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11. SMRT Buses

Category: Transportation
Reviews: 7 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 2.4285714285714 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I love to get on SMRT Buses.. With the upgraded new Jap Designed Buses that are more eco-friendly, nicer seats, better space design and single sitters still available. Their routes are always LONG... No fiddle or shutter service for this one. I find their service extremely close to heart... The bus drivers are more casual, relaxed and graceful. I l..." [Read more reviews about SMRT Buses]

12. Winfinity (S’pore)

Category: Aircon
Reviews: 7 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 1.5714285714286 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"997020 265934Really superb details can be located on weblog . 187307..." [Read more reviews about Winfinity (S’pore)]

13. Sangili Security Services

Category: Events and Exhibition
Reviews: 6 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 4 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"jansy here , PR manager for Absolute KTV. We have worked with Sangili Security Services for the last three years and their bouncers has deal with all our security issues without any problems. Whether its dealing with drunk customers or unsavory characters from nearby gangs, they know how to do their job without any blowups. No complains so far:) ..." [Read more reviews about Sangili Security Services]

14. Geek Terminal

Category: Fusion, IT and Computers
Reviews: 6 reviews 
Singapore Restaurants Review: 3.6666666666667 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"Geek Terminal to be the first business review here in yebber cos I am very impressed by the place! I get wireless connection and power source and still allows me place to relax and chill out at The place is very welcoming and comfortable. I can stay there whole day with my labtop and surf the net for free at Geek Terminal! Forget about [email protected][Read more reviews about Geek Terminal]

15. Insurance

Category: Insurance Agencies
Reviews: 5 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 5 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"Your mode of describing all in this piece off writing is inn fac pleasant, all be capable of imply be aware of it, Thanks a lot. Here is my web blog ... [url=]carpet cleaners in my area[/url]..." [Read more reviews about Insurance]

16. JPB Employment Agency

Category: Maid Agencies
Reviews: 4 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 1.75 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"I was recommended by a friend that saying JPB was a good agency. Of cos' I don't blame my friend for what had happened. I tried not to blame JPB.. but twice their maid run after working barely 2 mths with me. The 1st one run reason given not enough sleep. The second maid run when I'm not at home leaving my 2 kids at home while my younger brother ag..." [Read more reviews about JPB Employment Agency]

17. 100% Cargo Express (Singapore) (Lucky Plaza)

Category: Courier Service
Reviews: 4 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 1 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
Photos of 100% Cargo Express (Singapore) (Lucky Plaza) - ServicesPhotos of 100% Cargo Express (Singapore) (Lucky Plaza) - ServicesPhotos of 100% Cargo Express (Singapore) (Lucky Plaza) - ServicesPhotos of 100% Cargo Express (Singapore) (Lucky Plaza) - Services
"Our stuff not arrived, was promised before Xmas, was picked up 28th November, did not leave Singapore until the 8th or 9th. I have attached message exchanges between cargo express and myself, my asawa also sent messages. There were items we needed for Xmas including some important documents, spoiled our Xmas, they have yet to respond or even give..." [Read more reviews about 100% Cargo Express (Singapore) (Lucky Plaza)]

18. Facebook

Category: IT and Computers
Reviews: 4 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 3.5 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
"Facebook is addictive. Limit your time spent on it (I know it's difficult) or it will be the centre of your life! Believe me, I've been through it - almost lost my job, couldn't sleep and forgot to eat. Yes, depending on how you use it, it can be dangerous and fun at the same time. Was hooked on the games and spent many hours uploading pictures a..." [Read more reviews about Facebook]

19. Tommy Print

Category: Photo and Print
Reviews: 4 reviews 
Singapore Services Review: 2.75 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
Photos of Tommy Print - Services
"It is pretty hassle-free and cheap to print namecards here. Much can be improved about the service though. After many back and forth emails about how my image is not in the right colour mode, after me changing it several times, they finally provided me with a screenshot about what they meant. It was such a duh moment, they could have p..." [Read more reviews about Tommy Print]

20. IT Show

Category: Computers, Electronics, IT and Computers, Mobile Phones
Reviews: 4 reviews 
Singapore Shopping Review: 3.25 out of 5show_ratings_2show_ratings_3show_ratings_4show_ratings_5
Photos of IT Show - ShoppingPhotos of IT Show - ShoppingPhotos of IT Show - Shopping
"The IT show offers very good bargains for electronic items. Due to this, you will see kiasu Singaporeans flocking there to check up on the discounted goods and purchase tem before they run out. So it will be very crowded. A suggestion is to know what you want to buy first, go there during non-peak hours(earlier times) and buy it as soon as..." [Read more reviews about IT Show]

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