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Services » Photography & Printing

Full package photo services from costumes, makeovers to weddings and photo editing services.

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  1. xtjasmine
     22 Aug 2008 at 12:15 pm

    Ya, I agree with Lucardia. I had gotten a sales consultant at Snapz using a similar tactic, and I am quite unhappy they didnt give me and my fiance some private moments to discuss, and the sales consultant, Sam, and his manager kept psycho-ing us using the same points repeating again and again. My head ached.

    Then again, my fiance and I decided to take up the package, bcos we have considered our priorities. We want a wedding album, and most bridal studios give quite sucky service. We are quite happy with the service here at Snapz, I think the photographers here are great, (not the lousy cosmetics they use here, of cos!) and we can utilise the privileges, especially the annual photo shoots and event shoots, they offer for VIP rewards.

    I think afterall, it boils down to personal preference. =)

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. Lucardia
      Lucardia said:
      How much did you spend for the package?
      22 Aug 2008 at 2:47 pm
    2. xtjasmine
      xtjasmine said:
      We took up the minimum package, $2998 I think. I heard that its above $3.5k now
      04 Feb 2010 at 4:21 pm
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  2. Lucardia
     06 Apr 2008 at 12:28 am

    Photos, what would life and blogging be without them? Snapz offers everything from weddings packages to outing shots to make overs and photo editing and splicing services to clients to ensure they look as good looking and pretty as they can ever be on print. Well, life's not perfect, so why not let your memories in print be isn't it?

    How i learned of the place was a rather mundane one. I received a call while at work claiming i've be chosen for a free makeover and photo shot session courtesy of "paying sponsors" and i would be entitled to "choose my 2 favorite shots" upon completing the shot without any commitment nor package. In fact, Frederick and Alex both assured me that there would be no commitment whatsoever and it was simply a privilege i have the "honor" of being chosen. Well, i've been kinda bored so i thought:"There's no way things are gonna be that good. But hey, lets go take a look and see how it goes." I even roped in my gf to join me in the shoot since i'm not much of a looker. And so we went.

    Upon traversing the extremely ulu lane to find the shop in the blazing hot sun, i was glad that the place was thankfully air conditioned. I told them my name and filled a form so that i could get my shoot ready. Anyway, i was surprised there were quite a few people in the vicinity including myself. Seems like i wasn't the only person who was "privileged". Still, why not? This was definitely a marketing tactic from the get go so i wasn't too surprised.

    Counter staff was pleasant until we were introduced to this lady by the name of Valerie. She wasn't unpleasant as she led us up the steps to the makeover room but the way she spoke definitely did not sit well with me even then. More on the lady later.

    The makeover room was rather small with approximately 12 seats for guests to have attended to. We were greeted by a couple of people who were to be our make up artists and was told to select and change into our desired costumes for the shoot. Everything there was fine and the service of the costume designer and the make up artists were quite pleasant. At the end of a 40 minute makeover, my gf looked Japanese and i dragonball characters. I felt they made up my gf too much because i liked her better without it but well, the lighting and camera and such needed it so what the hey. The artists were a real sport, telling us how nice the hair was and how good my gf looked which was a rather professional move i thought. Always make the customer feel good and comfortable.

    Next up, we met the photographer who invited us to the area for the shot which was sadly...just a black backdrop. Nonetheless, we had fun posing for the shots and upon viewing, there were a few pretty good shots in the 50 that were taken. The camera man was pleasant and encouraging which was also a good and necessary move.

    Now things turn for the worse. We then returned the borrowed costumes and tried to get rid of the now dry and stiff hair but was told there was no room to wash up. Upon asking to remove the make up on our faces, the lady simply dabbed a little off mine and told me she was done. That was rubbish because the concealer was still all over my face... and leaving that on would be a bad idea. My gf didn't get much attention too in removing make up, asking to remove it only met with comments of, it looks good on you and blah blah blah. Is the company running out of make up remover? I don't know but this is not good service when we've made our requests known.

    When we were led downstairs again, we waited for another 30 minutes before we were told we could see the shots. Apparently, they were uploading the shots to the computer....well, last i checked, computers were plug and play in terms of photos but maybe i just haven't had a DSLR before so i may be wrong.

