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461 Clementi Road
SIM University (UniSIM)
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  1. Polarbear
     10 Jan 2008 at 1:12 pm

    I had been studying in SIM for the past few years (Yes for quite some time) Haa…. I am very grateful of Mega Bites and the foodcourt opp. They are always there when I am hungry and late for my lectures or tutorials. Mega bites does serve a wide variety of food and did I mention that it was halal certified as well.

    Mega Bites not really consider a food court but can be considered more of a café. How they work is to buy and eat first pay later, Marche style. A card will be passed to you once you step inside the café. This card will be used to record all your purchases. Theirs is not as high tech as Marche, they dun record your purchases by bar code but by stamps. Haa…. You will only need to pay before you the café. There are 2 cashiers at the door, so there is no way you will miss the cashiers.

    Now some of my fav food there:

    1. Chicken Chop: It is my fav dish there and I almost will order this every time unless they are sold out. They all use thigh meat, so it is quite a big piece of meat, with the meat, the side dishes are usually mashed potato and fries. However usually I will change my mash potato for coleslaw. Hee…. The chicken thigh is marinated before hand then when they pan fried it, they will add in BBQ sauce onto it, making it more tasty. I like when the skin is a little crispy or burnt. Hee…. Then the fat in the skin also burnt away. Hee…. The portion of the meat they give is usually 1.5 so it is one full thigh and half a pc. The side dishes also are given in generous portion as well. Not to mention that it came with a soup of the day as well. It always makes me a very happy man after eating it. It is very affordable as well, only $3.90.

    They also served other western food like sirloin steak, fish and chips, chicken cutlet and combos as well.

    2. Pizzas: They also sell pizzas, like marche, they only make the pizza upon order, so have to wait for a while before you can enjoy the pizza. They got a few types of default pizzas like Hawaiian but then you can also order your own fav toppings as well. It comes in the size of a personal pan so it is enough for 1 or 2 people. Quite tasty I must say especially when it comes to you pipping hot from the oven!

    3. They also sell other things like pasta, spaghetti, fried noodles and hor fun etc. Tried their hor fun once but was not that impressed with it. It jz came with the normal stuff like fish cake, some squids, and a prawn. That was my last time ordering that as well. Haa….

    4. They have a drinks corner where they sell all sorts of drinks from soya bean milk to soft drinks to lattes to herbal teas. Haa… I think what you wanna, they have it. As it is a self help station, you can determine how much ice you wanna in your drink. Hee….

    5. There is also a sandwich corner outside the café. They serve all sorts of sandwiches from $2 to $2.50 depending on what you have order. This is a great help when you are late for lessons or jz need a quick bite. The sandwich is made with normal loaves of bread but then it comes with generous amount of veges and meat in it. It was also toasted making the sandwich hot. It came all wrapped up and making it easy to eat on the go as well.

    As most of the students like to make go to the opp food court so during peak hours, it is quite easy to make to find a seat. It is also a good place to study cos they also got a study corner where it is conducive to study. Well at least better then the food court. Hee…. Overall I like to dine in this café when I am in school.

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    1. Bobo
      Bobo said:
      Wah sounds delicious le. :) Yay I can enjoy soon.. thanks PB
      10 Jan 2008 at 1:44 pm
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  2. decisomour
     10 Jan 2008 at 12:19 am

    Happened to be at SIM with my friends today. We went to MegaBites food court for lunch. This food court runs like Marche. Every customers were given a card at the entrance and you'll get a stamp when you order the food. After that you'll use the card at the cashier before exit to pay.

    Saw their western food store being featured in the Yummy show on Channel U so I gave it a try. There was quite a lot of people waiting for their orders, and also many waiting to order. So I thought this must be good.

    I ordered the bbq chicken chop and my friend ordered the grilled fish. Although we waiting long for our order, but when we had the food, it wasn't even warm! The fries were soggy and the chicken and fish were pretty tasteless.

    It was quite a disappointing lunch. Maybe the pasta was better since it won the Yummy reviewers' heart. But looking at it, it doesn't seem that nice either.

    IMO, NTU has got better food.

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    Rating given:2 stars
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    1. Polarbear
      Polarbear said:
      Haa... Can see that you are from or used to be from NTU.
      10 Jan 2008 at 8:38 am
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