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461 Clementi Road
SIM University (UniSIM)
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  1. sakurrin
     23 Nov 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Haha, I am a Ngee Ann student so whenever our school's canteens are full.

    My friends and i will go to Mega bites and have our lunch.

    Thumb up ! for their special services !

    in the way that is something like MArche !

    When you first entered , you will get a card .

    Don't BE SHOCKED !

    they will need your card when you purchase your food.

    E.g. you ordered a food and chip, they will require the card . Hand it over to them and they will put a stamp on it.

    so when you finished your meal proceed to the counter and paid up together with the card :D

    Other then the unique style of handling bills.

    I also like their portions of food, is really A LOT !!!

    Even my friend ,who is a male, cannot finish the food ! haha

    $4 ~ $7 for the western stall

    $3.50 ~ $6 for the zhu chao stall

    then $2.5 ~ $ 4 for the chicken rice stall

    $3.50 ~ $ 4.50 for the soup stall that sells fish soup and tom yam soup

    LAstly , SIM students and NP staff still get 10 % discount when their present their staff cards !

    ARGH !!! haha

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. Wendy
       17 Jan 2008 at 5:33 pm

      I do eat at Megabites too and I find that besides the main attraction there- Western food, the other food stalls such as the one selling soupy food is good. I love the fried fish mee hoon there. The soup base may be a bit bland but I guess with all the oily and salty stuff that we eat outside, it's good to try something that's healthier. :) And also, the fried fish is done just nicely; the meat is tender and not hard like the ones served opposite at the other stall at the Food Court. There's tofu, tomato and veggie given in the fish soup as well. You can order it in the form of just pure fish soup ($3.00) or add rice or other noodle along with it at 50cents. Besides the fried fish, you can opt for the non-fried fish meat, they'll cooked on the spot for you. I have yet to try the non-fried version but comments from my friends have been that the fried one is better.

      So there you have it, go on and give this stall a try if you happen to be there!

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. claud
         10 Jan 2008 at 2:25 pm

        Was taking a part time degree too at SIM, but quit 1/4way through due to unforseen reasons. Anyway, I've to agree that Mega Bites is a good place for students, since this is like the only place where you can go for food if one is in a rush for time.

        During those time I was there, almost 2 years ago, I enjoyed eating dinner there and had almost looked forward to dinner on days where we've to attend tutorials. (Cos I don't attend lectures you see. HA!) Out of the times I had dinner there, I only tried the chinese cooked food once. And that's it. Prefer their western food and pasta. Have to say during that time, their serving was good and the taste was great. Presentation wise seems better too with their white plates during those days.

        Few days ago, I was back with my bf to pay his school fees. So we went to Mega Bites to savor the taste of their chicken chops. We were there pretty late, at around 7.40pm. Although there wasn't as many students as it used to be when we were there for classes. But we still had to wait quite awhile for the food.

        We sat down and waited, and after 5mins the chicken chops were ready. First I noticed was the change of plates. Black plates seem to have caused the serving to be visually shrank. And not as appetizing.

        My bf requested for the rice to be changed to egg but ended given the rice still. When he asked them to change, they said there's no more egg! No choice but he just had to settle with the rice. The sides given were whipped potato, fries and rice. Just listing it here already make me full. All carbo-type food! Hence we were not able to finish everything.

        As compared to 2 years ago, the standard has dropped. The food wasn't served hot, despite the wait, and the taste just doesn't seem the same as before. (Or perhaps our standard has raised.) No matter what, I don't think I'll be going back there anytime soon.

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