    Valerie came out to meet us again and blatantly asked us if we felt if there was anything to complain about. Well, politely we said no because though there were hitches, the experience was still pleasant so far. As we were led into the viewing area, which were basically Apple Macs and shown our photos. Valerie spoke non stop about how we needed their services and touch up because "our eye bags were too obvious" and said to my gf as she removed my blemishes "there, so much better now, don't you wish your boyfriend looked like this?" Talk about saying the wrong things.

    Heck, we were just getting started. Well, i knew there was a catch and here it is. Snapz actually has a VIP membership system that basically requires you to sign up for a lifetime membership to be their VIP. It sounds pretty good too and may save you alot of money on photos in the long run if you and your entire family loves taking photographs. Thats not a bad thing i feel but with a sales pitch like that, the membership is definitely in the $4-6k category since they were giving loads of freebies every year. All service and photograph related of course. Free makeovers, free photoshoots, free outdoor service, one on one photography and make up classes and better yet, guaranteed employment by the company. Talk about a full package.

    Well, that was an interesting package but Valerie unfortunately, delivered the message over 40 minutes and amidst the whole time, reiterating that we needed the service because they could make us look a whole lot better then we really are. (i'm quite happy with my flawed look though, thank you very much.) Now, here's the kicker of the day: read on for the actual reason i said no.

    When asked if i could have a private discussion with my gf, she said: "what is there to discuss when you don't know the price?" (point taken) so i followed up by asking her: "Ok, so how about we cut the chase and you tell me how much a membership costs?" Which was met by: "Are you really interested? Because if you aren't then we shouldn't waste each others time. I can't tell you the price as i'll need someone else to illustrate to you."

    So i said: "I see, but i'm in a bit of a rush as i have an appointment. Can we just get the photos and i could consider before letting you know?"

    Her response: "I'm afraid not, if you miss this chance then you will not be allowed to enjoy our package again."

    My response: " I'm sure i can find a way to come back."

    Her respone: "What do you mean by that? What do you think this place is? Anyway, i can assure you that you cannot join us again because we can track and prevent double entry."

    My response: " Are you saying that if my friend refers me back and i come with the intention to join a membership after i've had more time to think, your company will not let me join?"

    Her response: " Yes."

    My response: "So you will refuse me time to think and i must sign today to get the deal. If i refuse to do so, if i do return, your company will turn away my business, is this what you are saying?"

    Her response: "Yes"

    My response: "In that case, i am not interested in the deal anymore, please allow us to choose the photos and leave."

    Her response: "Sure"

    After which, we signed a form stating that we received the photos and a feedback form where i thanked the company. But suddenly, we were given a disc with photos we have not chosen.

    I queried: "Excuse me, i thought we could choose our own 2 best shots?"

    Her response: " I'm afraid not. Over here, we choose the shots for you when you don't sign."

    My response: " I see....May i have your name again?"

    Her response: " Valerie."

    And thats that. I wouldn't say the entire experience was bad but the sales person definitely needed a lot more training. And the policy of having to sign immediately? Bah, i work in sales, i know the tactics. And this is the hardest force selling i've come across thus far. I would have considered but unfortunately, the lady simply was not pleasant and quite obviously, cared less of clients than she did her own wallet.

    In sales, what people buy is not the company, not the product when a saleperson is selling. People buy what the sales person represents of the company. If she is anything to go by, i'm never giving them a chance again. That, my friends is what brings companies and overall experiences down.

    Stay as far away as possible. You were warned.

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    Rating given:1 stars
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    Comments on this review:
    1. sleepydays
      sleepydays said:
      OMG...that reminds me of yet another terrible force selling I've ever encountered. That's why in Japan, customer sercvice is more important than product itself.
      06 Apr 2008 at 12:49 am
    2. His Food Blog
      His Food Blog said:
      Totally agree!! I have bought sweets that weren't fantastic but I bought it anyhow because the packaging was just THAT great!
      06 Apr 2008 at 4:44 am
    3. claud
      claud said:
      I got a call from them too. But rejected right away. Anyway, the thing about offering lifetime membership is one will never know when that company's going to pack up n close down wor!
      06 Apr 2008 at 2:45 pm
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