicircles. Next, they will input some flour and add in some ingredients. They have only 3 types of ingredients to choose from which i think its pretty little. These ingredients include prawn, octupos and bacon plus cheese.

    They will then procced to fill up the semicircles with more flour and let it cook. Once the other layer is cooked, they will start to turn the flour balls with two sticks till its cooked thoroughly. Its pretty amazing to see how they can use just two sticks and turn the flour balls so smoothly. Rather impressing i can say.

    I ordered the bacan and cheese takopachi. Initially, i wanted to try out all three flavours so i asked them if i can 3 different flavours of ball instead. But they refuse to sell it to them. Disappointed.

    They added some sauces (taste like mayo and teriyaki sauce) to make the flour balls taste nicer. They also added in some fish flakes which i simply loved their chewy feeling. Alas, they only give a little bit of those.

    Was rather disappointed with their flour balls as their outer flour covering is super thick and i can hardly see any ingredients in there. Basically i think i am just eating flour balls. hahaha... At the price of sdg $2 plus for 3 flour balls does not seems really worth. :(

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    1. genesis
      genesis said:
      Thanks for the review. Will not queue up for flour balls!
      05 Sep 2007 at 11:02 pm
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