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6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-04/05
Marina Shopping Centre
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: 6337 5297
Restaurants » Deli & Cafe
Photos of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Marina Square) - RestaurantsPhotos of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Marina Square) - RestaurantsPhotos of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Marina Square) - RestaurantsPhotos of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Marina Square) - RestaurantsPhotos of Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Marina Square) - Restaurants

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    » 15 Reviews for “Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Marina Square) ” - Restaurants

  1. Polarbear
     31 Oct 2007 at 11:34 am

    This is one of the place that I will think of when I need a quick fix for some "Hong Kong" food.

    The usual stuff for me will be the Ice Milk Tea, Puo Luo ban and some of their dim xin, toast and of cos the Mango Ice.

    On average their food is quite good and usually came quite promptly. I loved their ice milk tea, they did it in a way I loved it, milkly with a scent of tea.

    Their Puo luo bao is crispy with a thick slice of butter in it. Nice.

    Their toast is think and nice. I like the normal one with honey and butter. Sinful but good. Haa....

    Mango Ice Mountain, something like ice kachang but everything with mango, topped with a scoop of mango ice cream. Loved it as well. They use real mango chucks for it.

    I have not tried for their baked rice and "instant noodles" but fromt he pics the crab porridge really looks good. Maybe shall give it a try soon.

    Their service is good and prompt.

    Their seating though, sometimes a bit squeezed. Especially for table of two, you can hear what the other table are toking about as well. Haa... Of cos they got couch seats whihc are pretty good for big groups as well.

    All in all, it might not the be the best of all, but then like what I started, it is a good place for quick fix of Hong Kong food.

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. feizhu
      feizhu said:
      I hate Xin Wang lol. :p
      31 Oct 2007 at 12:08 pm
    2. Polarbear
      Polarbear said:
      Haa.... Well depends on what you hate lah.
      31 Oct 2007 at 1:07 pm
    3. feizhu
      feizhu said:
      The food and service lol.
      31 Oct 2007 at 1:38 pm
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  2. kormmandos
     06 Jun 2007 at 1:49 am

    Huh? Instant noodles as a dish?

    One thing I can never come to terms with is the fact that Restaurants/Cafes serving Hong Kong cuisine prices instant noodles at a premium. Xin Wang is no exception. It is funny in a way, because instant noodles sold in Hong Kong has an iconic status, but if you sold instant noodles as a Uniquely Singapore dish, it is called a rip-off.

    Also, it is pretty disappointing that there is only baked rice, baked rice and more baked rice. Otherwise, it is thick toast, thick toast and more thick toast. And then you get something mildly interesting like, pineapple buns, ordinary bread buns with some pineapple filling, probably similar to that of pineapple tarts sold at about $2 each. Wah. Lao. Eh. It. Is. So. Exciting. Hor? Not. Even. One. Bit.

    While Xin Wang does serve up some specialities (some crab dish, I think) it is as I like to say, nothing inspiring.

    This place is a rip-off, I tell you.

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    Rating given:1 stars
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    1. Polarbear
      Polarbear said:
      Hmm... that bad for you huh? I think their small little side dishes are still good lah. Haa.....
      31 Oct 2007 at 11:35 am
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  3. natsu
     04 Jun 2007 at 11:32 pm

    We ordered the Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea, Xiumai(燒賣), Cheongfun(腸粉), Zhupabao(豬扒包), and Mango Ice.

    Verdict: Ambience - Not bad, quite cosy (means a bit tight lah) Food - Lots of variety. Have not tried all. Should be good, except for the Zhupabao, the pork slice is abit thin and tough, bread toast is good; and the Cheongfun is the local sweet sauce style, not the soya sauce style with meat fillings. Price - reasonable. Timsum mostly $2.50

    Recommended: MANGO ICE! Big portion. Got Strawberry one too!

    Other items on the menu: Luncheon Meat with Egg Noodles - This noodle tasted like home-cooked Instant Noodles. Nothing special. Ice Teh-O is GOOD! Thumb-up! As good as the HK Ice Milk Tea. Ice Honey Green Tea ~ so-so only. Tasted a bit bitter though. Thick French Toast is abit too sweet. They pour honey over it, and added a piece of thinly sliced butter on top to let it melt. It looks like Tau Kua. With the honey, it makes it bery soggy. Curry Chix rice - Bery flavourful curry. I like the hard and crunchy potatoes, while my Dear loves the thick curry sauce, and boneless Chix. Shanghainese Chix Chop rice - A different kind of Chix rice. It used olive fried rice. Guo Tian (Fried Dumplings) - Crispy, Juicy. GOOD!!!! :D Black Pepper Chix Rice - Not bad, but a bit ‘jerlat’. Maybe I wasn’t that hungry when I ate it. The black pepper sauce is not that spicy. Black pepper taste is there though. Prawn Paste Chix - Made from Boneless Chix thighs. A bit of butter taste, and a bit oily. My Dear likes it. Fu Pi Juan (Bean Curd Skin wrap with Prawn meat) - Common. Not say that its really that fantastic. No harm trying though. Bo Chai Yun Tun Mian (Wanton Noodles - Dried) - MUST TRY! Its good! The Wanton is crispy. The sauce is juz nice. The spinach noodles are chewy! The Char Xiu are tender but not that kind that melt in the mouth. :p Ham and Egg Sandwich - If they toast the bread, it will be better. The Ham was fried - OILY sia! Xiu Mai - Good! Not very meaty in the sense that it has prawn, so not all pork.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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