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251 North Bridge Road
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Telephone: (65) 6555-8888
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  1. $money$
     18 Nov 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Last time when it just changed from the Tibs brand to the SMRT brand, they have staggered booking fee, so I always choose them, although there is no diff now.

    However, now that I work in CBD and the Comfort booking line was hard to reach, despite the whole blue sea in the taxi waiting area, I still choose SMRT taxi.

    On the overall, the experience was great. But there is bad one (not "ones" yet) as well.

    There was this day, where as usual, I called a SMRT taxi while waiting at the taxi stand (building lobby). Thru out the waiting time (8-10min), I didnt see my assigned SMRT taxi. I ended up having to ask someone to call for a Comfort taxi using a land line (strange that using mobile line always doesnt seem to connect to Comfort in the CBD area during peak hours - 9pm). - As I couldnt reach SMRT at all during the wait and the taxi driver didnt call to say he couldnt make it or anything, I emailed SMRT to complain. - I did get a response from SMRT, via email, saying that the taxi driver picked up the wrong passenger and they have warned the taxi driver for it. In compensation, they gave me 2x$5 vouchers (which I used it on my next SMRT taxi trip).

    When I received the email reply, not only was I not pacified, it made me feel guilty. First is, SMRT should have given me a call instead of a cold email and a cold letter with vouchers attached, it just make me feel that their attitude is "customer not happy, give voucher and everything is ok". Next is, they say "we warned the taxi driver and this will be taken into account when renewing the rental agreement with the driver", this made me feel like I am trying to kick the taxi driver out of his job. The whole PR process is just not acceptable to me.

    Nevertheless, I guess I will still stay with SMRT for the moment, at least until I start experiencing the same no-taxi-available replies from their booking system.

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