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30 Woodlands Ave 1 #01-11 (Kopitiam) Stall 2
Restaurants » American
Photos of Botak Jones (Woodlands) - RestaurantsPhotos of Botak Jones (Woodlands) - RestaurantsPhotos of Botak Jones (Woodlands) - RestaurantsPhotos of Botak Jones (Woodlands) - RestaurantsPhotos of Botak Jones (Woodlands) - Restaurants

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  1. ladyironchef
     29 Jan 2008 at 3:35 pm
       Botak Jones (Woodlands) - Restaurants   Botak Jones (Woodlands) - Restaurants   Botak Jones (Woodlands) - Restaurants   Botak Jones (Woodlands) - Restaurants   Botak Jones (Woodlands) - Restaurants

    Botak Jones by now if you haven heard of it before, then are u REALLY living in Singapore? Even if you never go to the place before, but at the very least must have know the existance of this Ang Moh selling western ‘restaurant’ food in our very own local-coffeeshop.

    Quality-yet-cheap western meals at coffee shops used to be a thing never heard of, but it all changed after Botak Jones came in and set the record right. After that, we saw a rush in stream of such ‘concepts’, think Crazy Ang Moh, UNO Beef house and a few others which are all owned by Caucasian (our term is Ang Moh), set up on our heartland shores.

    Like i mention during my last visit to Botak Jones, critics of Botak Jones will say they are charging too much going for the coffee-shop standards, yet you cannot deny the fact that Botak Jones has been going from strength to strength with the opening of new branches, the current strength stands at 7 outlets in Singapore.

    You cant fault the owner Bernie Utchenik for his ingenious of spotting the trend to open his shops in all neighbour area, and there is even two new concepts that he introduces to our local foodie, Brewski Jones & Spaghetti Jones. As the names implies, Brewski Jones is actually a brewery where you drink beer of course, except its not in town, not in Clarke Quay, but in Toa Payoh North and Bedok North. Ahh.. yes, in our very own backyard. I suppose Spaghetti Jones need no further introduction then, Jones selling spaghetti as simple as that. Pastas there are not expensive, for the basic one going for $4.50, to ranges from $7.50 to $8.50.

    In any case, Brewski Jones and Spaghetti Jones are not the topic of discussion for today, thats just a sneak preview of what is to come after i gave em’ a visit. Cheers! Today we are back at Botak Jones for my second visit. Having tried Cajun Chicken, Fish & chips, and Rosemary Lamb Chop on the last account, they are therefore not what we are going to sample today, well you don’t go back to a place for a revisit eating the same food unless they are really really good right?

    Australia Ribeye Steak 200gm ($14.50)

    Enough of the **** already, lets get back to business. Let me present to you the food that we are having, first up is the Australia Ribeye Steak. In an attempt to raise the stakes (a little pun), Botak Jones upgraded to a better quality australian beef, trim off the whole ribeyes, hand marinate and tendrize them, coming in their own brown black pepper gravy.

    The steak was medium-well, done chewy with a strong strain of blood still visible. Some people like it medium-rare, but i like mine done not too bloody. As usual, the fries was rather good and spicy. Although the 200gm might look small and on first notion we doubt that it will be filling, but on boy were we proved wrong. The serving was definitely enough for a person. However i still felt that the price was a tad too high, and i probably wont take this one again.

    The Botak Burger ($8)

    150grams of hand formed beef. All the burgers are suppose to come out medium well, which if done correctly will leave them very juicy. The Botak Burger alone is $5.50, but i got it at a set at $7, den add $1 for cheese on top. There are quite a lot of extra ingredients which you can upgrade your burger with, egg, ham, bacons, cheese etc. Actually if you are going for beef, i feel this is a better option than the Australian Ribeye, well cow for cow, obviously this one lose out, but then at Botak Jones, this is good n’uff.

    Total Bill was $22.50 for two mains, kind of expensive going for coffee fare standards, but then again its not really coffee shop food. I suppose it won’t hurts if you go there once in a while, so until i visit the other Ang Moh stores then.

    You are always welcome to visit ladyironchef for a full-up on this trip. Whatever written above are my geniune feelings expressed in words that may be subjected to my personal distortion or bias. Please do not feel emotional or distress should you have any violent objections. Kindly click the little X at the upper, extreme right of your screen if negative adjectives would be derived. Otherwise, feel free to furnish me with comments, may it be positive or negative : )

    ” When restaurant and hawker food comes together… “

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    Comments on this review:
    1. claud
      claud said:
      BJ is all over SG!
      29 Jan 2008 at 4:06 pm
    2. Polarbear
      Polarbear said:
      I dun even know there is one at woodlands. haha...
      29 Jan 2008 at 4:30 pm
    3. ladyironchef
      ladyironchef said:
      hahaha. oh no, what shld we do, bj is invading us all over. LOL
      29 Jan 2008 at 4:30 pm
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