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1 Raffles Link, Citylink Mall #B1-47A
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Telephone: 6341-9695
Restaurants » American
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  1. kuhlair
     22 Dec 2008 at 4:17 pm
       New York New York (CityLink) - Restaurants   New York New York (CityLink) - Restaurants   New York New York (CityLink) - Restaurants

    This is my second time at new york new york. I remembered from my previous trip that the servings were quite huge at reasonable prices.

    This time, I ordered the meadow lane sandwich. $7.90 The vegetables were roasted until tender. Mushrooms were fresh. personally, i liked it.

    My friends ordered the mushroom pizza and the fish filet linguine. they said it was alright. nothing spectacular.

    The thing i love about nyny is the ambiance. so i don't really mind going there once in a while just to hang out.

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. CHERYL WU
       02 Nov 2008 at 8:09 am

      NYWY at citylink always make me drool whenever i walked past and saw the display menu outside. Moreover, the ambience and the enviroment makes me 'die die' must go in and have a try.

      Yesterday (1/11/08), I finally decided to pop in to celebrate my 1st year wedding anniversary with my hubby. The following was what really PISS ME OFF!!!!!

      There was no crowd and plentiful of empty tables are available (very glad as business were really peak whenever i past by). I walk in (thinking that this kind of 'high class' restaurant is those 'Please wait to be seated' thing, though it didn't have that sign on display), i waited. After 5 minutes, nobody served me, i asked the waiter at the bar counter. He called his colleage over. This waitress gave me a look then turned to chat with the waiter and just walked off. I felt like an idiot.

      I was famished. I made my way in and halfway, being companied by a supervisor (in black formal). While i was flipping thru' the menu, 1 waiter came with a big serving of fish n chips wanting to serve it to me. Upon realizing that he had probably gone to the wrong table, he just walked off. This happened 2 times.

      I asked for my desert to be served first as I was really very hungry and thinking that desert will be much faster (normally desert takes just a few minutes). However, after 5-10 mins, a waiter told me that the desert got to wait at least 10-15 mins then i suggested the main course to be served first.

      Another like 20-30mins gone. The table beside mine came in after me but they got their food first. I felt that something is definitely not right. I called a waitress over and asked her to check for me saying that if the main course had not start cooking, i want to cancel my order. She went to check. Asking me if the desert had serve yet, I said no, she said she would go check again. Next, a supervisor came and told me that the main course would be served 2 mins later. This time, i am blewing my top already. I ask if he meant that they had not even started cooking?! He just said 2 mins. I insisted to cancel my order.

      Another 5 mins past, my bill came. I was charged for the desert. Angry, I followed the waiter to the cashier. Upon settling the payment, they did not even apologised for their LOUSY SERVICE. We just walked off.

      Not to say I am a demanding customer, would anyone control his temper when he is damn famish?! I am a person who enjoy food and i like to visit restaurants and cafes (desert came immediately when i suggested it to be served 1st).

      The above experience made me decided not to EVER STEPPED INTO NYNY AGAIN!!! THEY SHOULD REALLY GO REFLECT ON THEIR BAD SERVICE!!!!

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      1. intsymoo
         01 Aug 2008 at 4:33 pm

        ate at nyny @ citylink once, and i was delighted by the quality of the food i was served. together with my fren we ordered quite no. of dishes, and all was pretty up to standard. i think this really explains the perpetual long queues seen outside the restaurant, esp on weekends.

        something worth mentioning is that you find pretty funky food items here not found elsewhere. basically they mix and match certain ingredients and while you could be apprehensive at first when reading the menu (like i was), you may be surprised at how well the combo can actually taste.

        prices are not all that cheap, but reasonable for the quality of food, ambience, and service that you receive. worth a visit, if u dont mind the queue!

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        Rating given:4 stars
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