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10 Jalan Serene
Serene Centre #01-01
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6468-8859
Food and Beverages » Ice Cream
Photos of Island Creamery - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Island Creamery - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Island Creamery - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Island Creamery - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Island Creamery - Food & Beverages

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  1. claud
     10 Sep 2007 at 9:28 am
       Island Creamery - Food & Beverages   Island Creamery - Food & Beverages

    Yes, its creamery. But is there more to it?

    After reading so much about Island Creamery from blogs and hearing people talk about it in forum, finally I went to check the place out yesterday. Rushed down to meet a group of bloggers at Serene Centre after a quicky at Games Convention over at Suntec.

    First thing that came to mind upon entering the small shop at the corner of Serene Centre was, "Hmm... another one with photo wall, just like pitstop." The big wall opposite the counter was covered with photos taken by the customers of Island Creamery. They have a portable photo printer where you can use to print your photos on the spot, scribble your names and what not on the photo and have a piece of the wall for your group. This is a very nice way to fill-up blank spaces on the wall as it added colors to the place with all the photos. This might also be one of the pulling factor that draws customers to return to see if they can spot their photos again few months later at the same spot or if any friends they know visited the place too.

    So what can you find other than the photo wall at Island Creamery? Ice-cream of course! And in many interesting flavors too. One of the other attraction is the many local taste flavored ice-creams available. Find Teh Tarik, Pulua Hitum, Chendol, Apple Pie, Holick, Milo and many other flavors that'll make you want to try them all.

    My group bought 4 tubs for $8 each and shared. Flavors are Nutella, ReversO, Burnt Caramel and Teh Tarik. I tried them all and concluded that other than the unique flavors and taste, that tasted just the way they should, there's really nothing much to rave about. The ice-cream is too creamery for my liking. And they are very sweet too. I had to drink 2 gulps of water after each scope (small scope) of ice-cream.

    My bf bought a scope (at $2.50) of the berry mixed flavor to try. We both felt that this one tasted slightly better as the sourness from berries somehow lessen the sweet taste of the ice cream. And you can taste the berries and had to crew on it.

    There're other better ice creams out there. If I were to return to Island Creamery, it would either be for another gathering or someone invited me there for free ice-cream. Other than that, I'll probably not return for the ice cream.

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