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VivoCity (Chinese: 怡丰城) is the largest shopping mall at the HarbourFront precinct in Singapore. Opened on 7 October 2006, it marked the completion of the main structure by a topping-out ceremony on 18 April 2006 and was officially opened on 1 December 2006. Derived from the word vivacity, VivoCity, according to Mapletree Chairman Edmund Cheng, "evokes a lifestyle experience that is modern, stimulating and accessible to everyone, a place bubbling with energy and flowing with vitality". At the end of the first week of operations, the mall had received nearly a million visitors.

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  1. FortuneAffluence
     12 Apr 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Vivocity, located at HarbourFront, is Singapore's largest shopping mall. It was opened on 7 December 2006 and it's official opening ceremony was on 1 December 2006. At its largest, it has about 4000 parking lots and there are 5 floors altogether. The shopping mall has the most unique structure of all the other malls in Singapore. Designed by famous Japanese architect, Toyo Ito, Vivocity is the most popular shopping malls of all time, attracting tourists to its special structure and variety of food outlets and retail stores.

    On top of the mall, there is the Sky Park, which comprises of many entertainment facilities like the open-air shallow pool, which is a hit with children. Other than this, the park also has a huge amphitheatre. For people who want to shape up their bodies during their free time, you may want to consider the Planet Fitness gym at the Sky Park. After exercising, you may want to have some food before going home. Yes, just go to Food Republic and choose any food you want! Otherwise, if you have a date with your loved one, you can go to the high-class "No Signboard Seafood" restaurant and have a nice day!

    The mall has 2 air-con bridges that link to its neighbour, HarbourFront Centre. Near the Golden Village Cinema, there's also another outdoor bridge which links to St James Power Station. These 3 bridges are all located on level 2. If you wanna shop or stay longer, consider going to Tang's for a 'walk'. Who knows, you may be able to find what you want there! If not, just simply go up to the second level and enter the Golden Village Cinema, and pamper yourself with some popcorns and a show. After that, I suggest you go to Vivomart, a large supermarket comprising of Cold Storage, Giant and Naturally MarketPlace. Trust me, you will be stumped.

    I've been to Vivocity for 4 to 5 times and I enjoyed my shopping, sometimes window shopping, there. For 2 Chinese New Year seasons, I've been there with my grandfather and my family. Most of the time, we go to Food Republic and the Sky Park. For me, the place in the mall I like most would be the Sky Park because, not only it has an open space, but also overlooks the iconic Sentosa, where our Merlion stays. We have also been to other retail stores like Best Denki and Tang's. Yeah, not just window shopping, but my mother bought an Astone MP3 player at Best Denki. Our favourite? It's Toastbox at Food Republic. After shopping, we'll always go there.

    To sum up, Vivocity has the most variety of shops here in Singapore, and the best quality of facilities.

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    1. Nemesis27
       15 Mar 2009 at 5:47 pm

      Vivocity is a really nice place for a couple to go to. It seems as though the place is created specially for couples, as they have a platform at the third storey for couples to say their sweet nothings at one another while facing the sea, which is currently marred by the construction of the Integrated Resort.

      Vivocity is also a very good place for families to shop around as well, as there is a hypermart and also a super huge bookstore called Page One. both are very good places for families to shop together, and to foster better family bonding too.

      vivocity is also a very good place for friends to hang out too. apart from having a tip top almost brand new cinema where friends can watch a movie together, they can also hang out and chit chat up at the amphitheatre on the third floor.

      Vivocity is a very nice place for persons of all ages to hang out. If u got bored, u can also walk across to Harbourfront centre to shop too! what a shopping paradise!

      Rating: 4/5 (nice place! 1 star less so that they can continue providing better service and not be complacent about it!)

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      1. catherinetgk
         08 Jan 2009 at 2:14 pm

        Vivo City is a really good place for the adventurous type. It's really near Sentosa, so if needed, you can buy some drinks, toiletries, etc, at the HUMONGOUS "Giant" outlet there. There's also the iconic National Geographic shop there too. It's very much like a museum, where many people browse around the various artowork, pottery, ornaments, etc. There's also replicas of some pieces which you can buy, although they can get really pricey. Vivo is also a nice place for people to relax. Little seats are dotted around the mall. PageOne is a great place to relax too. You can read a book and sit on the seats/floor there. But, I think Vivo City is way too big. Old people especially cannot seem to navigate in this crowded mall. Poor things!

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        Rating given:4 stars
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