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Raffles City Shopping Centre, B1-44E
Telephone: (65) 6837-3793
Restaurants » Japanese
Photos of Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - RestaurantsPhotos of Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - RestaurantsPhotos of Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - RestaurantsPhotos of Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - RestaurantsPhotos of Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants

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  1. claud
     08 Apr 2008 at 2:13 am
       Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants   Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants   Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants   Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants

    Craving for Japanese food? Why not give Shokudo a try? But be prepared to be stuck with too many choices!

    After reading the above reviews, I decided to give this place a try. The chance came and I went on this mini adventure of mine at Shokudo...

    Thanks for the reviews here, I already know what to expect at the entrance. And I quickly got into my adventurous mode the moment I stepped in. *haha!*

    The first impression I got was Wow! So big! It's about the size of the old Marche at Heeren. But cos this place is done up in a Japanese kind of style with minimum decorations around the place, it seems slightly more spacious than the old Marche. As it was a weekday, there wasn't much crowd when I went. With many tables available, I skipped the "Reserve table" part and went on to find food.

    After going around the place, I kinda got lost of my orientation. (Perhaps I was too hungry then.) Good thing I didn't place my "Reservation token" at any of the tables, cos I would most probably forget which section it was. The place is divided into various themes so customers can decided where is more suitable for the mood they're in. (This is not quite possible if you go on a crowded period thou.)

    As I was alone, and having limited cash with me, I opted for something friendly for my wallet and tummy. I bought a "Hakodate" Seafood Cheese Pizza ($8.80) and a glass of japanese orange peel drink ($price forgotten). The pizza is made fresh upon ordering, so I settled down with my drink to enjoy the peacefulness during that time. There was soft music playing in background and I was totally relaxed and enjoying my time alone after a long day of meetings.

    The pizza was different from the one we usually see. This was served in a rectangular wooden pan and the pizza crust was thin and crispy. There were plentiful of toppings and one bite into the pizza will make you want to have more. The pizza might not look big nor sufficient for the hungry people, but if you're having it alone, its fills just right the right amount in one's tummy. Due to its thin crust, you'll not feel "sick" of the pizza.

    The pizza with the refreshing orange peel drink - a perfect match!

    Will be back for more.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. Polarbear
      Polarbear said:
      How come so poor thing eat alone?
      08 Apr 2008 at 8:51 am
    2. Lucardia
      Lucardia said:
      Wah, high score le. How come i eat le no such feeling? haha
      08 Apr 2008 at 8:55 am
    3. claud
      claud said:
      Sometimes its quite enjoyable to eat alone leh. Lu u got to feeeel it! Haha!
      08 Apr 2008 at 9:14 am
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  2. Polarbear
     18 Feb 2008 at 4:07 pm
       Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants   Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants   Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants   Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar - Restaurants

    I started to have interest in this place when I read a review for this place in the papers. I made a point that I will visit this place soon enough. Soon enough, I got the chance when I was in Raffles City looking for a place for dinner. Not to mention that I visited this place twice in a week. Haha….

    I was expecting to see a long queue as someone had posted a long queue photo on STOMP a few days ago. Wahahaha…….. Surprise! Surprise! There was no queue at all. Maybe we were early, about 6.30pm on a Tuesday, or we were just plain lucky. Hee…. However by the time we left the place around 7.15pm, the queue is there and it went all the way to the escalator! It was the same on a second visit, on a Sunday, there was no queue as well. Since then I just think that I am plain lucky. Wahaha…… So lesson learnt, to beat the queue, arrive before 7pm.

    Since it was my first time there, the waitress at the entrance, explaining how the restaurant works. This place works like Marche. Each of the customers is given a card. This card will record what food or dish that you have ordered. Before leaving the place, the card will be given to the cashier then pay for the food. You will be also given a reserved table tag that you can place it on your table, so that other people know that the table is being reserved, no need to use a packet of tissue paper any more.

    However, you can find your own seats. Good and bad about this point, cos you can seat wherever you like, but there will be some people who seem selfish, 2 people would seat at a table where the table is meant for 6 people. Sigh…. Meantime looking for a table is the easy thing, if not the staff there can help out. It would be better if they could have designated seats at the door instead. Hee…. There are both cushion sofa seats and normal chairs as well for you to choose from.

    The interior of the place is huge and the decoration is quite simple as well with a bit of fusion going on, same as their food as well. The walkways are wide enough for a crowd but their queuing system could be better. The stalls are quite well allocated as well; means are the same type of food is grouped together. This means starters all at one location, mains at one location then desserts are another location etc.

