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Playground @ Big Splash 902 East Coast Parkway
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Telephone: 6348 2126
Food and Beverages » Wine and Spirits
Restaurants » European
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THE Big Splash is back but without its famous towering slides, or even water for that matter. Singapore's once-favourite waterpark attraction, which closed in November 2006 for a much-needed renovation, is reopening, but as a seaside food destination instead.

Operated by the owners of One Rochester in Buona Vista, this restaurant-and-gastrobar offers indoor and outdoor dining. Its 600-strong drinks list includes martinis, cocktails and premium beers.

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  1. feizhu
     26 Jun 2010 at 1:20 am
       1TwentySix - Food & Beverages   1TwentySix - Food & Beverages   1TwentySix - Food & Beverages   1TwentySix - Food & Beverages   1TwentySix - Food & Beverages

    The opportunity to visit 1TwentySix presented itself one humid weekday evening, in the guise of a voucher, courtesy of the management. I can't say that I've been eager to try out this sister outfit of One Rochester @ Rochester Park, not after the bad reviews I've heard about it so far.

    Located along the inner fringe of Big Splash towards the sea, 1TwentySix boasts an al fresco sitting area that is rich in nature and certainly great for chilling out. The "air conditioned" interior is actually a small area with some form of feeble air conditioning. The problem is, the area isn't enclosed and there is no air curtain to stop the cool air from escaping. There is a huge glass partition but it is apparently only used in the afternoons. And yes, it did get a little too warm that evening.

    Complimentary Bread - Crusty exterior with bits of wheat and corn amidst the soft and warm dough - good bread never fails to start a meal off on the right foot.

    Tuna Nicoise in Two Styles, Seared Tuna Tataki and Tuna Confit with French Beans, Cherry Tomatoes and Soft Boiled Quails Eggs - The tuna tataki was good - well seared on the outside while retaining its smooth yet firm texture on the inside. A lingering smokey taste accompanied by a dash of saltiness. Can't really fault it. The tuna confit, on the other hand, was lost amongst the salad, masked by a rather saline solution. I could still make out the tuna though, but barely.

    Tartare of Scallop, Ocean Trout and Tuna Loin with Foie Gras Parfait and Caramelised Shallots - I had thought that the tartare of scallop, ocean trout and tuna loin would certainly be a very fishy combination, but I was wrong. It was actually nice and to a certain extent, refreshing, without coming across as overly raw. Topped with a raw egg. Please let me qualify that even though I like foie gras, I am not a big fan of it done parfait (75% foie gras) or pate (50% foie gras) style simply because I like my liver whole. So the chilled, smooth foie gras parfait simply didn't appeal to me.

    150 Day Grain Fed Beef Tenderloin with Roast Bone Marrow with Chilli and Shallots - Although 1TwentySix's menu seemingly focuses on produce from the sea, I took a gamble and went with the 150 day grain fed tenderloin. And I was suitably impressed. The tenderloin was nicely char grilled on the surface and done to a perfect medium rare. Add to the fact that the meat was tender and flavourful and you have a clear winner. One thing odd was the mushroom sauce, which had a strong mushroom taste but did seem a little overly sweet. The side of fries were decent and didn't turn soggy when cold. What I thought was interesting was the broccolini, which was cooked with garlic and ginger - a very Chinese style of cooking, just way too oily.

    Black Cod Fillet with Fennel, Blood Orange and Pistachio Salad served with Beaujolais Sauce - Fresh, firm yet flaky but outright bland. The fish wasn't sweet nor the sauce flavourful. All I could make out was a faint taste of fish and an initial sugar induced sweetness. Decent by any standards but could have been a lot better.

    Frozen 'Deconstructed' Strawberry Shortcake with Home Churned Strawberry Ice Cream - A recommendation from our waitress, I didn't quite take to the strawberry shortcake at first due to the seemingly excessive strawberry ice cream. However, as I dug deeper, I could make out a mish mash of sponge and flaky pastry, making the dessert quite enjoyable after all. If only I had 2 stomachs.

    Valrhona Dark & White Chocolate Fondant with Coconut Praline Ice Cream - Most chocolate fondants come in only the dark variant, but 1TwentySix's offering combines both white and dark chocolate. Rather gimmicky if you ask me, because its just white chocolate oozing out together with the dark chocolate when you crack open the surface. But something different nonetheless. Texture wise, the crust was a little soft but at least it wasn't gelatin like. Coupled with a rich viscous chocolate filling and a creamy coconut ice cream, this dessert held promise for a sweet ending.

    Fine Apple and Frangipane Tart with Calvados Ice Cream - The tart had a thin, flaky and crisp base with a nice oven baked taste to it. The apple slices weren't overly tart and I could make out a tinge of sweetness from the frangipane (sweet almond filling). It probably helped that the tart was sprinkled with icing sugar. The calvados (French apple brandy) ice cream didn't really make an impact though. Easily forgettable.

    I would have had a wonderful meal if not for the less than cool dining environment. And the price for such an indulgence? Approximately $202 (before the use of discount voucher). Expensive? Arguably yes. But with very few other "fine dining" options in the east, 1TwentySix could probably be a consideration for your next special occasion or celebration.

