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Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Eating Places » Hawker Centres

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    » 9 Reviews for “Tip Top Curry Puff (Ang Mo Kio Central) ” - Eating Places

  1. seraphine
     21 Nov 2007 at 5:04 pm

    You know that something is worth trying when your foreign friend raves about it and drags you to join the queue. I mean, it's that good that people overseas know about it.

    So poor deprived old me had never heard of Tip Top Curry Puff until this friend told me about me. So we did the singaporean thing and queued. Came out of the queue with 5 piping hot curry puffs, I swear I thought the bag was gonna melt from the heat. But therein lies the beauty of it. It's that hot because the turnover is extremely fast, people buy them almost as fast as they get cooked, so freshness is guaranteed.

    I'm not really a spicy food person but the curry puff was good. U can taste the spices and not be overwhelmed by the chilli taste. And it's not dripping with oil. If I didn't know any better I would have thought that they were baked, rather than deep fried. My favourite part is the filling, you actually bite into pieces of chicken and the hard boiled egg is not diced into microscopic pieces, you can actually tell that it's a piece of egg.

    All in all, the curry puff was great, one complaint though, the curry puff and a cup of sugar cane filled me up so much that I couldn't take in a second curry puff. Haha!

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    1. Christa
       13 Nov 2007 at 1:01 pm

      What i like about their curry puff is that they are always piping hot to eat.

      You dun get cold and un-crispy curry puff. The skin are always so nice to chew in with a light crunch at the sides. And yes, steaming hot potato inside with the nice curry mix which makes you drool for more.

      One thing that they could improve is the portion of meat. I have eaten meatier ones and Tip Top doesn't seem to top at this particular meaty point. Too bad the meaty curry puff stall had closed down.. Sighz.

      but then.. kudos for steamy hot curry puffs!

      Verdict: Better than old chang kee!

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      1. Great Sage
         05 Nov 2007 at 6:41 pm

        This is the outlet that i spend more than half an hour searching for it. Well, when i saw that they are named as one of the top 5 curry puff store, i decided that i just have to try them out. And i can definitely say, my search is worth it.

        This store sells only one product and in only one flavour, that is curry puffs. One can definitely know that their curry puff is of some standards just by looking at the numerous awards pasted on the wall. Priced at one dollars each, i can say its neither that expensive nor extremely cheap.

        When i got my hands on the curry puffs, the first reaction is how come is soo hot and theres even steam coming out from the curry puffs itself. Then did i realise, it is because they are producing the curry puff very regularly so each customer may have just bought the curry puffs thay was just cooked.

        I loved the curry puff skin as it is not overly soaked with oil, which make it the first curry puff that i took without feeling sinful.I do not know how they managed to do it but i am very impressed. Perhaps there is something to do with the skin flour batter. I do not know?

        Not forgetting their super nice curry fillings. They have the normal kinds of fillings like the chicken meats, egg, and potatoes. What makes the fillings so special is actually the way they cooked it. Chicken meats are not smashed but cut into little cubes instead, so one can actually taste the chicken meat.

        One will not feel thirsty while savoring the curry puff, this is because their filling has rather good proportion of curry sauce, chicken meat and potatoes. Just how can they make the fillings to the extend that is wet yet not too wet for the sauce to drip down?

        Really impressed by they way they do up their curry puff, must have gone through lots of trial and error in order to achieve the perfect mix. Guess, one will require hard work in order to produce TIP TOP CURRY PUFFS.

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        1. unravel_moi
          unravel_moi said:
          I ate them since i was young, as they were directly opposite my uncle's shop. They cost about 60cents then, now it is $1. It is still my favourite compared to other companies...
          17 Dec 2007 at 8:02 pm
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