    Now to the food, they offer a variety of Japanese and fusion food. From sashimi, sushi, BBQ skewers, Japanese steamboat (nabe) to rosti and burgers. They have it all.

    Omelette @ $5.80: There are different fillings for this Japanese style omelette, from plain, cheese and mushroom to crab meat. I have tasted their mushroom and cheese omelette and I loved it! Their omelette is unique in a shape of rectangle and it is made fresh when ordered. You can see the chef patiently preparing it. It is done layered with the fillings inside. It is soft and fluffy. The taste is very good as well. It is a must try worth every cent for it!

    Assorted Tempera @ $10.80: Assorted tempera which includes two prawns, fish, golden mushroom, egg plant and mushroom. This one also prepared when you ordered. The batter is thin and crispy, not overwhelming or oily. The only things that disappoint me are the size of everything, quite small, even the prawns. I did not know golden mushroom can be used for tempera but it does not taste good as it became very dry after deep frying.

    Garlic Fried Rice @ $5.80: This one is a disappointment as the fried rice is pre-fried and garlic is added to it when you ordered. Nothing to shout out for this fried rice. Not worth the money!

    Shabu Shabu @ $8.80: This one is just soup in a steamboat. The soup tastes like plain water but there are a lot of different vegetables and a few slices of meat. in the soup. They are all put inside the pot and cooked over hot fire when ordered. For this, the most important thing is the soup base, and it failed terrible. Totally not worth the money.

    Chicken and Egg Rice Set @ $6.80: This one is they used cooked chucks of chicken put in a pan with some soy sauce, then put over hot fire. After a while, add some egg on top, cook for a little more time, then place the whole thing on top of some rice, added a few pieces of seaweed. Wala! Done. Another disappointment, very normal dish that I could get in any other food court at a cheaper price. The chicken is tasteless, some like rubber. Not worth the money.

    Assorted Sushi: The sushi came with a very nice presentation, all placed on top of a wooden board. However the sushi is a disappointment, the rice is not packed as a whole, and it will crumple when picked up with chopstick, the rice is not sticky enough. Although, the piece of fish on top of the rice is a fairly large piece but then rice fails the test.

    Rosti: This is a western food right? However they are serving it? That is what I thought in the first place. I was a bit apprehending to order this but then the dish surprised me. It is good, in fact very good. The rosti portion is not that big but it came hot and crispy! So crispy on the outer layer but soft on the inside, not dry at all. Combined with sour cream, it is simply wonderful. This is also a must try!

    Green tea ice-cream and red beans fillings crepe @ $6.80: This crepe is not the usual thin crepe, this one came quite thick and tasted like pancake instead. The ice cream is normal green tea ice cream but the red beans are those whole red beans which I like. It is an average dessert for me nothing to wow about.

    The service is quite slow as the food are only prepared when you ordered, so be prepared to wait for your food. The place can get quite noisy especially when you seat next to big groups. The servers are quite on the ball to remove empty plates from the tables.

    Be prepared to queue when you get in and be prepared to queue when you are going out to pay for you bill as well. They got four cashiers but only two were functions when I was there on two different occasions.

    The overall experience is quite ok for me. The food does not really attract me that much to go back again. I dun really think I will go back unless my friends want to go and try it out. ON the average I think each person will cost around $20 to $40.

    Oh yah! They got two neo prints machines in the middle of the restaurant. Something special. Looks fun when you can eat and take pictures with your food at the same time. Good idea! Wahahaha….. I think I will do that next time!

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    Rating given:2 stars
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    Comments on this review:
    1. Bobo
      Bobo said:
      Wa thanks for the explanation also then Bobo go liao wun be swakoo. and all the MUST TRY recommendations!
      18 Feb 2008 at 4:15 pm
    2. claud
      claud said:
      WAAAHHH!! :o
      18 Feb 2008 at 4:19 pm
    3. Lucardia
      Lucardia said:
      Wah, super long review but then again. I tried the place and really disappointing on some fronts.
      27 Mar 2008 at 4:20 pm
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  3. jjj
     17 Feb 2008 at 2:22 pm

    i didn't think this was particularly great-i bought some ramen here and it wasn't spectacular, just so-so...i didn't try the matcha latte here but it's colour looked a little strange...for authentic matcha drinks you should go to ochacha which is just next door, it specialises in matcha items and they taste was kind of a let-down because i thought that it would taste good.its gyoza was ok, but not the best.i haven't tried their burger but it sounds pretty nice...was in the news

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    Rating given:3 stars
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