    See all my pictures here.

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    1. drseeto88
       12 Oct 2009 at 6:30 pm

      Great view and drinks menu at the bar. The staff are also great. I was there a few weeks ago and had drinks with a friend. We were walking along east coast when we saw it up the hill so we went up and had a look.

      The atmosphere is great for outdoor drinking. if you are there for romance and dressed appropriately, which we both werent as we were out walking, inside is your best bet. Very romantic and the wine list is extensive. Took a look at the menu and it was pretty nice, price was okay too for dining with your lady friend oops sorry loved one.

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      1. Lucardia
         21 Jun 2008 at 11:33 pm
           1TwentySix - Food & Beverages   1TwentySix - Food & Beverages   1TwentySix - Food & Beverages   1TwentySix - Food & Beverages   1TwentySix - Food & Beverages

        One Twenty Six is a relatively new and swanky restaurant located at the now half year old rejuvenated Big Splash. Run by the same team behind One Rochester, the waterfront restaurant has a lot to live up to if it is to impress. Situated directly in front of the East Coast coastline, One Twenty Six boasts 2 seating arrangements. One alfresco seating and the other which is the usual fine dining establishment. In other words, the place is chic and demands at least a visit to see what the woo ha is a all about.

        First off, let me apologise for the badly taken photos of the restaurant, the place definitely looks much better when you actually see it. And it is advisable to visit it at night when it is cooler since afternoons tend to heat the primarily glass made restaurant up quite a bit.

        Complimentary Bread - To its credit, the place serves good bread which is made in house. They are all served warm and definitely gives the impression of being in a fine dining restaurant with its soft, fluffy and fragrant bread. Some had hazelnuts baked into them while others had raisins and hints of coffee. Add a dash of butter and its practically a meal on its own, if you are here for lunch, my advice is to ask for as much bread as possible if you are a big eater. That's my advice, take it if you like, ignore it at your own peril.

        Salmon Roll/Seasoned Baby Octopus On Bed of Mesclun Salad with Japanese Dressing/Mediterranean Caprese Salad - All of the above starters had a fresh and satisfying taste about it to usher in the actual meal. The seasoned baby octopus was soft and sweet while the salmon was light and fresh. The caprese salad tastes like a cross between fish cakes and cheese with its tangy texture and milky taste but is still pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

        Capellini Arrabiatta With Prawns - This main course packs quite a punch as it is very spicy albeit still maintaining a sweet tomato taste. The pasta itself tastes like a cross between chinese bee hoon and pasta with its fine strands but is definitely softer and more springy then the usual bee hoon strands. The prawns are juicy, sweet and crunchy as well. Overall, its a good filling course for people who like it spicy.

        Oven Roasted Spatchcock, fork mash potato with sage jus - Spatch **** actually refers to the way the chicken is prepared. In this sense, it means the chicken is spread flat and roasted. A taste reveals an aromatic peppery taste and tender juicy meat. Pity the serving size was rather small though.

        Pan Fried Sea Bass with potatoes and foam - In all honesty, the sea bass was rather thin and small. It was pan fried rather well despite the small serving. Crispy skin with a cheesy tasting foam around it. The meat itself retained much of its natural flavors and was sweet.

        Roasted Lamb Loin - The lamb was done medium rare and very nice indeed. My tasting reveals well marinated and juicy meat which went well with the stew-like bed of greens below. Due to some technical issues, the waitress accidentally gave too much pepper to the dish but still, it turned out to be my favorite item at the restaurant so far.

        Tiramisu/Rum and raisin nougat - While the main courses and starters might be hit or miss items, the desserts definitely had no such issue. Made fresh and sold on the day, the desserts differ daily for the lunch menu. The tiramisu had a good balance of cheese, rum and cake which helped bring out the flavors of each section. One of the better tiramisu's i've had but thats my opinion while the nougat was an interesting mixture of raisins, rum and ice cream which is very different. Nougat being nougat, i'd expected a cake or cookie like texture but this tasted more like ice cream and it melts albeit slowly. The taste of rum is strong but thats the way i like it.

        All set lunches come with a choice of coffee or tea and i must say, they serve rather good coffee. Without the sourish taste that accompanies most gourmet coffees, this one was sightly bitter, strong and quite high on the acidity scale if i'm not wrong. I had the impression that it was also smooth and its something i wouldn't miss ordering if i'm here.

        Portion size aside, the lunches offer a nice variety of choices to choose from and differs weekly so you'll rarely get the same choices twice. Judging by the way the restaurant cooked the lamb, i'll brave the storm and say that they probably do good in their meats (lamb and beef) but thats to be decided after i do try their 200 day old aged wagyu beef. The view and location is nice but slightly warm during noon. The service is good and friendly and their desserts are above average. Looking forward to try their degustation menu.

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        Rating given:3 stars
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        1. ladyironchef
          ladyironchef said:
          hahaha! jon the star! lol
          22 Jun 2008 at 12:13 am
        2. vtay
          vtay said:
          *snigger snigger*
          16 Jul 2008 at 7:36 pm
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