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251 North Bridge Road
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Telephone: (65) 1800 3368- 900
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  1. Leenie Pigs
     13 May 2013 at 12:00 am

    I love to get on SMRT Buses.. With the upgraded new Jap Designed Buses that are more eco-friendly, nicer seats, better space design and single sitters still available. Their routes are always LONG... No fiddle or shutter service for this one. I find their service extremely close to heart... The bus drivers are more casual, relaxed and graceful. I love their routes, they seem to go to most places where they used not to have MRT Train Stations and they get you there much faster then regular train rides. Bus Drivers usually skillful and fast drivers in which i find the rides very enjoyable.

    Totally love the double cabin buses.. I find them more fun to seat in then double deckers and not to mention more elderly and handicap friendly too. Also love the automated text display on the top which gives timely information on the next stop, time and when the bus is arriving as well as the vocal ques on doors closing. Overall, I find SMRT or TIBS buses having better routes, bus drivers with better skill and attitudes and makes my travelling more pleasant.

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    1. Makanist
       29 Jan 2010 at 9:31 am

      SMRT bus......Another thing people often criticise SMRT buses for are the seats. It can cause skin irritation as germs and bacteria could cumulate in the furry seats. If you're not convinced, try hitting the seat and see the particles floating out. I understand that bus captains have their duties at hand, whether is it in checking and making sure that passengers paid their fares or if their passengers moved to the back of the bus to allow other boarding passengers to board and things like that. But what happened next really left me feeling disgusted with this bus captain’s attitude and aggressive behavior towards me.

      Just before I reached my intended stop, I went up to him and ask what exactly was going on and he simply feigned ignorance. When I questioned him on why did he have to humiliate and embarrass me in front of so many passengers even though I paid my fare, he started to raise his voice at me and claimed that he never humiliate me at all. So I explained to him that he just pointed at me accusingly and at the EZ Link machine and he claimed that he asked me nicely to tap my EZ link card for verification.

      And he next taunted me by saying that I can lodged a complaint against him if I feel like it and further said that I was being aggressive and he would report me to the police even though he raised his voice at me first. Of course I was angry and raised my voice back at him. He kept raising his voice, taunting me and still embarrassing and humiliating me by saying that I was aggressive even though he was the one who raised his voice throughout the conversation until I got off the bus.

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      Rating given:2 stars
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      1. catherinetgk
         13 Apr 2009 at 5:21 pm

        SMRT buses provides me my almost-daily transport to school and back, shopping, going out for meals or to meet other people. However, this by no means implies that their service is good. I was once on my way to Orchard from an unfamiliar location... As I wanted to stop at the Heeren, not at John Little, I aske the driver if the bus stopped at Heeren. He quietly nodded his head. But the thing was, the but didnt stop at Heeren. This happened to me at least twice. It is really frustrating! Also, the new buses with the leanbacks for wheelchair bound people suck. I mean, of course you wanna help the disabled live life more compfortably, but now ther's sooooo little sitting space! And it has a weird smell too. SIGH. Oh well.

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        Rating given:2 stars
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