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205 Heartland Mall Hougang Street 21 #01-133/135
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Telephone: (65) 6487-3481
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    » 3 Reviews for “Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Heartland Mall) ” - Restaurants

  1. hburn10
     13 Jan 2009 at 11:49 am

    Rather nice spot for tea

    I kind of like this place for tea and munchies rather than proper meals. Its the nearest "coffee place" to my home so I guess also not much choice~

    I also like it for the fact that it is 24-hours on fridays and saturdays; makes it alot easier when deciding on places to have a post-meal chat without having to worry about the staff chasing you away upon closing.

    Their special HK Milk Tea is not bad, both hot and cold versions. It can a tad bland if you're used to the local teh, but then again I can do with less sugar. Tried also their thick toast with peanut butter, it was terribly messy to eat although quite nice. A tall block of carbs topped with thick gooey peanut better on it (I would have preferred the crunchy kind instead of smooth though). Even with fork and knife, it was quite unglam to eat the bread as was too crusty and crumbs kept falling all over the place and the peanut butter had the sludge kind of consistency that you need to fight with. Taste wise, not bad :D

    Tried a couple of their dim sums, it was okay. For desserts, they have a nice mochi thing sprinkled with crushed peanuts, it was delicious! Ice lovers can try their ice desserts, but you have to know they are humongous, so order to share.

    Cutlery and napkins are laid out on table, so DIY. Service wise, its really your basic service. Can get quite noisy on weekends and it gets filled up by 9pm so go slightly early. Even better, so slightly early in a group of 4 and grab their comfy booth seats :D

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    1. smudger
       06 Apr 2008 at 11:01 am

      I bet most of you would have already known of this restaurant with many outlets here. I didn't really try much of the food while I was here but just the wanton noodle. The noodle is not very tasty but the ingredients are very fresh. The soup is very tasty, which was a thick semi-thick based soup. Just pondered, why won't the taste linger onto the tasteless noodle? I ordered a hot drink, which tasted especially great when it was a very cold day. This place can also provide an alternative choice for a dining experience in this area. Anyway the visit was memorable due to the great service I experienced.

      There was once when I needed to use my laptop to do my school project in the restaurant, which was rather urgent. I asked the manager if he could make arrangement for me to be seated where there is power supply to hook to my laptop. I was waiting for my friend who was stuck in a terrible thunderstorm and I was alone, but he was kind enough to let me take the sofa seat, which was the closest to one of the rare sockets around. Usually at this outlet they would allow big groups to take the sofa seats. Really thankful for his effort, if not I would not have finished it on time and be real screwed up.

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      1. Snowbringer
         22 Dec 2007 at 12:02 pm

        I tried quite a few Hong Kong Cafes before and cos I recently moved to Kovan, my friends and I decided to try out this outlet too.

        When we reached there, it was already bustling with activity and people. Thankfully there was still sofa seats available by the window. ha i personally don't really like to sit at tables in the middle of the cafe, which will be noisier. Sofa seats have more privacy and will be easier to chat with your besties.

        Anyway, we ordered the signature toast with peanut butter and condensed milk, dry wanton noodles, zha jiang mian, some seafood rice porridge, desserts and milk tea. The food was served rather quickly, didn't really have to wait.

        My dry wanton noodles were quite good, though the wantons served were fried instead of the usual boiled wans but was good too. the char siew given was also adequate. haha one thing to note. the vegetables served here are in thick stalks! haha but they are crunchy so can just bite into them. haha no worries :)

        my friend's zha jiang mian was not really the traditional type though. it was just noodles with some meat sauce on top? i dunno but not like the usual wans that we eat but i think it was ok too. The rice porridge had quite alot of ingredients in it and it came in a BIG bowl. very filling.

        Toast i think i don't have to elaborate cos it's a signature dish at most HK cafes. haha and the surprise is the desserts come in super big portions! 1 bowl of soya beancurd i think was enough to fill 3 people? haha and the bowl of mango pudding was also huge. hahaha value for money and was quite delicious too. yup so if you all wanna try, be careful don't order too much dessert. haha :)

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        Rating given:4 stars
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