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TVMobile, a subsidiary of MediaCorp TV, is the first channel in the world to pioneer the use of Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) technology to deliver high quality programmes to viewers on the move. Together with FM 89.3, TVMobile provides entertainment for commuters with the latest infotainment, entertainment programmes and real-time news; keeping them informed even when they are on the move.

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  1. loonshi
     25 Nov 2008 at 12:13 pm

    Previous reviewers has already mentioned the initial launch of TV Mobile. However, now the frequent buses I board are normally the NEW buses and surprisingly, they don't have the TV Mobile box installed. So no chance to watch the programs shown in TV Mobile. However, TV Mobile is a good companion especially when you need to travel on board the bus for a long distance. But sometimes their reception can really drive you crazy and when you look at it for too long I will tend to have headaches. Some of the programs they show are always replayed.But still its a free service do I can't complain much though.

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    1. gisen
       03 Sep 2008 at 12:27 am

      The initial set-up for tvMobile is really bad, keep losing the reception. I used to find it really irritating and annoying when they play the "BO-Liao" shows.

      But recently i do not have my ipod with me(its sick, its in the ipod service centre), and the journey to my workplace is like an hr or more. It is the 1st time i appreciate the service of tvMobile. At least recently it show some of the more entertaining shows, " Just for Laugh" and many more. And even during the olympics season, they played some of the important highlight, which keep you updated with the news.

      I had learn to appreciate the service and understand it is really good to have it around(days without a ipod). Thank you tvmobile.

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      1. Bobo
        Bobo said:
        Wow that's a nice compliment for TV mobile. :)
        03 Sep 2008 at 10:43 pm
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    2. Bobo
       23 Mar 2008 at 10:05 am

      I remember when TV Mobile first started, I was very disturbed. It was not properly set up and the whole system wasn't stable yet. I don't usually sleep on the bus but I find having some quiet time useful so it isn't really a boon.

      At some places, TV mobile will tend to lag and freeze at certain scenes. Occasionally it would leave the actors/actresses in an ugly pose which will send me giggling. People probably think I'm weird then.

      Now I think they've lowered the volume and ask people to tune in from the radio station if they wish to hear. But It's kinda like bring your own entertainment isn't it? I think it really defeats its purpose at times. Also very few people carry portable radios these days.

      Nonetheless I always enjoy it when the Gags show up. That's my favourite. And I think lots of people enjoy watching it as it usually sends many people into peals of laughter.

      TV mobile has a long way to go... meanwhile.. it's back to good ol' MP3.

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