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10 Jalan Serene
Serene Centre #01-01
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6468-8859
Food and Beverages » Ice Cream
Photos of Island Creamery - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Island Creamery - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Island Creamery - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Island Creamery - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Island Creamery - Food & Beverages

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  1. ladyironchef
     10 Jan 2008 at 8:55 pm
       Island Creamery - Food & Beverages   Island Creamery - Food & Beverages   Island Creamery - Food & Beverages   Island Creamery - Food & Beverages

    Long heard of this famous ice-cream shop but did not have a chance to patronise it. So after finishing our dinner at Greenwood, we head straight to serene centre which was nearby. When we reached the place it was full house, so we waited a while for our seats. Single scoop comes at $2.50 each, while double scoop is $4.00. There is also the 500ml tub at $8.00

    We 3 person order double scoop each and share, so each of us can taste 6 flavours instead of 2. Smart right? There are other flavours like black sesame, soursop, and some others which i can’t remember. But we dun have the courage to try them, so we ordered the more popular ones.

    One by one, the top two is teh tareh (coffee) and nutella, bottom left is burn cameral and the popular cookies & cream, bottom right is reversO (chocolate) and horlick (see picture from my blog). We judge the popularity by seeing which one finish first. Make a guess? Cookies & cream and nutella tied for first, followed by cameral, ho, coffee and reverO (chocolate). My personal fav is nutella, never tried before. The reversO was too strong in flavour, as in after eating it when we eat the other flavours we cant taste anything. So we leave it for the last. lol

    All in all, Island creamery is quite valued for money, there is a similar ice-cream shop called daily scoop at sunset way which offers double scoop for $5. Head there when u have a chance. 4.5 out of 5

    You are always welcome to visit Ladyironchef for a full-up on this trip. Whatever written above are my geniune feelings expressed in words that may be subjected to my personal distortion or bias. Please do not feel emotional or distress should you have any violent objections. Kindly click the little X at the upper, extreme right of your screen if negative adjectives would be derived. Otherwise, feel free to furnish me with comments, may it be positive or negative : )

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    1. lyn-n
      lyn-n said:
      Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, so do share freely:) I do think Island Creamery is alot better than Daily Scoop though, value for money or taste wise. Daily Scoop's healthier though
      16 Jan 2008 at 6:41 pm
    2. ladyironchef
      ladyironchef said:
      You are right! hahaha : )
      18 Jan 2008 at 4:51 pm
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  2. crazypupster
     25 Sep 2007 at 8:56 pm

    Being a student myself, I enjoy hanging around at places like Island Creamery. It's not only a place to unwind but also a place to indulge in good ice-cream. (: Yes, I love the ice-cream there! I always go there for ReversO and Cookies & Cream. x)

    I think the first thing you'll notice when you step into the shop is the pictures on the wall. It's... breath-taking. Really. I find it a really fun way of letting the customers feel at home. They have a wall to paste their pictures on! How cool is that?! Haha, and they have a printer for you to print your pictures on the spot too! Now that's what I call meeting your customers' needs.

    So if you're craving for ice-cream, try Island Creamery. It's good, I tell you. (:

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    1. tinkerbell
       10 Sep 2007 at 8:41 pm

      Island Creamery, a place where I've read alot on it as well. After reading all the ravings about their unique ice creams and other stuff, I was really curious about this place.

      Was it as good as these people mentioned it to be?

      With my bf bringing me there as a surprise treat, I finally got to step in Island Creamery and take a look at this place for myself.

      Stepping into Island Creamery, you'll notice the crowd inside being mostly students in uniforms, gathering around tables with tubs of ice cream. Seems like the place has become a place for students to gather after school, which reduced the marks on its ambience as it was quite noisy, making the place less attractive for a relaxing afternoon treat.

      However, like what Claudia mentioned, the many pictures of the different people who have stepped into Island Creamery filled the walls. For me, I really like this concept. Sitting there and just staring at the photos-filled walls, it was a good feeling seeing the smiles and observing every one in the pictures. Serious ones, heartwarming ones, and of cuz, some hilarious ones as well.. =)

      Due to the lack of seats, we settled ourselves at the children's corner at the side was a really nice place to be in. :) With the photos filled with happy people on your left, and colourful drawings of animals & characters on your right, it was just like being in a bright and colourful world. :D

      However, we weren't really in the mood for ice cream and chose to try their mudpie ($4.80) instead. Wow. The mudpie there is gooooood~ With the smooth texture of the ice cream between the toppings of crushed Oreo™ biscuits and a thin chocolate base, it was heavenly! ^^

      A must-try! :)

      The next time I go, I shall try their unique ice-cream flavours then. :)

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      Rating given:3 stars
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