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Wattention Plaza - New Japanese Kiosk Concept
Last modified on Monday, 22-09-2014 by thinkefy
Wattention Plaza - New Japanese Kiosk Concept
I was very surprised with this new Jap food street in a mall concept. The entire corridor at Jurong Point had been refurbished into many small stand-alone kiosk that served Japanese street food of any kind. I guess, vendors change every now and then yet I was totally in love with this entrepreneur friendly new concept. This gives many young startups and enterprising restaurant entrepreneurs a chance to test out their recipes and concepts without too high a commitment for a shorter period of time before deciding to pour out all their finances into a full scale restaurant or food shop.

This kinda also reminds me of ShinJuKu

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    Garbage flew down from nowhere!
    Last modified on Thursday, 24-07-2014 by Leenie Pigs
    Garbage flew down from nowhere!
    I was shocked as much as the cat who scurried away avoiding this large bag of garbage that dropped from a level not too high above. It came down as a whole bag without the stuffs inside breaking apart. Not before long, birds gathered, attempting to tear open for a quick peep to see if anything edible was inside.

    This is not the dumpster and for a HDB void deck area, some kids could have been playing around and could get hurt by the littering act of being crushed under a bag of garbage or worse, being cut by whatever that is inside. I was very appalled to see such an ugly behaviour by whoever killer litter resident staying at this HDB block! Its a BIG NO NO... not as though we don't have a communal dumpster or the rubbish chute made conveniently available. Simply inconsiderate and LAZY SICKOs..... we're not living in the 50s DUH!!!

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      Please Stand Behind the yellow line...
      Last modified on Friday, 20-06-2014 by Leenie Pigs
      It still gets on my nerves... Line steppers I call them, just couldn't adhere to the SMRT unspoken rule of standing behind the line to allow commuters to alight first before rushing into the train so as to stand at the door and not move inside. Wait till you meet those who act blur and not queue, stood right in front of the opening of the train door...

      During such a time as this, should we glare angrily at them? Should we tell them off? Should we squeeze them out? What should we do?

      *Relax and get occupied with your mobile phone? we are digging our own grave!*

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        Old lady and a Baby!
        Last modified on Tuesday, 27-05-2014 by Leenie Pigs
        She's unstable when she walks, half the time shouting loudly at somebody. While i scurry past her, i saw a mere 8 months old baby laying face down on the floor while I was about to help her, granny walked quickly towards the baby, yanked on the baby's left hand and half dragged that poor child up and along about a meter towards the mail box while she sat, chat with passer bys and left baby there to play with the mail boxes and litters on the floor. When she wanders further, granny will use her walking stick to bang against the letter boxes and once to lightly hit the baby's bums.

        Most mom's will think its fine to leave your child with somebody you trust, but can you really trust them? They are too small to even tell you what was being done to them. Not until you come home and finds one of their limbs swollen or broken.

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          Should MRT be more like Roller-Coasters?
          Last modified on Monday, 21-04-2014 by Leenie Pigs
          Have you ever wondered if our Public Transport are built like Roller Coasters? It sure freaked some people out but for some thrill lovers like me, I will wake up extra early to get an extra ride... Its a wild thought yet something that will put a smile on many faces...

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